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Baralacha La Pass, How to Go, Temperature, Altitude, Height

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Baralacha La Pass

Mountain passes are beautiful to explore and there is no doubt in that. However a lot of mountain passes also come with their own set of restrictions. Either they are inaccessible, or they are too hard to reach or sometimes they are too far away. But the Baralacha La Pass in Himachal Pradesh is none of the things I just mentioned above. This is an accessible location at a generous and reachable height and also very nearby as well. Baralacha La Pass in Map is located just on the Leh Manali highway and you can reach there very conveniently too.

So if you are in search of an exciting location in Himachal Pradesh then this pass can be a really good option for you. The Baralacha La Pass height, the distance, and the beauty of the location makes it a popular sightseeing spot for tourists. So if you are planning a visit there just read this article. In this article I will mention everything that you probably need to know about the pass. It would be a helpful read for you to plan a successful trip to this breathtaking location./

Baralacha La Pass

Where is Baralacha La Pass located?

If you are wondering Baralacha La Pass is in which state, then the answer is this pass is located along the Leh Manali Highway in the district of Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach the Baralacha La Pass

The most convenient way to reach the Baralacha La Pass is from Manali or Leh. From Manali this pass is about 190 km away and it would take around 6 hours to reach there by road. Due to the high altitude of the location it takes a little more time to cover this distance but the roads are in good condition so that would not be an issue anyway.

Another way to reach the pass is from Leh. From Leh the pass is around 281 km and you can reach the pass in about a little more than 7 hours and 30 minutes. Here also the time taken is a little higher than other places with the same distance due to the higher altitude. But if you are travelling in a big car with an experienced driver then it would not be much of a hassle. The road conditions are also good.

Best time to visit Baralacha La Pass

Baralacha La Pass temperature is the harshest during the winter and due to excessive snowfall the pass remains closed. The months from April to October is the time when this pass remains open for tourist visits. Also the Baralacha La Pass weather during this time is bearable and you will be able to enjoy the surroundings here. The snow also melts during this time so that clears out the way for the tourists. And this is the time when it is safe for the tourists to visit this location.

However even during monsoon the pass remains close. And since there are chances of landslides it would not be safe to visit here during that time. So whenever you are planning a visit here you must take a note of the current weather conditions along with the road conditions. And only then can you plan a visit here.

mountain view at Baralacha La Pass

Overview of Baralacha La Pass

The Baralacha La Pass or Baralacha Pass is a high mountainous pass in the Zanskar range. Baralacha La Pass height in feet is 16, 040 feet and it is about 8 km long. The Baralacha La Pass connects the Lahaul district in the state of Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In terms of natural beauty the pass is one of the most picturesque spots that you can find. The Bhaga River which is the tributary of the River Chenab flows by just a few km away from this location. The Bhaga River originates from the Surya Tal Lake and is one of the most serene spots here.

This barren area with an unobstructed view is truly a sight of wonder. Especially for people who enjoy visiting tranquil locations, the Baralacha La Pass can be truly intriguing. What makes it even more special is the beautiful Baralacha La Pass altitude. The Bhaga River surely elevates the beauty of this gorgeous location. Along with that the site is also popular for offering other breathtaking views. Basically the pass is like a summit giving away to several crossroads. Some of these lead to Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar and Lahaul. This 8 km long pass is like a dream roadway for bikers. Especially for adventure lovers looking for an adrenaline rush this location can be the ideal spot to visit for sure.

What’s more?

Even this location is popular among trekkers as well. The pass further leads to the Chandratal Lake which requires a climb up. The Lake is located on the bank of the Chandra River in the Spiti Valley and is a common spot for trekkers. The breathtaking view and the nothingness at the location win over heart. That is the reason why this Pass is also a name in the celebrated novel of famous writer Rudyard Kipling. Rudyard Kipling in this novel Kim mentions the Baralacha La Pass as the location of Suraj Tal which the character Lama from the novel uses to travel from Tibet to India.

It is one of the highest motorable passes in the country located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This region is also the meeting point of the Zanskar Range, Pir Panjal Range and the Himalayan Range.

Main attractions in Baralacha La Pass

This pass is undoubtedly one of the most famous as well as most beautiful mountain passes in India. Visiting a place like this can be like a dream come true. The whole region here looks ancient and that is what attracts more visitors here. This area looks raw and rugged and there lies the beauty of this spot. During the month of June the area looks even more gorgeous with the white snow everywhere. The black mountains peeks through the snow creating a beautiful trance for the visitors. You can just look ahead at the clear blue sky and feel like its dream coming true in front of your own eyes.

Chandra Taal Lake is a hot spot for tourists and adventure lovers. It is one of the popular locations that you can visit here. Other than that there is the Surya Taal Lake here which is also popular as the Surajtal Lake. This lake is special as it is the third highest lake in the country and also it is the 21st highest lake in the world. Definitely this makes this location a must visit spot if you are visiting this area.

To reach this lake the most popular option is the trek. The trek includes the Zingibaz- Suraj Tal- Baralacha La Pass trek. For this trek you will have to go through the Bhaga River for about 3 km and then you will have to cross a bridge. Then you will reach the North Bank which will further follow up to a steep trail and you will be able to reach the Suraj Tal. It can be one of the most exciting journeys, so definitely think of going forward with it when you are visiting there.

Bridge road at Baralacha La Pass

Legend of Baralacha La Pass

There is an interesting legend regarding this pass that is a popular folklore locally. According to the legend, Chandra was the daughter of Moon and Bhaga was the son of Sun God. Both of them once decided to climb up the Baralacha La Pass. Their aim was to carry on the wedding rituals of their eternal marriage and after climbing the Baralacha La Pass they ran into two different directions. Chandra was the more active and smart one, so she made her way easily and reached Tandi after travelling a distance of 115 km. However, Bhaga went through a struggle to reach Tandi but finally could reach there after a strenuous journey of 60 km. That was the location where the lovers met and therefore their eternal marriage also took place.

Baralacha La Pass Permit

You will have to carry certain documents along with you to visit this pass. For an Indian citizen, you will have to carry a valid photo identity proof along with attested photocopies of the document. This is required to prove your nationality and only then you will be able to visit this location. You can carry either your passport, voter ID card or Aadhar card along with you. For foreign nationals, they must carry their passport and visas along. Otherwise they would not be able to visit the pass.

Things to remember before visiting Baralacha La Pass

1.       The roads at times remain covered in snow and the sharp turns here can be dangerous. So you must be extra cautious to reach the location

2.       Visiting a location like this depends a lot on the weather. So whenever you are visiting here you must check the weather of the location beforehand.

3.       You must start your journey to reach the pass easily in the morning in order to enjoy the whole area as long as there is daylight.

4.       If you are travelling there make sure you avoid riding after 5:30 pm. Also make sure you are getting there or coming back before it gets dark.

5.       You must wear enough warm clothes as the region tends to get really cold with chilly winds. So be prepared for that.

6.       The pass is located at a high elevation so acclimatization is extremely important. You must be habituated with the high altitude here to avoid sickness.

7.       Carry necessary medicines and water as you won’t find shops nearby the spot.

8.       You must carry some food along with you as there are no eateries available here. The only food available will be at the campsite and it mostly includes Tibetan delicacies like noodles, momos and soups.

9.       You must not forget to carry the necessary documents and IDs as mentioned above in order to get the permit to visit this location.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have all the necessary information about the Baralacha La Pass Himachal Pradesh just plan a trip there as soon as you can. After all these are locations that are packed with a lot of punches and offer a lot to its visitors. In no way you can afford to miss out on this gorgeous location. So let me know when you are planning a trip to this beautiful location. And do not forget to tell me if this article is helpful for you in planning this trip successfully. 

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