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Best Water Sports in Goa

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Best Water Sports in Goa

Playing with water can be a lot of fun and having fun amidst the water can be quite a sport that one can enjoy. If you are looking for a place to indulge in water activities, then Goa would come first. There are adequate arrangements made here for water sports that one can include in their travel plans. The huge number of beautiful beaches in Goa makes it even more appropriate for the adventure sport enthusiasts. The water sports in Goa are licensed and enough safety measures are taken as well. In this article I will provide all the information that you need for your sports with water. So water babies, take a plunge and keep on reading this.

You can choose from the many activities that are popular in Goa like kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving and more. There are registered vendors of these sports available in the beaches itself and the cost is around Rs.2000 to Rs. 4000 depending on the type and number of sports chosen. You can try a separate sport or go for a package as well. When in a large group try to negotiate the prices in a package. This way it will be a little lighter on the pocket.

Some tips on water sports before you begin with it:

  • You should have medical coverage and travel insurance that covers all the risks that may occur while indulging in water sports.
  • Stretch well and do some warm up before starting off with it.
  • Never start without your safety gears. Make sure the operators are providing you with adequate safety gears and learn about all the safety measures before you start the activities.
  • Carry a bottle of water for emergency situations.
  • Always take part in water sports activities during the day because there is greater visibility and it is always less risky than night time.
  • Medical fitness is a must before you indulge in any such activities. So do all the necessary tests and checkups beforehand.
  • It is not a requirement that one must know how to swim. A lot of people take part in water sports without knowing how to swim and that is completely fine. Instructors will train you on the necessary tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind.
  • In case of underwater activities, take training about underwater breathing and every other thing that needs to be taken into account.
  • While choosing water sport vendors always research and see which ones are popular among the tourists and bargain with the prices to get a good rate.
  • Make sure the vendors and their helpers are adequately trained and experienced in risk management. Always do your research about the operators and the condition of their safety gears.
  • Ask questions. Yes! Every other doubt that you have in your mind should be solved, so do not hesitate in asking the whats, hows, ifs and buts and make sure you know everything about what you are getting into.
  • Always keep in mind how adverse situations can be handled. Have prior knowledge about it and then start with the activities.
  • Last and of course not the least, you can be a pro or a beginner in this area, but you don’t need to worry. Goa and its water sports activities are not limited to your experience. There are adequate safety measures that are taken care of while you take part in these sports. So don’t worry, and enjoy this wonderful experience to the fullest even if you are a novice.

Best time for water sports in Goa:

The best time to take part in water sports is during October to March when the weather is favourable and you will enjoy being in water. Also the water sports are completely closed during the monsoon season so do not visit Goa during that time if you want to try water sports.

Kayaking in Goa

Kayaking in Goa
Woman kayaking in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Cost of Kayaking in Goa: A kayak that can accommodate two people costs an average of Rs. 7500.

Kayaking in Goa is one of the most popular water activities in Goa. Sitting on top of a boat, very near to the water surface and taking a tour around is all about kayaking. It feels like you are almost in touch with the water and the boat dwindling on the surface. This is a very popular activity among the locals as well as foreigners. The most famous places for this are the Sal, Zuari and Mandovi rivers and also the Nerul River.

You can enjoy a kayaking tour on the Aguada River in the midst of mangrove forests and spectacular surroundings. The popular kayaking tours are available at Panjim, Mandrem Beach etc. Backwater kayaking is also very popular in Old Goa along the Zuari River. If you are more of a risk taker then there are options for you as well. You can indulge in kayaking along River Mandovi along the still waters and watch crocodiles up close in their natural habitat. If you are interested in a romantic ride then you can opt for the kayaking tour during sunset that looks breathtakingly beautiful. Another popular kayaking tour is moonlight kayaking in the Bambolim Beach that is a night time activity with the moon up in the sky and a lot of adventure around the darkness.  

Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba Diving in Goa

Cost of Scuba Diving in Goa: The starting price per person is Rs. 5500.

If you want to enjoy the view under the surface of the deep sea then Scuba Diving is the best sport. The world under water is a mesmerizing sight indeed. The colorful fishes, sea algae and coral reefs look like you are in a different world altogether. There will be adequate training given to you before the activity. With proper body gears and breathing mechanics, you will be taught all the necessary tips and tricks that you require, by expert professionals who will guide you through the whole process. You don’t have to be a pro because even first timers and beginners can indulge in this water activity. To enjoy the exotic underwater kingdom by diving deep will be an experience of a lifetime for you. Every time you try this activity there will always be something new to explore.

Scuba diving is available in Malvan, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach and the Anjuna Beach. Everything from pickups, to training and your safety will be taken care of by the operators. Make sure you learn the tricks well to enjoy more.

Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing in goa

Cost of Parasailing in Goa: Average cost is Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000

You must have seen the pictures of a balloon-like structure flying up in the sky and a tiny human being tied to it and flying like a bird. A lot of movies and series have made this sport more popular. This is an adventure sport where you actually get the feeling of flying up in the air. The extreme wind gushing by and the panoramic view around just make it an experience to cherish. The parasail will be tied to the flyer and the other end will be secured with a motor boat. With the motorboat taking up the speed the flyer will be lifted up above and the sky. Take all necessary safety gears and learn about the safety measures. Also don’t forget to go through the safety equipment once before taking off.

Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach all are popular for parasailing activity. It is a widely popular activity among tourists including foreigners. Before starting off make sure you know your limits according to your age and height. Also it is wise to keep a check on the weather conditions before indulging in such activities. And even though it feels surreal to fly over the water, flying over the beach is any day a safer option, so keep that in mind too.

Ringo Ride in Goa

Cost of Ringo Ride in Goa: Average cost is around Rs. 600

Ringo Ride is a ride where you need to sit on a circular donut shaped tube with handles in it and a high speed boat will take you along the tube into the water. To go into the gushing water makes for an amazing experience. Maneuvering through the water in a bumpy jumpy ride is enthralling and exciting. This ride is also known as Tubing. Children are not allowed to take part in this particular activity. Listen to your instructor before starting off and wear light fitted clothes while starting this ride for a better experience. Wear life jackets and ensure all other safety checks are taken care of.

This sport is most popular and enjoyable at Pindul Cave. Other beaches in Goa also offer this water activity.

Jet Ski in Goa

Jet Ski in Goa

Cost of Jet Ski in Goa: A Jet Ski ride costs around Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 depending on the type and time duration of ride.

Let’s accept this! This activity looks the most stylish and dapper. We all must have seen a clip or a photograph of jet skiing and thought of being in that position. Now you can actually be in that place. Jet Skiing is one of the most popular water activities in Goa. It is a thrilling and engaging water sport that a lot of tourists enjoy.

 Here you will be on top of a high speed Jet Ski and you will make it through the water at full speed. You certainly don’t need to be an expert to try this sport. The range and speed are always regulated by the operators on the beach, so it is also safe. You can go into the water along with a trainer if you are not comfortable alone. You can also opt for a double ride with a partner of your choice and enjoy this activity. Children below 10 years of age are not allowed to take part in this water activity. Also pregnant women and people with adverse heart conditions and other serious ailments should not try this activity.

There are enough safety measures taken for jet skiing. The most important is a sensory clip which is attached to your midriff and if anyone falls into the water by chance then the motor will automatically shut down to save you from the danger. But instances like these are rare so you can just relax and enjoy the ride. Do not try jet skiing in adverse weather conditions as that might be a little too risky.

Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Vagator Beach, Colva Beach, Sinquerim Beach offer this water sports in Goa.

Water Ski in Goa

Water Ski in Goa

Cost of Water Ski in Goa: The cost starts at Rs. 1900

If you are good at balancing then you must try this particular water sport in Goa. This ride is all about keeping up your balance on top of a ski and the ski will be tied to a speed boat. You will be taken forward with that speed boat while holding onto a rope. This is an exciting and popular water sport in Goa. Children below 5 years are not allowed. Also people with heart diseases and other ailments should not try this sport. In the North Goa beaches like Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach this activity is popular.

Speed Boating in Goa

Speed Boating in Goa

Cost of Speed Boating in Goa: The cost of per person is Rs. 450

If you want to enjoy the thrill of speeding up while you sit and relax and look at everything around, then this sport is for you. The speed boats are very fast, going 15-20 miles in an hour. A boat accommodates around 8 people and everyone should wear life jackets mandatorily.

Wind Surfing in Goa

Cost of Wind Surfing in Goa: Rs. 1500 per person

One of the most exhilarating water activities that you can enjoy is windsurfing. It takes a little bit of knowledge and balance to carry on with this. You will have to balance yourself on a surfboard while you experience the bumpy ride along the waves. This sport is not for people who have leg or hand injuries and pregnant women should not try this sport. Also children below 10 years are not allowed. There is a detailed training and briefing session before the start of this activity and expert trainers and professionals will teach you everything beforehand.

The all encompassing view of the beach under the blue sky and maneuvering through the waves can be a life changing experience. Beginners can also try their hands on this activity. There are adequate safety measures taken for such activities by highly experienced trainers.

Vagator Beach, Baga Beach, Morjim  Beach, Palolem Beach, Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach offer this activity.

Banana Boat Ride in Goa

Cost of Banana Boat Ride in Goa: For around 4 people the ride costs Rs. 1400.

This one is a fun group activity. So if you are visiting Goa with a group of friends or family then you must try this sport for some adrenaline rush. Each boat can take up to 6 people maximum. Children under 7 years are however not allowed. This activity is all about sitting on a narrow boat that almost looks like a banana, while it runs through the waves at high speed. It can be a fun and exciting activity to indulge in.

Candolim Beach and Baga Beach are popular for this boat ride.

Water Zorbing in Goa

Cost for Water Zorbing in Goa: The cost ranges in between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.

This is one of the fun water sports in Goa that is much on the safer side. However this cannot be called a water sport if you compare it to the other sports mentioned in this list. But still this one is a popular activity in Goa. It is rolling on the surface of water inside a huge plastic ball. Each ball can accommodate up to 2 people at a time. This is like a fun way to observe the surroundings while you stay inside a ball and keep rolling and floating. If you want to indulge in a sport that doesn’t involve a lot of effort you can surely try this one out. Children below 10 years of age are not allowed to take part in this.

It can undoubtedly be a lifetime experience when you try these water sports for the first time. You can never forget the thrill and excitement of being in the water and enjoying the adrenaline rush. And if you are an adventurer by heart then you must have tried some of these already or all of them maybe. But I am sure you would want to try these again. This article would come in handy if you are thinking of trying water sports in Goa. Take a note of all the safety measures and enjoy your heart out with these water activities. These sports with water will give you the much needed dose of dopamine and a lifelong of memories to cherish.

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