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Panchpula, Waterfall, Distance from Dalhousie

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Panchpula Dalhousie

There are some places in India that give an Oh-So-Interesting International feel. I am not saying there is something “not so interesting” about Indian destinations. But just imagine how interesting it would be to enjoy an International feel while sitting in India. Dalhousie is one such region for you. And with locations like Panchpula it is also becoming one of the most visited offbeat tourist destinations at present.

Furthermore Panchpula Dalhousie is a destination that can be enjoyed by adults, children and ever older generations. So in case you are in Himachal Pradesh or nearby you need to visit Panchpula once. I am sure you will be mesmerized with the kind of beauty this location has to offer.

Known for its charming landscape it has all the elements in itself to sweep you off the feet. In short, you will be highly impressed once you visit a location like this. Keep on reading this article as I will mention everything about Panchpula Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh here. This is indeed going to be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip there.

Panchpula Dalhousie

Location of Panchpula: Panchpula, Pathankot Road, Himachal Pradesh
Timings to visit Panchpula: 7 am to 7 pm
Duration of visit: 2-3 hours

Overview of Panchpula

One of the popular tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh Dalhousie, Panchpula is a quaint getaway ideal for nature lovers. The name of the location literally translates to Paanch, which is Five and Pula which is Bridges. For peace seekers looking for a quiet hamlet amidst nature, nothing can be better than visiting Panchpula. This location is also known as an area where the mother stream flows providing water to the nearby villages. In terms of view also this region is majestic. It offers a breathtaking view of the Panchpula Waterfall that originates from the North of the Dainkund Peak.

Furthermore for adventure lovers also this is a perfect location blessed with breathtaking landscape. The landscape however also makes it an ideal place for various adventure activities. Perfect as a picnic spot many families visit here along with children to enjoy a good time here. This location is also ideal for treks and trekkers enjoy the beautiful trekking trails through the greenery here. Trekking trails from Panchupula leads to Satdhara Falls, Ganji Pahari and many other destinations in Dalhousie.

What’s more?

Additionally what makes this location gorgeous is the breathtaking views here. With cascading waterfalls, fuller streams, snow capped peaks and lush greenery, it is as majestic as it can get. The scenic trails amidst nature make it an ideal spot for photographers as well. However, not just photographers for every person who has an eye for beauty would find a location like this alluring.

A location like this is ideal for couples, for solo travelers, backpackers, family holidays, couple trips, honeymoons and what not. Jaw dropping views along with a serene environment makes Panchpula an ideal holiday destination for people irrespective of their age.

How to reach:

Dalhousie to Panchpula distance is only 4 km away. You can cover the Panchpula to Dalhousie distance in a bus. For that take a bus from Dalhousie bus stand to reach Gandhi Chowk. From there Panchpula is only 1 km. Furthermore you can cover this distance by walking or hiking up to Panchpula.

If you are travelling by air the nearest airport is Pathankot and the nearest railway station is Pathankot Railway Station. Pathankot to Panchpula distance is near about 90 km. You can either take a bus or hire a car to reach Dalhousie. Another option is to take a bus from Pathankot to Dalhousie. Then you can cover Panchpula distance from Dalhousie in another bus.

Best time to visit Panchpula

The ideal time to visit Panchpula is from April to October. Even though the temperature is mostly comfortable throughout the year, few things should be kept in mind. The period from April to October enjoys a pleasant temperature in Panchpula. This is the reason why this time is considered as one of the best times to reach here. Tourists can enjoy pleasant weather which is ideal for sightseeing during this time.

The monsoon looks surprisingly beautiful here with the streams and waterfalls flowing in their full capacity. But also the monsoon can be a bit problematic while exploring the location well. However still the summers and pre monsoon and post monsoon period also results in breathtaking gorgeousness. With soothing climatic conditions, serene landscape and comfortable weather, Panchpula is a visitor’s favorite.

Furthermore the winter can be a bit too chilly. But if you are someone who enjoys a good chilly environment then you can visit during those months. It depends on what you prefer and what weather conditions suit you. So plan your visit accordingly.

Activities to enjoy in panchpula

One of the most interesting activities here would be the nature walks. Taking a leisurely stroll amidst nature appreciating the natural beauty can be quite enthralling. Furthermore while doing so you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the all encompassing area.

Another important activity here is trekking. The trekking trails here lead to various locations and the trekkers and adventure lovers enjoy these trekking trails here. Also you can enjoy the treks to reach Panchpula or to reach the Satdhara Falls nearby. These are smaller treks of about 1 km that anyone can try.

Other outdoor activities enjoyed here include hiking, ziplining and picnic. For nature enthusiasts as well as adventure lovers, this is an ideal location.

Nearby major tourist attractions in Panchpula

Panchpula Waterfall

The Panchpula Waterfall Dalhousie is one of the major points of attractions in Panchpula. Panchpula is one such location where multiple streams originate or flow. They all come together in Panchpula and create cascading and wondrous scenery. These waterfalls in Panchpula are undoubtedly the best thing to observe. And what can be better than visiting these waterfalls in monsoon. During other times of the year the water here might be a little on the lower side. But in monsoon these streams along with the waterfalls brims in their fullest possible capacity.

Just listening to the sounds of the cascading waterfall or enjoying the serenity can be one of the most enjoyable activities here. Furthermore the place looks straight out of a picture so the shutterbugs can have a lot to capture here. Not just for beauty but these freshwater streams and waterfalls are also very important sources of water for nearby villages.

Satdhara Falls

Another major attraction in Dalhousie is the Satdhara Waterfalls. As the name suggests Sat means Seven and Dhara means Streams. Literally the name of the Satdhara Falls translates to seven streams. Panchpula to Satdhara Falls distance is not a lot. In fact the Satdhara Falls comes in the way to reach Panchpula. Furthermore many tourists halt on their way to Panchpula to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Satdhara Falls. Here seven miniature streams come together to flow as the Satdhara Falls.

Another thing that makes the Satdhara Falls even more special is it is believed that the water here has healing properties. It is believed that the water of the Satdhara Falls has medicinal properties in it. Furthermore this is stated as a fact as the water contains a generous amount of mica in it. Therefore it is believed that the water here has magical powers that can heal skin diseases. The crystal clear water of the waterfall is also a sight to enjoy. Trekking to the Satdhara Falls is one of the adventure activities enjoyed by the visitors here.

Samadhi of Sardar Ajit Singh

Sardar Ajit Singh the great Freedom Fighter breathed his last in Panchpula. He was the uncle of martyr Bhagat Singh. In his memory a memorial is built here where people visit to pay their respect to him. The location holds a lot of historical relevance. You can think of visiting here during your trip to Panchpula.

Nearby attractions from Panchpula

Dalhousie is one of the tourist destinations that packs with itself some unmissable sites that you cannot miss out on. So for a trip to Panchpula you need to explore the surrounding areas as well. If you are travelling there for a day then you can choose some nearby places to visit. But if you are visiting there for a day or two then you need to check out the places mentioned below. These nearby sightseeing spots are packed with so much of thrill and beauty that if you miss visiting there, you will miss out on a lot of things. So make sure that you are surely visiting these spots.

  • Sach Pass
  • Satdhara Waterfall
  • Sach Pass
  • Saint Patrick’s Church
  • Chamera Lake
  • Dainkund Peak
  • Rang Mahal
  • The Church of Saint Francis
  • Khajjiar
  • Garam Sadak
  • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ganji Pahari
  • Saint John’s Church
  • Chamba
  • Subhash Baoli

Places to stay near Panchpula

  • Vrinda’s Mud House
  • Himalayan Homestay
  • Hotel Heaven Hills
  • Aamod at Dalhousie
  • Alps Resort Dalhousie
  • Mongas Hotel and Resort
  • Mohan Palace
  • Hotel Himdhara Dalhousie
  • Fortune Park Dalhousie

Wrapping Up!

Panchpula Dalhousie can be one such location nestling in Dalhousie that highlights the natural beauty at its best. Especially the Panchpula Waterfall makes this site even more interesting with its cascading stream. For a nature lover nothing can beat the sight of magnificent waterfalls with crystal clear water. Furthermore amidst verdant greenery and captivating landscape you can enjoy nature at its best in Panchpula.

One of the most versatile locations, Panchpula has a lot to offer to its visitors. So if you are visiting here you are not coming empty handed. Furthermore the majestic beauty of the location will leave you spellbound for sure. What comes on top of that is the serene atmosphere here which is an added bonus. You simply cannot miss out on visiting such a majestic location. Let me know if this article on Panchpula is helpful for you in planning a trip there. Also do not forget to tell me when you are planning a trip to this beautiful location.

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