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Niti Pass and Niti Valley Uttarakhand Location, Height, Temperature

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Niti Pass and Niti Valley

It is a task for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers to always keep on finding new places to explore, right? We all are in a constant search for locations that offer a different experience. And if you are interested in exploring a historically relevant, naturally beautiful and adventurous location then I can suggest you all a really good location. This is the Niti Pass and the Niti Valley in Uttarakhand. The location of the Niti Pass Uttarakhand itself makes it an alluring spot. On top of it the history attached to this location is even more exciting for an explorer. So if you are an explorer looking for a unique destination to explore then the Niti Valley Uttarakhand can be a really good option for you.

The Niti Pass and Niti Valley are locations packed with thrill and excitement. It is certainly not a regular location. However the rugged terrain along with the topography here deserves some mention for sure. For an adventurous trip this can be your ideal spot that you can explore next. Keep on reading this article as I will mention all information like Niti Pass in which state, how you can reach there along with the Niti Pass map. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning to visit this location.

Niti Pass and Niti Valley

Niti Pass is located in which state?

The Niti Pass is an international high mountain Pass located on the border of India and China. It is a remote valley with a number of villages located in the Garhwal Himalayas in the district of Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand. Niti Pass connects the Indian state of Uttarakhand with Southern Tibet.

Overview of Niti Pass and Niti Valley

This is an international pass and what makes it even more attractive is the height of this pass. Niti Pass height is 5086 meters and 16,686 feet. This pass was an important trade route at one point of time between India and Tibet. However from 1962 after the Sino-India War the Niti pass remained closed.  Niti is a small village in the Niti Valley and it is the last village and outpost in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand in the Indo- Tibetan border. Niti Village is located at an elevation of 3600 metres. The whole of the Niti Pass and the Niti Valley remains covered in heavy snow. Niti is located very close to the Tibet border and therefore people visiting there will need to have a permit from SDM in Joshimath. Other than that, the other places in Niti Valley don’t require any permission to visit.

Mana and Niti Pass are located close, in fact the eastern side of Mana Valley near Badrinath is the Niti Valley. The Niti Pass surrounds the Niti Village on the North and on the South, Tibet surrounds the village.  Both Mana and Niti pass were in use before the war of 1962 and they were important trade routes. But then the pass remained closed. Also a fair chunk of people have also migrated from Tibet to India during the war and they are locally popular as Rongpa or Bhotiya. At present the Niti Valley has only 24 villages and the majority of the population belongs to the Bhotiya tribe. The Niti Village nestles within the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is a very important village in the valley.

What’s more?

There are other villages in the Niti Valley as well like Gamshali, Farkya, Bampa, Kailashpur, Maher, Gun, Malari, Jhelum, Kosha, Lata, Tolma, Fagti, Tapovan and Timmersen Mahadev. The Gamshali Village is the second last village in the Niti Valley and it is located 5 km before the Niti Village.

How to reach Niti Valley and Niti Pass

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach here is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun that is 362 km away. From there you will have to hire a car to reach Joshimath and from there you can reach the Niti Valley.

By train

The Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach here located at a distance of 346 km. Dehradun Railway Station is also another railway station to reach here which is about 380 km away.

By road

You can reach the Niti Pass location via multiple ways. The most important city to reach here is Joshimath and Joshimath to Niti Valley distance is 88 km. You can get taxis from Joshimath to reach Bampa village. If the roads are blocked there you will have to trek for 6 km to reach the Niti Village. Otherwise the car would take you there. Regular buses also ply in this route and shared jeeps are also available here. Via NH 7 many Hindu pilgrimage sites are connected like Devprayag, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Joshimath etc.

Niti Valley view

Niti Valley Temperature

The Niti Pass Temperature is majorly very harsh. The Niti village is located in an extremely isolated area and therefore the snowfall is very heavy there. During the major months of snowfall it gets tough for the people residing there. The area has a sparse population and during the months from April to October they stay in Niti. After that during snowfall they relocate to lower altitude and stay at alternative villages. After the snowfall season ends they again relocate back to Niti.

Another feature of this location is that since the snow here melts at higher altitude the area gets covered in dense clouds. And because of that afternoon rainfall is very common in the area as well. For tourists it would be ideal if they can start their journey to these locations early in the morning to avoid drastic change in weather.

Best time to visit Niti Village

Due to heavy snowfall it is practically impossible to stay in Niti Valley and even the residents there relocate to lower altitude from November to April. The Valley remains open basically for only 6 months, that is from April to the end of October. So that is the only time when you should visit here. Also before visiting do take a note of the weather as well as the road conditions as that will be helpful for your visit here.

Things to enjoy in Niti Valley


For adventure lovers trekking in this area can be an extremely exciting activity to indulge in. You can trek from Bampa Village to reach the Niti Valley and it is a trek of 6 km. However if you are looking for a shorter trek then trekking to the Timmersain Mahadev Temple can also be a good option. This is a small trek of only 2 km from the Niti Village.

Nanda Devi National Park

The Niti Village nestles in the Nanda Devi National Park and it is one of the richest national parks as well. This park is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can surely explore here. Some of the popular rare species here are Himalayan Musk Deer, Snow Leopard. Also the park is really popular for the presence of varieties of Ayurvedic Plants here.

Village Tourism

The villages in the Niti Valley still believe in living the old way. You would find their lives and lifestyle devoid of many modern facilities and amenities. If you are interested in exploring the Pahadi lifestyle then you can surely visit the villages there. Gamshali village is the village located only 5 km away from the Niti Village. You can surely visit there and explore the lifestyle there. The villagers are mostly very friendly and welcoming and you can actually know about their way of living in such difficult terrain. Definitely this would be one of the most interesting things that you can try there.

Visiting temples

The area around Niti Pass and Niti Valley is very peaceful and tranquil. What makes the spot even more peaceful is the spiritual elements here. This region houses a number of famous sites of pilgrimage. And the fact that the area is so close to nature, the temples here also look beautiful amidst nature and natural beauty. Some of the popular temples to visit here are Timmersain Mahadev Temple, Panchang Temple, Nanda Devi Temple, Tapovan, Niti Temple, Faila Temple etc.

Nearby places to visit from Niti Valley and Niti Pass

Gamshali Village
Malari Village
Bampa Village
Farkya Village
Timmersain Mahadev Temple
Maa Hira Mani Temple
Nanda Devi National Park
Bhavisya Badri

Where to stay

You will find no places for accommodation near Niti Pass. Only the villagers and natives can stay here. Earlier even permission was required to visit these areas. At present however permission is required only to visit the Niti Village. You can find some homestays and government guest houses in Gamshali Village that is 5 km away from the Niti Village. Joshimath also has some decent options for staying so you can opt for that as well. You can stay in Joshimath and then make trips to Niti Valley from there.

Wrapping Up!

Niti Pass and Niti Valley are definitely not easy locations to travel to. However the thrill and excitement that comes along visiting such a location makes it a must visit spot. The whole area also has some other notable spots nearby that you can explore as well. So in case you are searching for a new location to explore that is close to nature this can be a perfect choice for you. Even the adventure enthusiasts will find the Niti Valley Uttarakhand interesting enough to explore. Let me know when you are planning a trip to this beautiful location. Also do not forget to tell me if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to the Niti Valley. 

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