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Srirangapatna Fort Mysore Information, Timings, Entry Fee

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Srirangapatna Fort

As a state Mysore holds a whole lot of historical relevance. The fact that this region has seen so many rules and rulers makes it an important site for historical events. And if there can be anything that stands as the most vital forms of historical evidence it is the ancient historical structures and formations. Mysore also is no exception. Around the city you will find many beautiful structures that are still standing tall in its glory. These constructions have already passed the test of time and now they are already sites that are popular and famous for tourists. One such location is the Srirangapatna Fort in Mysore.

Moreover the Srirangapatna Fort Mysore holds a lot of history and it has been a witness to many historical events as well. Forts are ideal places when it comes to knowing the history of a particular land. And nothing can give you a view of days gone back than a fort. The Srirangapatna Fort does exactly that as it reflects the life and deeds of the rulers who ruled back then. Srirangapatna Fort Tipu Sultan comes hand in hand and here I will explain it all. In this article I will mention all kinds of Srirangapatna Fort information that you might need. So keep on reading this article to get an idea about this location to plan a trip later.

Srirangapatna Fort

Address: Srirangapatna Fort, Sriranagapatna, Mandya, Mysore, Karnataka

Srirangapatna Fort Timings: The timings of Srirangapatna Fort is from 9 am to 6 pm on all days from Monday to Sunday. Last entry is 5:45 pm

Srirangapatna Fort entry fee: No entry fee

Overview of Srirangapatna Fort

The Srirangapatna Fort is a must visit place in Mysore. As a town Srirangapatna holds a lot of importance as once upon a time this location was the capital of Tipu Sultan. For obvious reasons a lot of historical relevance is attached to this location as well. It is one of the popular sightseeing places in Mysore and you should not miss out on visiting this spot. What is most attractive about this particular fort is the fact that this fort is one of the strongest forts in India. It has double walls along with four massive gates that makes it a stronger construction. Also known as the Tipu Sultan Fort, the residence of Tipu Sultan is located inside this fort.

How to reach Srirangapatna Fort

By air

If you are willing to travel in flight from any nearby city then the nearest airport is the Mysore Airport. From there the fort is 32 km away and you can easily reach there in about 44 minutes. However Bangalore airport is the nearest international airport. This airport is around 169 km away and it would take a little more than 3 hours to reach the fort from there.

By train

The Srirangapatna railway station is only a km away from the Srirangapatna fort. Also the Mysore railway station is the nearest railway station that is only 16 km away. You can easily reach the Srirangapatna fort in about 30 minutes.

By road

The fort is located only 23 km away from the main city centre of Mysore. You can easily get frequent buses from Mysore and Bangalore. Srirangapatna Fort distance from Bangalore is 129 km and you can reach there in about 2 hours and 31 minutes. You can also hire taxis or get a car to reach here via the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Local transport like auto rickshaws are also available here.

Srirangapatna Fort
Image Source : Flickr

History of Srirangapatna Fort

From the time of its construction in 1454 the Srirangapatna Fort had been a witness to many changes and renovations. The main purpose behind the establishment of this fort was however to create a defense center of the state. And therefore everything that followed was because of that sole reason. At first however the construction of this fort took place using mud. It happened at the time of the rule of the Vijayanagara chieftain Timmanna Hebbar.

Later when the Vijayanagara rule ended this region was under the control of the Mysore king Kanthirava Narasaraja Wodeyer. It was then in 1654 there was fortification here. During his reign this fort was a prime location for a strong military force. General Hyder Ali was the commander. However in 1757 Hyder Ali lost this fort to the Marathas at a cost of 32 lakh rupees. But soon he could regain it as well.

Later in 1782 during the rule of Tipu Sultan the son of Hyder Ali, the fort saw new fortifications. Many times the British had tried to invade Tipu Sultan’s territory. Tipu Sultan however had an alliance with the French and he had appealed to Napoleon for some assistance as well. With the French aid his fort got modification. The French architects fortified the fort to suit the growing need for defense against the invaders and attackers. But after many unsuccessful attempts, finally in 1799 the British army defeated Tipu Sultan and he was killed inside the fort itself.

Architecture of Srirangapatna Fort

This fort followed a very distinct Indo Islamic style of architecture. And the style of architecture is definitely something that the visitors here find very alluring. At the gateway of the fort you can find a Persian inscription. This inscription mentions the exact date when this fort was actually constructed. It has a total of 4 massive gates namely the Delhi Gate, Mysore Gate, Bangalore Gate and Elephant Gate. Along with that what is extremely attractive here is the double wall system. As the main purpose of this fort was to maintain utmost security, everything you see here reflects the same idea of defense.

On three sides of the fort there are double walls which are almost 40 feet high. And that definitely makes it one of the strongest forts in India as well. Inside the fort there is a specific area, Rocket Court. It is the same area which Tipu Sultan and his army used to launch missiles on enemies. Also the fort is protected by a river on three sides. The river Kaveri surrounded the fort from the west and northern sides.

Srirangapatna Fort view
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons
What’s more?

The Lal Mahal is another major attraction of the Srirangapatna Fort. This is basically the residence of Tipu Sultan. However the palace is at present in ruins. But here is a board that marks and describes everything about the palace well. Additionally the architecture of the Lal Mahal is again striking in its appearance. It is undoubtedly an example of finest artistic architecture. This palace consists of a quarter for the women, Zenara. Along with that there is a library and an audience hall as well.

This fort was well equipped completely and spread across 240 acres. It could easily house around 1500 houses along with 6000 people inside the fort. There were 2 chambers inside the fort for keeping the prisoners. These were the dungeons. Alongside there is a mosque as well as the Ranganathaswamy Temple here as well. You can also spot various paintings on the walls. Some of these paintings depict the glorious victory of Tipu Sultan as well. Another major attraction is the Chatur Vimsati pillar with 24 forms of Lord Vishnu in it.

Light and Sound Show

Every day at 7:20 pm there is a light and sound show in the fort and this is a major attraction here as well. The ticket price is Rs. 50 per person and children below 12 years of age are free. Duration of this show is 40 minutes and the language is Kannada. Unfortunately the show is not available in any other language. This show narrates the stories from history using the sound and lights. It is a captivating watch that explains how the power capital got shifted from Mysore to Srirangapatna. There are snippets of the Dasara festival, a sneak peek into the reign of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Furthermore it shows various military conquests as well as achievements of the rulers.

Other than that there are structures of Jumma Masjid, Summer Palace, Cannons, Dungeons, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple etc. It can be a pleasant experience so if it is possible try to attend this show.

Other places to visit near Srirangapatna Fort

  • Daria Daulat Bagh
  • Jumma Masjid/ Masjid-a-Ala
  • Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
  • Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  • Gumbaz

Wrapping Up!

To know about a chunk of Mysore and the importance of the location of Srirangapatna in history, a visit to this fort is a must. With a visit here you would get a clear insight about the achievements and conquests of Tipu Sultan. Also a fair share of history of the colonial world would be available to you as well. Moreover structures like this fort are examples of architectural mastery. And you would certainly be in awe after looking at this massive structure. A lot of thought went into the construction of this fort. And it surely reflects a lot about the days that are long gone.

For a history buff this can be one of the most amazing experiences to visit a fort like this .Additionally the Srirangapatna Fort will provide you an insight about the rules of Vijayanagar, Maratha as well as the British rule as well. It would be truly an enriching experience to see the formation with your own eyes. So if you are visiting there make sure you are including Srirangapatna Fort Mysore in your itinerary. You will not regret visiting here at all and let me know if this article is helpful for you.

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