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Waterfalls in Goa

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Waterfalls in Goa

Goa, one of the favourite destinations for holidays, is not only about the gorgeous beaches. Goa actually has much more to offer in terms of a destination. If you are interested in waterfalls then you are going to get a lot of them in Goa. All the waterfalls in Goa are enchanting by their looks. These pristine beauties surely deserve a special mention. The cool, crystal clear water, the splashing of the droplets, the gushing sounds of water falling from the top, everything will take you to a different zone altogether.

If you are in Goa, you simply cannot limit your visits to the beaches. These waterfalls of Goa should be included in your itinerary next time you visit Goa. I am sure, you will return feeling refreshed. Keep on reading this article to know about the best waterfalls that you can visit in Goa. Include all of them in your Goa must visit places because you will be swooned by the beauty of these gorgeous falls.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Dudhsagar Waterfall distance from Panaji: 60 km

How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall: While travelling in a train, you will have to get down at Kulem. Dudhsagar Falls is approximately 8 km from there. You can drive through by car or take bikes on rent and drive via NH44 to reach there.

Dudhsagar Waterfall height: 310 metres

The Dudhsagar falls is surely the best and most popular one that you need to visit. Emerging from the Mandovi River, this waterfall lies 80 km south of Belagavi and 46 km east from Madgaon. On a trip to Goa, the journey from Goa to Dudhsagar Falls is a must. Dudhsagar literally means the “Sea of Milk”. This waterfall forms a border between the states of Karnataka and Goa. This beautiful waterfall is also one of the tallest waterfalls that you will find in India. With its majestic height and broadness this fall undoubtedly looks spectacular. It has a total of 5 drops and the width is about 100 metres.  For nature lovers this place can be an ideal retreat.  The Waterfall is open from 6:30 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening.

Things to do in Dudhsagar Waterfall:

You can opt for overnight adventure camping in the surrounding forest area. It is one of the popular activities for tourists.

Dudhsagar Waterfall nearby attractions:

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Sahyadri Spice Farm are nearby tourist attractions to visit.

Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall
Image Source : Flickr 

Kesarval Waterfall distance from Panaji: 22 km

How to reach Kesarval Waterfall: You can drive through the Panaji Margao Highway to reach here.

Kesarval Waterfall height: 50- 70 metres approx

The Kesarval Waterfall is another popular waterfall in Goa located in the southern banks of Zuari. Kesarval literally means Eagle. This location is known for the eagles making their nest on the steep rocks. It is located amidst betel palm plantation forests which are known as the house of eagles. From there the waterfall derived its name. This waterfall on the Verna Plateau is also believed to have medicinal properties in it. The mineral rich water is said to have healing elements in it that can heal the human body. It is best to visit this waterfall after the monsoon. In the summer season this one only reduces to a small stream so you won’t exactly get the feel of this beautiful waterfall at that time. Therefore the waterfall is also known as the Kesarval Stream.

Things to do in Kesarval Waterfall:

You can take a bath in the water of this waterfall as it is believed to retain medicinal properties. So taking a bath can be therapeutic here.

Kesarval Waterfall nearby attractions:

Santana Church, Mormugao Fort, Rachol Fort are some of the popular destinations you can visit nearby.

Bamanbudo Waterfall

Bamanbudo Waterfall
Image Source : Flickr 

Bamanbudo Waterfall distance from Panaji: 91 km

How to reach Bamanbudo Waterfall: You can drive to the waterfall via Canacona- Naturlim Road.

Bamanbudo Waterfall height: 20- 30 metres approximately

This waterfall is more like a water slide with Ambe Ghat as its backdrop. The area is easily accessible through roadways, which is a great thing. You don’t have to trek to reach this waterfall as it is located on the roadside. You can enjoy your time here by taking a bath in the cool water. Because of the low depth of the water at the end of the fall, it is really convenient to take a bath here. Not really a tall waterfall, but the foamy milky water force here makes it a great experience for the visitors here. The wonderful scenic beauty around will win over your heart for sure.

Things to do in Bamanbudo Waterfall:

Bird watching and sightseeing are some of the popular activities that you can indulge in.

Bamanbudo Waterfall nearby attractions:

Cabo de Rama Fort and Cola Beach are nearby popular tourist spots.

Hivre Waterfall

Hivre Waterfall distance from Panaji: 57 km

How to reach Hivre Waterfall: From Valpoi City you can travel via Thane Village to reach here.

Hivre Waterfall height: 21 metres

Adventure lovers, this spot is for you all. This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Valpoi Goa. The waterfall is located 14km away from Valpoi City.  This beautiful destination is perfect for trekking. On your way you will get to see various creeks. The waterfall is massive and looks splendid. Therefore the waterfall mostly remains crowded during the weekends. The beauty of this waterfall is often compared to that of Dudhsagar Waterfall even though the height of this one is not too much. Trekking or climbing through the mountainous terrain is a little hard and it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to reach this waterfall.

Things to do in Hivre Waterfall:

Other than admiring the beauty of this scenic spot, the place is ideal for hardcore trekking. The advanced level trekkers frequent this spot for their trekking ventures.

Hivre Waterfall nearby attractions:

Sri Mahadeva Temple, Nanuz Fort, Tambdi Surla are some of the spots you can visit nearby.

Kuskem Waterfall

Kuskem Waterfall distance from Panaji: 92 km

How to reach Kuskem Waterfall: You can drive from Panaji, Margao or Canacona to reach Hathipol. From there you will have to trek till Kuskem falls.

Kuskem Waterfall Height: 30 metres

This is another beautiful waterfall in Goa that looks splendid. But in the summer season it completely dries down. So the best time to visit this waterfall is after the monsoon season. The water here is also ideal for taking a bath. Water from the waterfall here falls from a lofty height and looks transparent. However this waterfall is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Goa. Not many people know about this destination yet. Because of that the beauty here remains untouched and unexplored. The fresh air, the milky water and the serene atmosphere can revive and rejuvenate your soul completely.

Things to do in Kuskem Waterfall:

One of the most thrilling activities here is hiking to the waterfall. If you are an adventure lover then this will be a prized memory in your mind.

Kuskem Waterfall nearby attractions:

Some nearby spots that you can visit here are Chapoli Dam and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

Netravali Waterfall

Netravali Waterfall distance from Panaji: 176 km

How to reach Netravali Waterfall: You can drive from Margao. Margao is the closest railway station and it takes a 2 hour drive from there to reach the waterfall.

Netravali Waterfall height: Between 30 metres to 50 metres

This is another beautiful waterfall in Goa that spreads across 211 sq km. Also known as the Savari Falls, this waterfall is a hidden gem in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The trek of around 500 metres to 1 km towards the waterfall is a beautiful experience. This place is also perfect for couples. The rocky terrain amidst lush greenery makes this spot even more eye-catching. This fall has a total of 5 drops and all of them are tall. You just cannot miss out on this beauty whenever you are in Goa.

Things to do in Netravali Waterfall:

Spotting wildlife and bird watching are some popular activities here.

Netravali Waterfall nearby attractions:

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is located nearby and you can visit that.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall

Tambdi Surla Waterfall distance from Panaji: 66 km

How to reach Tambdi Surla Waterfall: You will have to trek from Carnazol through the sanctuary to reach this waterfall.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall height: 50 metres approx

This breathtaking waterfall in North Goa can make you go mum with its beauty. The waterfall here goes by a zigzag pattern from a height of 50 metres. You can notice various exotic birds and reptiles here. The waterfall is located inside the Mahavir National Park. After trekking for 90 minutes, passing by the jungles and the ancient Tambdi Surla Temple, you can reach this waterfall.  Everywhere you look, there will be something eye-catching for you. You can simply grasp the serenity of this pristine location. Along with that you can visit the heritage temple here at the bottom.

Things to do in Tambdi Surla Waterfall:

You can explore the exotic flora and fauna at the Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy some time in and around nature.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall nearby attractions:

The Mahadev Temple also known as the Tambdi Surla Temple is a spot you can visit here.

Arvalem Waterfall

Arvalem Waterfall distance from Panaji: 31 km

How to reach Arvalem Waterfall: The closest railhead is Sanquelim which is about 2km away from the waterfall. You will get direct buses from Panaji as well or else you can even rent a bike to travel.

Arvalem Waterfall height: 50 metres

Arvalem Waterfall also known as the Harvalem Waterfall is a beautiful spot for the swimmers. Located near the Sanquelim village, the ideal time to visit here is after the monsoon. During monsoon the water here gets really muddy and that is not suitable for taking a bath. This is also one of the waterfalls in Goa that also has a viewing area and a park where people can spend some relaxing time. The lake beneath the fall is an ideal spot for the swimming lovers. It is one of the popular destinations that you can surely visit when you are in Goa.

Things to do in Arvalem Waterfall:

Swimming is a popular activity here. Also this is an amazing spot for picnics.

Arvalem Waterfall nearby attractions:

Rudreshwar Temple and Arvalem Rock Cut Caves are popular tourist destinations. However, if you are an adventure enthusiast then visit the Valpoi village nearby and enjoy river rafting there.

Charavane Waterfall

Charavane Waterfall distance from Panaji: 57 km

How to reach Charavane Waterfall: You can drive from Valpoi City which is 12 km away. Closest Railhead from the waterfall is Thivim and that is 45 km away from the waterfall.

Charavane Waterfall height: 30 metres to 70 metres long approx

While talking about unexplored waterfalls, we must mention the Charavane Waterfall. This waterfall is situated in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the Chavarne village, you will have to trek 1.5 km upwards to reach this waterfall. The place is less crowded as not a lot of people know about this waterfall yet. You can surely visit this beautiful waterfall to spend some relaxing time in the middle of nature. On your way, you can even spot some wild animals, which is an interesting part of the journey.

Things to do in Charavane Waterfall:

You can indulge in rock climbing and trekking in this location.

Charavane Waterfall nearby attractions:

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is a nearby spot that the tourists prefer visiting.

Karmalya Waterfall

Karmalya Waterfall distance from Panaji: 28 km

How to reach Karmalya Waterfall: You can drive from Ponda City to reach this waterfall.

Karmalya Waterfall height: 65 to 70 metres approx

This waterfall is a hidden gem in Goa. Known as “Mini Amboli” this beautiful waterfall is one of the offbeat waterfalls in Goa that not a lot of people know about. This place is perfect for travel enthusiasts who prefer exploring unconventional destinations. People who want to stay away from the crowd can also visit this waterfall. This waterfall in the quaint village of Karmala, looks best during the monsoon. However during the summers the water here completely dries down. That makes this waterfall a seasonal waterfall that can be visited only after the monsoon.

Things to do in Karmalya Waterfall:

The place is perfect for clicking gorgeous photographs. The natural beauty will surely be your perfect backdrop for clicking some really nice nature photos.

Goa has a beautiful natural beauty to offer, and the waterfalls are a must visit there. Some of the waterfalls mentioned in this article are not explored much. I am sure these offbeat spots will revive your soul and soothe your mind. For a relaxing day you must visit these majestic waterfalls to listen to the sound of nature. If you are done with exploring the beaches of Goa, it’s your turn to explore these waterfalls. The pretty locations, picturesque landscape and the gushing water will melt your heart. So definitely do visit them once you are in Goa. Your next Goa trip should be incomplete if you don’t visit these waterfalls. Let me know which ones you are choosing for your next trip.

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