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Ganji Pahari Distance, Trek, Weather

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Ganji Pahari

It must be a hard task for nature lovers to find a piece of nature within the rigid city life. I can totally understand the claustrophobic situation being a city dweller myself. However if you are searching for naturally beautiful locations then I can give you a good option. I am sure you must have heard about Dalhousie. This quaint hill station is packed with some punches for the visitors if I can say that. Quite literally these punches are extremely tranquil and serene and everything majestic. Ganji Pahari is one such location in Dalhousie that has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Furthermore Ganji Pahari, Dalhousie is not just a serene location but also a perfect option for trekking. For trekking enthusiasts the Ganji Pahari Dalhousie is an adventurous blast waiting to be explored. So here I am calling out all the adventure and nature enthusiasts. For a piece of natural beauty wrapped with thrill and adventure, Ganji Pahari is an ideal location.

 Keep on reading this article as I will mention every information that you might need about Ganji Pahari. As unique as the name sounds, the location will be more unique than that. This will be a helpful read for you so read till the end and enrich yourself. By the end you will be convinced about visiting this gorgeous location.

Ganji Pahari

Overview of Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari height of 2085 meters makes it an alluring spot for the visitors. Located in the Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh it is a beautiful hill station. The name of the location Ganji Pahari literally translates to Bald Mountain or Bald Hill. However the location is called so because there is no vegetation in this area. It is just a barren land on top of the hill indicating a bald or barren mountain devoid of greenery.

Ideal for a family holiday, Ganji Pahari offers tranquil views from the top. You can even spot the mighty Himalayas from here. The enchanting beauty and the spectacular atmosphere is a delight to enjoy in Ganji Pahari. Even though the hilltop is devoid of any sort of vegetation, the way to Ganji Pahari offers beautiful green covering. On the top of the hill however you will find a plain area and that is the place from where you can enjoy some breathtaking views.

One of the things that make a trip to Ganji Pahari more important is the trek to this idyllic location. Throughout the trekking trail the lush greenery, the interesting landscape and the thrill of reaching the hill top will keep you excited. It can be adventurous yet extremely exciting to reach the top of the hill. Camping options are available here as well. So if you are interested in staying back after the trek then you can enjoy camping here amidst nature.

How to reach Ganji Pahari

Located near Panchpula, Ganji Pahari is easily accessible from Dalhousie. Dalhousie to Ganji Pahari distance is about 3. 7 km. Furthermore Ganji Pahari distance from Dalhousie can be covered in a car or a bus. You can take a bus to Panchpula and from there you can trek to Ganji.

However if you wish to travel by air or railway then Pathankot is the nearest spot. The Pathankot Airport is the nearest airport and Pathankot Railway station is the nearest railway Station to reach Ganji Pahari. From Ganji Pahari, Pathankot is around 90 km away. You can hire a car or private cab or take a bus from Pathankot to reach Dalhousie. Then from Dalhousie you can reach Ganji.

Best time to visit Ganji Pahari

From the months of October to February you can visit the Ganji Pahari. For everyone who wants to enjoy the snowfall at this location must visit here in February. During February Ganji is covered in a covering of snow and looks breathtaking. Furthermore the barren land of Ganji Pahari turns into a wonderland with snowfall. But the Ganji Pahari temperature is very low during winters so you should be prepared.

For camping and trekking however the location can be visited all year round. Ganji Pahari weather is pleasant throughout the year because of its high elevation. You can ideally visit here anytime of the year. But for the snowfall and the view of snow-clad peaks, February is the ideal time of visit. So plan your trip accordingly on the basis of what you want to enjoy.

Ganji Pahari Trekking Camping Dalhousie

What makes a trip here most interesting is actually the Ganji Pahari trek. The trek to this beautiful location starts from Panchpula. This trekking trail offers a mesmerising view of the surroundings. On the way you can also enjoy a majestic view of snow capped mountains that looks spectacular. Furthermore from Panchpula, the Ganji Pahari trek distance is about 3. 5 km. While trekking, the trekkers pass through the villages which gives a tranquil feel.

If someone wants to only enjoy the trek they can reach up to the top of this and then return the same day. In this scenario it would be advisable that you start a little early. You will need to reach the top by afternoon so that you can return again in the evening. Post that time, trekking would not be safe after the dark. But if you are interested in camping then you can opt for that too.

For camping in Ganji you can enjoy the beautiful view and the thrill to spend the night amidst nature at such an elevation. There are multiple operators offering these treks and camps so you can contact them. In such scenarios you will also be served home styled freshly cooked foods from the villages. Usually the trek organizers will arrange for the food for you in case you sign up with them for this.

You can also enjoy a bonfire or barbeque along with star gazing. It would be one of the most memorable experiences for you that you would like to cherish forever. After enjoying an overnight camp you can again trek to return to your base location.

Things to remember for trek in Ganji Pahari

  • The weather here gets really chilly so make sure you are carrying enough warm outfits.
  • You must carry all your essential belongings along with you like medicines and water bottles.
  • It would be good if you can carry some light snacks along with you.
  • You should always opt for guided treks as they will be safer.
  • Furthermore it would also be advisable to trek in a group and try to stay in a group while trekking so that you don’t get lost.
  • Have enough information on the weather and pack your essentials accordingly.
  • You must wear proper trekking gears before participating in trekking.
  • Make sure your shoes have a good grip as it would help you in walking comfortably.

Nearby place to visit from Ganji Pahari

The location here is filled with beautiful tourist spots that you simply cannot miss out on. If you are ever visiting here make sure you are also exploring around. Furthermore these tourist locations are not far away from each other. Infect they are located close by. So if you are visiting here for a day or two do not miss out on the below mentioned spots. I am sure you will be equally excited after visiting these locations too.

  • Panchpula
  • Dainkund Peak
  • Satdhara Falls
  • Garam Sadak
  • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Khajjiar
  • Bakrota Hills
  • Subhash Baoli
  • St. John’s Church
  • Chamunda Devi Temple
  • Sach Pass
  • Rock Garden

Wrapping Up!

Locations like this is a gift of nature. And we must cherish these gifts to the fullest. On a trip to Dalhousie make sure you are visiting Ganji Pahari. Furthermore the treks here make this trip even more exciting. What people visit here for is the breathtaking views that the hilltop offers. Along with that if there is something that will win over your heart it is the sunsets and sunrises here.

I am sure you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this location. As intriguing as the name of the location sounds, the location in reality is unique too. So when are you planning a visit to this beautiful location? Also, do let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a visit there.

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