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Waterfalls in Maine

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Waterfalls in Maine

Waterfalls are like the gift of nature. Who doesn’t like the flowing stream of water right? The pristine beauty cascading into the ground, the mesmerising height of water streaming and the gorgeous flow makes everything look beautiful. Along with that, the rushing flow, the gushing sound, the clear water, the stillness and calmness evolving into the voluminous flow, waterfalls can be very versatile with their nature as well as look.  And if you are in Maine you can actually enjoy plenty of them. The northernmost state in the US, Maine is known for having some of the most gorgeous looking waterfalls. Furthermore Maine is also known for its pristine location, snow capped mountains, clear stream of water and lush greenery.

 The waterfalls in Maine just add to the contrast of this landscape and enhance the beauty of the place a few notches higher. So whenever you are travelling there you must not miss out on the beautiful waterfalls in Maine. Keep on reading this article because here I would mention some of the best waterfalls in Maine that you need to visit. Surely this article is going to be a really helpful read if you are someone who enjoys visiting waterfalls. So read out everything that you need to know about the best waterfalls in Maine.

Best 12 Waterfalls in Maine

Moxie Falls

Location: 503 Lake Moxie Road, West Forks, United States

Located in Somerset County, Maine, this waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in New England. Alongside it is also the third highest waterfalls in Maine as well.  It has a single vertical drop of 90 feet height and falls into a 17 feet deep pool. This gorgeous waterfall cascades from the Moxie stream into the Kennebec River. However one needs to hike up to reach this pristine waterfall. The difficulty level is not much so the place is easily accessible.

During various seasons you can actually enjoy different views here like the gushing flow during monsoon or the calmness of the water during winter. Furthermore, the waterfall being a year round destination it is worth visiting any time of the year. So you can plan a trip here according to your own convenience. You will surely enjoy the mile long hiking trail here. Also you can take a bath or swim in the still water here especially during summer months.

Moxie Falls - Maine

Houston Brook Falls

Location: Bingham, Maine, United States

This waterfall is only 32 feet tall but that surely doesn’t make this fall any less beautiful. The Houston Brook Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Maine that is easily reachable. Only by a 0.5 miles hike, you can reach the falls and the hike is easy as well. For the people who prefer an easy hike to a waterfall, this place is just perfect for them. So make sure you are visiting this waterfall.

Grand Falls

Location: West Forks, United States

This is another pristine waterfall in Maine. Located at West Forks this waterfall is a little offbeat when it comes to the location. The 40 feet tall waterfall spreads across 100 feet and looks impressive with its broad stature. A short hike would take you to the waterfall and the way towards that is enjoyable, thrilling as well as mesmerizing. Furthermore this horseshoe shaped falls is an all year round destination. So you can visit here anytime of the year.

Screw Auger Falls

Location: Grafton Notch State Park

This is yet another waterfall which is not much taller in height. With a height of 25 feet still this waterfall is able to become one of the most visited waterfalls in Maine. Furthermore, one of the unique points of this waterfall is the formation of a gorge that looks even more beautiful. The short and easy accessibility also makes this one of the popular waterfalls in Maine. So next time you get a chance do not miss out on this beauty.

Step Falls

Location: Bear River Road, Newry, United States

The second tallest waterfall in Maine, the Step Falls stand with a height of 250 feet. After completing a mile long hike you can reach this waterfall. Furthermore the view here is breathtaking and you can enjoy the view even during the hiking as well. This falls is also a popular spot for swimming as well. The trail is mostly easy to cover but there are some steps to climb up which can be a little challenging. Nevertheless the effort would be worth it as soon as you reach there. The mesmerising nature will be enough to erase all the fatigue of the journey.

Step Falls Memories

Magic Falls

Location: Dead River Road, West Forks, United States

For white water rafting there is an amazing place and that is the Magic Falls. Even though the cascading stream of gushing water might be missing here, nevertheless this waterfall is one of the highlights when you are in Maine. For adventure lovers, rafting can be one of the reasons that you would want to visit this place. Furthermore there is also scope for hiking here if you prefer not getting into the water. The view here is splendid and gives an all encompassing look of the whole area. You would be mesmerized looking at the beauty of this place.

Angel Falls

Location: Northwest of Houghton, Franklin County, Maine, United States

With a height of about 90 feet, this is the fourth tallest waterfall in Maine. However, even after being one of the tallest waterfalls, the waterfall is not easy to find. The drive to this fall can feel a little slow but once you reach there it would be all worth it. So make sure you are visiting this waterfall.


Dunn Falls

Location: Andover North Surplus in Oxford County, Maine, United States

The Dunn Waterfall is basically a twin waterfall. There is one upper fall which is 80 feet tall and the lower one is 70 feet tall. While hiking up to this falls first you will reach the lower one and then you will have to cross many other small waterfalls to finally reach the upper fall. Furthermore this is another popular waterfall in Maine that you need to include in your list of waterfalls to visit in Maine.

Reflections Amongst Green

Nesowadnehunk Falls

Location: Piscataquis County, Maine, United States

Lovingly called Maine’s Whitewater Playground, this is yet another gorgeous waterfall that you should not miss witnessing. It can be a separate way of thrill to indulge in rafting in the white water here. The waterfall is a classic block waterfall which is also known as horseshoe shaped waterfall. Furthermore, the waterfall falls 7 feet deep into the Penobscot River. This place is anyway known for the heart thumping experience of rafting and adventure lovers are crazy about this place here. You can surely visit this waterfall in Maine.

Smalls Falls

Location: Franklin County, Main, United States

While talking about the best waterfalls in Maine we must mention the Smalls Falls. This beautiful waterfall stands with a height of 54 feet. The best part about this waterfall is that it offers multiple trails to reach here. You can actually choose easy or moderate trails according to your preference. Furthermore, the view that this location offers will make you stunned. There is a bridge here that leads to another waterfall, which is like a bonus waterfall that you can explore here. The view from that bridge is undoubtedly of the best experiences that you can enjoy here.

The Cascades

Location: Cascade Road, Maine, United States

The Cascades falls into a gorge and that makes it look beautiful. This is a 50 feet tall waterfall and has a total of three falls together. You will have to hike up to a mile to reach this pristine beauty. The area is close to residential areas and therefore is easily accessible. Even the hiking trail is an easy one. So you can surely think of exploring this beauty in Maine.


Gulf Hagas

Location: Northern Maine Woods, United States

Known as the Grand Canyon of Maine, this waterfall is another beautiful and notable waterfall that you need to visit. The trail to reach the waterfall is a hard and strenuous one. It is like a one day destination with a hike of 9 miles. Undoubtedly this is adventurous but also the journey can be tiring. You can even take the dirt road to reach there. For an adventurous hike and later a breathtaking view you can try visiting this waterfall for sure.

Best time to visit the waterfalls in Maine

Spring time is the prettiest time to visit the waterfalls in Maine. During spring the snow melts and that adds to the volume of the water. In a way the waterfalls become fuller during that time which is a sight in itself. Also springtime is the ideal time for hiking as well. Another time to visit the waterfalls is the fall season. The surrounding looks vibrant and adds up to the beauty of these waterfalls. You can even visit here during the winters.

Typically this time is less crowded for visiting because a lot of waterfalls remain frozen during this time of the year. But if you want to experience the uniqueness of the falls then you can surely visit here during winter. Summers are also good to explore the waterfalls. Furthermore, the summers are also the busiest and most crowded times because it is easy to get into the water to swim as well. In short the Maine waterfalls are mostly year round destinations. So you have the freedom to reach there at your own convenience.

Things you need to keep in mind before visiting the waterfalls in Maine

  • You must carry proper hiking gears with you to reach there as most of the waterfalls require a hike.
  • It is important to look into the present condition of the hiking trails before you plan a visit there.
  • Always take note of the weather before visiting locations like this.
  • Depending on the time of your visit you must carry your outfits. Especially if you are travelling during the colder months do carry your warm clothes.
  • To avoid more crowds it is better to visit here during early morning or late afternoon. Comparatively these are the times when the crowd can be a little less than usual.
  • Make sure you are not dirtying the place. Try to carry a trash bin along with you to deposit the wastage.
  • Carry enough water with you on the journey to keep yourself hydrated.

A location like Maine is known for its natural and undisrupted beauty. In this article I have mentioned some of the best waterfalls in Maine. So whenever you are there make sure you visit these pristine falls to enjoy nature at its best. Furthermore you can also enjoy the trekking trails while reaching those spots. It would be a thrilling trip for the adventure lovers for sure. Do let me know if you have ever been to Maine or if you have ever visited any of these waterfalls I would love to know that.

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