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Chikhaldara Hill Station information, hotels, resorts, points

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Chikhaldara Hill Station

Hill stations are a unique location to visit. The high elevation, tranquil weather, lush greenery and gorgeous viewpoints make a perfect hill station. Chikhaldara Hill Station in Maharashtra can be ideally called that perfect hill station. Located on a high elevation this place is mostly known for being a summer retreat. Furthermore what makes it more unique is the coffee plantations here. It is also the only place in Maharashtra that produces aromatic coffee.

This hill station once reminded an Englishman of England. And now you can imagine how gorgeous this location must be. This is one location that you certainly cannot miss out on. So if you are interested in gathering Chikhaldara Hill Station information, then read up. I will give you all the information on this location to plan up a successful trip to this hill station. So read the entire article and enrich yourself.

Chikhaldara Hill Station

Where is Chikhaldara Hill Station?

Chikhaldara is a hill station located in Maharashtra in the Amravati district.

How to reach Chikhaldara Hill Station?

By air

Chikhaldara does not have its own airport. Akola airport is the nearest domestic airport to reach Chikhaldara which is around 150 km away. And the Nagpur Airport is the nearest international airport that is majorly connected to important cities. The Nagpur airport is around 230 km away from this Hill Station.

By train

There is no railway station either in Chikhaldara Hill Station. The nearest major railway station is in Amravati that is 100 km away. You can either take a taxi or hire a car to reach Chikhaldara Hill Station from there. However the Badnera station is another nearest railway station which is 90 km away from Chikhaldara Hill Station. Akola Railway Junction is 125 km away from the Chikhaldara Hill Station. Trains like Nagpur Kolhapur Express, Maharashtra Express and Nagpur- Pune Garib Rath are popular choices to reach here.

From the railway stations you will get taxis easily to reach your destination. Also MSRTC buses are also available from the railway stations to reach the hill station.

By road

Chikhaldara is well connected by roadways. From nearby cities you can either drive through or you can even take buses to reach here. State run buses as well as luxury buses are both available.

If you are travelling from Pune you can start and then reach Ahmednagar. Then via Shani Shingnapur- Gangapur you will reach Aurangabad. From Aurangabad travel via Chikhli- Khamgaon- Shegaon- Akot- Anjangaon you will reach Chikhaldara.

While travelling from Mumbai you can travel via Nashik- Malegaon- Dhule towards Mhosva. From there then travel towards Burnpur to reach Chikhaladara. Around 12- 13 hours is required to complete the journey from Mumbai to Chikhaldara.

Nearby places distance from Chikhaldara
  • Amravati (85 km)
  • Akola ( 126 km)
  • Nagpur ( 231 km )
  • Jalgaon ( 271 km )
  • Aurangbad (357 km )
  • Nashik ( 528 km )
  • Pune ( 595 km )
  • Mumbai ( 671 km )

Overview of Chikhaldara Hill Station

With a high altitude and historical and mythological relevance the Chikhaldara Hill Station is a loved destination. Chikhaldara hill station height of about 1118 meters further makes it even more alluring as a destination. In literal translation Chikhaldara translates to Chikhal and Dara that means a mud stream or a fall in Marathi. With panoramic viewpoints and an abundance of flora and fauna this Hill Station has a lot to offer. Mostly known for being a summer retreat the Chikhaldara Hill Station in Maharashtra is that ideal escapade for nature lovers. Furthermore this serene landscape can be a great option for couple holidays or honeymooners. The tranquility and beauty around the landscape gives a romantic vibe that can spice up any relationship.

Chikhaldara is basically a plateau located in the Amravati district in Maharashtra. It is also an exclusive coffee growing region known for its finest coffee beans. One of the finest coffee producing regions, the coffee beans here are uniquely aromatic with amazing taste. Furthermore the coffee plantations on the rolling hills also add to the beauty of this location. Maintained mostly by local farmers, the cool damp climate of this Hill Station makes a perfect condition for coffee production.

History and Legend of Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara is the only hill station in the Vidarbha region and therefore is a popular tourist destination. This hill station was discovered by Captain Robinson from the Hyderabad Regiment. In 1823 he found this location as an attractive spot. Once he visited there he was reminded of England. With the falling of leaves in September and October he was reminded of the fall season in England. Later he made a proposal to even make this hill station a seat of the Government of India. No wonder the British developed the location charmed by the beauty of this place.

Furthermore, there is a legend associated with this Hill Station. According to popular beliefs this was the same location where Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers, defeated Keechak. It is said that Bheema killed Keechak at this very spot and then pushed him down the valley. Later this location came to be known as Keechakadara. However with time and colloquial terminology the location started to be known as Chikhaldara.

Best time to visit Chikhaldara Hill Station

The quaint hill station of Chikhaldara is an all year round destination. You can technically visit here around any time in the year. However, mostly this is a popular tourist destination as a summer retreat. Since the place is located at a higher altitude the temperature is mostly pleasant. The cold and breezy weather makes this location an escape from scorching summers. Also the hill station gets enveloped in lush greenery during summers and that looks picturesque. Furthermore the colorful flora and fauna makes it an ideal destination for enjoying a quiet holiday.

Monsoon is yet another time when Chikhaldara looks beautiful. It is also another time just ideal for a visit to this Hill Station. From July to September the hill station receives rainfall. Everything around that time looks delightful. Furthermore, the dark cloud makes the ambience tranquil. So with the cool winds it would be apt to take long strolls along. You can surely visit here during the monsoon to see the spectacular beauty of Chikhaldara Hill Station.

Winters in Chikhaldara can be a tough time. Even though the hill station looks picturesque and gorgeous, the chill is extreme. Temperatures are mostly under 10 degrees with cool breeze blowing. You can even experience snowfall here. And with the snow covering the whole area, it turns into Iceland. It would be an enjoyable time to visit here during the winters. However you will have to be prepared for extreme cold. And do not forget to carry enough warm clothes along with you too. You can basically plan a trip to Chikhaldara Hill Station on the basis of how you would like to enjoy the place. To some extent it depends on your preference so plan your visit accordingly.

Places to visit in Chikhaldara Hill Station

As a destination you can enjoy some gorgeous Chikhaldara Hill Station points. These are some of the locations that you should not miss out at all.


According to mythological beliefs it is believed that this is the location where Bhim had killed Keechak. Later he threw him down the valley. Furthermore he took a bath and washed the blood stained hand in a nearby lake. That lake is known as Bhimkund.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

One of the important tiger reserves, the Melghat Tiger Reserve is a popular tourist spot. Also it is one of the 9 tiger reserves that is identified by Project Tiger. With more than 80 tigers the tiger reserve spreads across 1677 sq km. Other than that other animals like Sloth Bears, Panthers, Wild Bears, Sambars are also found here.

Gawilgarh Fort

This is one of the 3 forts that you can visit in Chikhaldara Hill Station. With 3 gates the Gawilgarh Fort has an unique architecture.

Narnala Fort

This is a massive fort that comprises 3 smaller forts. Located on top of a hill with a height of 973 metres the fort provides a panoramic view.

Chikhaldara Hill Station Points

One of the reasons that makes Chikhaldara a perfect location are the various viewpoints here. Sunset Point, Mozari Point, Monkey Point, Malviya Point, Panchbol Point, Prospects Point and Devi Point are some of the popular viewpoints that you can visit here.

Gugamal National Park

Spreading over an area of 1673 sq km, this national park is a part of the Melghat Tiger Reserve. This is yet another popular tourist attraction in this Hill Station.

Some other places that you can check out are

  • Muktagiri
  • Bir Lake
  • Kalapani Lake
  • Panchol Point
  • Amner Fort
  • Chikhaldara Museum
  • Pandit Nehru Botanical Garden
  • Hariken Point
  • Semadoh Lake

Chikhaldara Hill Station Resorts and Hotels

Aadya Hill View Resort Chikhaldara

Address: Goal Marg, Motha, Sahapur Road, Chikhladara, Maharashtra

As the name suggests this is a hill view Chikhaldara Hill Station resort. They offer facilities like an in-house Banquet, Lawn, Swimming Pool, Spa, Conference Hall, Indoor and Outdoor Games. This is one of the best resorts in Chikhaldara Hill Station. You can unwind and enjoy a relaxing time here.

VRK Resort, MTDC Mozari Point Chikhaldara

Address: Plot 1/1, Street No 6, Mozari Point Road, Hirdamal, Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

This is one of the best hotels in Chikhaldara Hill Station that you can check out. They have

Deluxe AC Suites for Rs. 2100 per night
VIP Suites for Rs. 2300 per night
And for group stay Rs. 2400 per night
Extra occupancy is charged Rs. 400 per night
However the tariff does go a little up and down during peak seasons. 

Strawberry Hills Chikhaldara Resort

Address: Gavilgad Killa Road, next to Devi Point, Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Resort Shankarmuni

Address: 1 Shahpur Road, Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Bamboo House Resort Chikhaldara

Address: Near Deepshikha Sainik School, Next to Hurricane Point, Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Wrapping Up!

If you are in Maharashtra a trip to the Chikhaldara hill station can be a perfect way to unwind. Just taking long strolls across the greenery or enjoying the cool breeze will be a perfect form of relaxation. This quaint hill station can be your ideal staycation destination for a day or two. So next time when you get a small holiday or maybe a long weekend then do consider visiting this Hill Station. You will be rejuvenated after visiting this alluring location for sure. Furthermore if you are searching for a romantic getaway nothing can be better than this location. So when are you visiting the Chikhaldara Hill Station? And let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to Chikhaldara. 

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