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Jelep La Pass Sikkim, Located in, Map, Connects

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Jelep La Pass

Jelep La Pass is an ancient mountain pass that had once been an important trade route. It is strategically located and it is a sensitive area because of its proximity and connection with Tibet in China. For someone who wants to embark on a cultural journey filled with breathtaking views on the way this can be the ideal trip. Even though currently the pass is not accessible for any person, there is no harm in knowing about this location, right? You can check out the position of the location in Jelep La Pass map and you would find it alluring. It is undoubtedly a hidden gem that still remains unexplored even today.

Furthermore, if you are wondering Jelep La Pass in which state then there can be interesting answers to it. Keep on reading this article as I will mention it all here. This historical pass connects two countries and offers a rich history of the days gone long back. It would certainly be extremely interesting to know about this awe inspiring beauty. Keep on reading this article and you would feel enriched for sure after knowing about this spot. It will be a helpful read for you if you want to know everything about a location that bridges the gap between past and present.

Jelep La Pass

Jelep La Pass is located in which state?

In India the Jelep La Pass is located in the state of Sikkim and the other portion is located in Tibet Autonomous Region in China.

How to reach Jelep La Pass

By air

The nearest airport to reach Jelep La is the Bagdogra Airport which is 190.8 km away from the location. It would take around 6 and a half hours to reach Jelep La from the airport. You can take a shared ride or hire a car to reach there from the Bagdogra Airport.

By train

The nearest airport to reach Jelep La is the New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP). New Jalpaiguri railway station is approximately 182 km away from the location. You will find cars outside the station and you can either hire a car or even go for a shared ride as well from the station to reach the pass.

By road

If you are travelling by road then the most convenient way is to travel through Gangtok. It would be a fulfilling ride via Sherathang Town that is close to the Changu Lake, and then via Kupup Lake and Nathula Pass. The distance from Gangtok to the pass is around 66 km and you can reach there in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Overview of Jelep La Pass

Located at an elevation of 13, 999 feet above sea level the Jelep La Pass is an international mountain pass. The Jelep La Pass connects India to Lhasa and is one of the prettiest locations you can find in India. The word Jelep La originated from the Tibet word and means “the lovely level pass”. And it truly justifies that term too. This area offers a beautiful viewpoint and offers unfiltered beauty of nature as well. You can enjoy one of the most exciting journeys if you are driving on this route. The breathtaking scenery, the ambience as well as the beautiful topography makes this site one of a kind to explore. This is a beautiful terrain that the rhododendrons surround till the Chumbi Valley on the Tibetan Plateau.

The route here is quite steep with hairpin curves. Also this is a beautiful viewpoint as well and you will be able to witness the beautiful convergence of rivers like Teesta, Relli and Reang. Below the Jelep La the beautiful Menmecho Lake flows by. These sights will be truly enchanting and people love visiting here too. If you are visiting here also make sure you are visiting the New Baba Mandir and the Kupup Lake. This location also houses some small military settlements as well. Throughout the whole trail from Jelep La Pass you can spot the Kupup Lake.

What’s more?

There are a total of two routes on the Indian side of the pass. The first route runs through Kalimpong and there is another route that goes through Gangtok. The route through Kalimpong is the older one. While going on that route you will be passing through the beautiful towns of Pedong which is located in the Northern part of West Bengal. Further you will move through Rhenock and Kupup. For the upliftment of the local economic condition of the area the Kalimpong route had played a really important role. Till the last century this was an important trading route for the trading of fur and wool. However after the 1962 Sino Indian War this route was closed down.

The second route is the one that goes through Gangtok. It crosses the town of Sherathang which is located quite close to the Changu Lake. Along with that it goes through Jelep La Pass Nathula through Kupup. This particular route is most alluring as it enjoys a full blooming season during the spring. With beautiful rhododendrons the way looks pristine. Also the route further stretches towards the Chumbi Valley in the Tibetan Valley.

History of Jelep La Pass

From the ancient time the Jelep La Pass had always been a very important part to establish the trade relations between India and Tibet. During British rule first the location came into view and they also built roads in Sikkim in 1884. Later in 1886 a small group of armed forces forcefully captured the whole area near this pass. In 1888 the same force attacked the British but later in the same year the British reoccupied this area.

In 1947 after India’s independence Sikkim was a monarchy. Sikkim had a special protectorate status at that time. From that time itself India had the power to manage the foreign affairs and defense of Sikkim. After the Tibet invasion by China these passes were the major ways for refugees to commute from Tibet. But after the war of 1962 the Jelep La Pass got closed completely.

On the basis of a referendum in 1975 Sikkim became a part of India. With the recent developments of relation between India and China there are chances of opening the pass. Especially after the opening of the Nathula Pass the possibility is even more. If everything happens on that line then the opening of the pass will be really fruitful. This would ensure a sure shot economic boom in the region. Also trading as well as the relation between the two countries will also enhance.

Best time to visit Jelep La Pass

The ideal time to visit this region is from March to May. Ideally according to the weather this is the time when the temperature here remains most comfortable. It would be comfortable for you to travel. Also you will be able to explore the whole region well if you are visiting during this time. The other time when it is ideal for a visit is from October to December. However keep in mind that this pass is currently inaccessible to the tourists.

Nearby places to visit from Jelep La Pass

Menmecho Lake
Kupup Lake
New Baba Mandir
Nathula Pass
Changu Lake/ Tsomgo Lake
Thambi Valley Viewpoint
Nag Temple
Gnathang Valley
River Rangpo Chu
Eagle’s Nest Bunker
Four Lake Point
Lampokhari Lake
Tukla Valley
Laxman Chowk
Yak Golf Course

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have all the information about the Jelep La Pass, tell me that you found this spot spectacular. I am sure the history attached to it makes this spot even more interesting. If any day it is possible for you to visit here you must visit this location. However keep in mind that the location as well some of the nearby locations are special sensitive areas. You might need an Inner Line Permit to visit some of these locations. So take a good amount of time to research about that and carry all necessary documents along with you. Let me know if this article is helpful for you in knowing about this gorgeous location. Also if there is something that you still want to know about this particular pass comment down below.

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