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Bhor Ghat Information, Connects, Condition, Distance

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Bhor Ghat Maharashtra

How often travel enthusiasts are in search of newer places to visit? By the way, how often are they not doing it? I guess travelers are always in search of locations that they can explore. Especially for nature lovers it becomes even more of a hassle to find new picturesque locations every single time. So here it goes, today I will tell you about one such beautiful spot in Maharashtra that is an offbeat location. The Bhor Ghat in Maharashtra is that spot for you. This is basically a mountainous pass with motorable roads as well as railway routes. How exciting that sounds right? What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the train journey here is one of the most scenic rides in the country.

So whenever you are in Maharashtra searching for an offbeat location to explore this is the location that you need to explore. The Thal Ghat Palghat Bhor Ghat are all beauties of the Western Ghat. And the Bhor Ghat definitely needs more attention because of its historical relevance too. So keep on reading this article as here I will mention all Bhor Ghat information that you might need. If you are planning a trip to this spot then this article will be a helpful one for you.

Bhor Ghat

Overview of Bhor Ghat

A picturesque mountain Pass, Bhor Ghat is located at the crest of Western Ghats. Bhor ghat connects between Mumbai to Pune. For railway tracks Bhor Ghat pass connects Palsdari and Khandala and for the roadway it connects Khopoli and Khandala. Thal Ghat Bhor Ghat Palghat are the passes in the Western Ghats and they are very important. While Bhor Ghat links Mumbai and Pune, the Thal Ghat links Nasik with Mumbai and Pal Ghat connects Kochi to Chennai, that is Kerala to Tamil Nadu.

What makes this spot a popular tourist destination is the beautiful view that it offers. Therefore this scenic location is also a popular picnic spot for the tourists as well as the locals. A ride across this route will be picturesque as well as thrilling. Especially the train journey that passes through green meadows, spectacular valleys and as much as 28 tunnels. Undoubtedly the train ride here would be one of the best rides that you can enjoy in India. This is one thing that you need to experience for sure.

How to reach Bhor Ghat

Bhor Ghat is located on the Western Ghats and connects Pune to Mumbai. It is a beautiful scenic route. To reach here you can take a train from Mumbai to reach Pune. And from Pune you can again take a bus or take a taxi to reach Bhor Ghat. Bhor Ghat distance by train takes around 3 hours and by road it would take around 2 hours. Since it is a long winding road driving through this route can be a little tiresome. Ideally it would be best if you can take a bus or travel by train to reach here.

History of Bhor Ghat

At first a local tribesman, Shigroba discovered the Bhor Ghat. He was the one who felt that a motorable road can run through this pass. Therefore on the basis of that the Great Indian Peninsula Railway proposed a plan to lay a railway route between Mumbai to Pune. According to the original plan this route included a total of 25 tunnels. Along with that it also included 8 arched viaducts. The plan was all about removing the hard rocks and also building embankments. Mostly this plan was a part of the conquest of a colony by the British who wanted to achieve this.

In 1856 the construction work for this route first started. More than 10000 workers were involved in the construction here. The whole construction was taking place under the contract of William Frederick Faviell. But the peace did not last for long. Soon Frederick misbehaved with the workers. The workers alleged that Frederick had mistreated them and therefore a riot broke out. A European official who tried to pacify the workers and intervened in the scenario died. However, the contract passed on to Solomon Tradewell in 1859. But he soon died of dysentery and cholera just after the works of the railway track resumed after the break. Later his wife Alice got the contract for this work and in 1863 finally the work was completed.

At the time of the completion almost around 42000 workers were working on this project. Also the number of tunnels increased to 28. From 1863 this railway track was opened to the general public.  

river in Bhor Ghat Maharashtra

Bhor Ghat Railway

The Bhor Ghat railway route spreads for 28 km along 28 tunnels between Palasdari and Khandala. According to beliefs almost 25000 workers had lost their lives during the construction of this particular route. The reason behind this was the sharpness of the bridge here. Initially the trains here used to function through steam engines. Later during 1929- 1930 railways became electrified. From then, the trains functioned by locomotives. Also during the earlier days there was a reversing station. This reversing station used to run parallel to the ghat located between Khandala and Monkey Hill. It was located after tunnel number 26 but later this was shut down. With the creation of new tunnels this was no more open.

Bhor Ghat Roadways

The Bhor Ghat road condition is really enjoyable and undoubtedly these are one of the most picturesque roadways as well. These are beautiful winding roads that offer beautiful views. From green meadows, to beautiful hills the roads are in itself something that you will enjoy. These roads run between Khopoli and Khandala across the Bhor Ghat. It is an 18 km long stretch and has a total of 6 lanes on the Mumbai- Pune Express Highway. Also there are 4 lanes on the Old Mumbai- Pune Highway as well. Driving through this route would mean going through a scenic journey. It is one of the most beautiful routes in the country itself. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this beautiful route.

Activities to enjoy in Bhor Ghat

Enjoy the nature

It is one of the most beautiful and scenic spots not only in Maharashtra but also in India. So no matter what, if there can be one activity that you must enjoy here is getting soaked into nature. This location is blessed with abundance of natural beauty and the ambience here is tranquil and serene too. No wonder this one is also a favorite spot for many Hindi and Tamil film directors. Because of the unparalleled beauty here a lot of Hindi and Tamil films had featured this location.


Also this one is a popular picnic spot as well. For people in Mumbai and Pune this is one of the ideal spots to spend a day with friends and family. For a whole day outing amidst nature you can surely opt for this location as well.

Adventure activities

Another thing that is quite popular here is Adventure sports. You can find some centers here that offer adventure sports and you can enjoy them too. Trekking is one of the popular activities here. For adventure enthusiasts this location is like a paradise. There are multiple trekking trails at this spot as well. And what makes these trails even more special is the beautiful view of the Western Ghats here. For beginners to intermediate level trekkers to hardcore trekkers there are trails for everyone. So make sure you are checking out this activity if you are looking for some adventure.

Bird Watching

This location is also popular for attracting varieties of birds. That makes it a favorite spot for the birdwatchers. Some of the popular birds here are Indian Rollers, Malabar Pied Hornbills, and Crested Serpent Eagles etc. So get ready to spot many birds here. But do not forget your binoculars and cameras for the best experience.


The area in itself offers beautiful views of the hills and valleys that surround it. Other than that you can also visit some nearby locations like Khandala Point, Lonavala Lake, Duke’s Nose etc.

Explore Bhor Dam

The Bhor Dam or the Bhatnagar Dam is a beautiful location here that offers gorgeous views of nature. This dam was constructed in 1927 and is a popular tourist spot here. A lot of tourists visit this spot to enjoy the beauty of the area. So you can also definitely visit here.

Visit the temples

A lot of temples are located in this region and you must explore them too. Some of the popular ones are Kalubai Temple Jogwadi, Ketkawale Balaji Temple, Bhureshwar Temple etc.

Explore the waterfalls

Bhor Ghat also houses some beautiful waterfalls that you certainly cannot miss out on. At Kondana Caves and Rajmachi Fort you will find them. So do explore the spots.


There are some spots in Bhor Ghat that sell beautiful souvenirs and traditional handicraft items. You can definitely grab a few things from there to take back home along with you.

Nearby Places to visit from Bhor Ghat

Rajmachi Fort
Shivthar Ghal

Wrapping Up!

Locations like Bhor Ghat are places that need more love and attention. The beauty of a place like this will easily leave you spellbound. Also this one is a significant location historically as well. At one point of time the location was an important trade route. And in recent times this is an important location for commuting along with being a popular sightseeing spot here as well. So whenever you are in Maharashtra this is one location that you need to include in your itinerary. This offbeat location is a perfect spot for a day out or a picnic and you will be able to enjoy a whole day with your family or friends.

So tell me when are you going to plan a trip to visit this beautiful location in Maharashtra? Also do not forget to tell me if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a successful trip to this spot. 

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