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Best Offbeat Places near Darjeeling with Name List and Tour Plan

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Darjeeling Offbeat Places

Darjeeling is one of the most popular tourist spots for travelers and it has so much to offer to its visitors too. But in this article we are not going to discuss popular locations. We would rather concentrate on locations that are not very popular. Do you know Darjeeling has so many offbeat places in and around that are equally breathtaking as locations, only less crowded than Darjeeling? The Darjeeling offbeat places are locations that will offer you a serene and calm environment that will take away your heart. The offbeat places near Darjeeling are not any less beautiful than Darjeeling itself, in fact they are more beautiful as most of these locations are unhindered. The untouched beauty of these new offbeat places near Darjeeling is something that deserves a lot more love.

There are some of the best offbeat places near Darjeeling that not a lot of people know about. And for that I am here for your rescue as I will mention Darjeeling offbeat places name list in this article. Also I will share Darjeeling offbeat places tour plan with you all that will help you in planning a trip to these locations. For travelers looking for hill stations yet looking for serene and tranquil ambience. These locations will be just perfect. So keep on reading this article as I will share the best Darjeeling offbeat places in this article. This will certainly be a very helpful read for you in planning a successful trip to these locations near Darjeeling.

Best Darjeeling Offbeat Places near Darjeeling



Located 28 km away from Darjeeling Takdah or Tukdah is a small hamlet ideal for a lazy holiday. This quiet destination offers mesmerizing views that you can enjoy here. Along with sprawling tea gardens and lush greenery a location like this is perfect for keeping all your worries away. During the pre-independence era Takdah was a British Cantonment. And for that reason even today this destination reflects the colonial structures like an old club located 1 km away from the main town. This pristine location is situated at a height of 4000 feet and obviously the location offers a panoramic view of the area too. Also what makes this location even more beautiful are the cascading fountains, forest trails and the calmness that engulfs the area.

Around Takdah you will find many tea gardens which are one of the finest in Darjeeling. The Rungli Rungliot, Pubang and Namring tea gardens are some of the popular ones here. Also just below the Puban tea garden you will find a hanging bridge that dates back to 1916. This is one of the Darjeeling offbeat places that will come with a lot of old world charm. And if you are someone who enjoys a serene ambience this will be one of your favourite Darjeeling offbeat places too.

What’s more?

You can visit some other popular sightseeing spots like Tinchuley which is only 3 km away from Takdah. From there you will be able to notice a beautiful view of the snow capped mountains. Also one of the major attractions here is the weekly local haat or local market. It is called the Dokan Dnara and visiting this market will surely be really interesting. With colonial structures, reminisces from the British days, lush vegetation, views of snow capped mountains, misty mornings and chirping birds this is one of the best Darjeeling offbeat places. So you can surely plan a visit to this new offbeat place in Darjeeling.



How can we miss out on Latpanchar while talking about Darjeeling offbeat places? This is one of the most beautiful offbeat places near Darjeeling that needs a special mention. Situated at a pristine height of 4500 feet, Latpanchar is located at the highest point of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. It is only 41 km away from Siliguri and is one of the most picturesque locations that you can visit. For the people who want to spend a calm holiday away from crowds Latpanchar is a perfect location for them. The serene atmosphere of this location along with the beautiful landscape is enough to have your heart away. What makes this place even more special is the River Teesta flowing here. Along with that the sounds of chirping birds and a rich flora and fauna also makes this an exciting site for visit.

You can also visit other sightseeing spots located nearby like Namthing Lake, Ahaldara Viewpoint, Lalkothi, Raja Rani Hill etc. For birdwatchers this can be an ideal destination to visit as Latpanchar is popular for many exotic birds. From Rufous Necked Hornbill to Ashy Backed Shrike, Burn Swallow, and Spotted Eagles you can spot multiple birds here. As the location is a part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary it is also popular for its wild animals as well. So while searching for Darjeeling offbeat places definitely consider visiting this location.



Located 19 km away from Darjeeling Jorpokhri is one of the Darjeeling offbeat places located on a hilltop near Lepchajagat. The word Jorpokhri translates to twin ponds or twin lakes. A part of the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a beautiful location. There are lakes here with borders around it and seats for the visitors. The location also offers a beautiful view of Mount Kanchenjunga and you will be speechless with the beauty of this location. For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts it will be extremely interesting to visit this beautiful location. For a person looking for an offbeat destination with beautiful ambiance, Jorpokhri is a must visit. Definitely check out this beautiful destination near Darjeeling to enjoy a serene holiday.



At an elevation of 7887 feet on a quaint town Sonada, Chatakpur is a forest village that is one of the Darjeeling offbeat places that is worth a mention. Located amidst the Sechal Reserve Forest, 7 km away from Sonada, Chatakpur is a small eco village that the tourists love these days. The forest department had built small cottages in Chatakpur after which this location came into prominence. The Local Forest Protection Committee is in charge of the protection and management of these cottages here. What makes Chatakpur an ideal destination is its pristine height and the panoramic view. For nature lovers nothing can be better than visiting a natural haven like Chatakpur.

Chatakpur offers a mesmerizing view of the mighty Kanchenjunga on a clear day. Along with that the trekking trails here are also popular among the adventurers. This is a beautiful location offering abundance of natural beauty. So you can definitely think of visiting this offbeat location if you are searching for the best offbeat places Darjeeling.



This is one of the Darjeeling offbeat places that you need to explore for sure and you are going to fall in love. Rimbik is an offbeat location in Darjeeling located 56 km away from the Darjeeling town. This location is located really close to the Indo Nepal border and is a picturesque spot. This location is for people who wish to enjoy some alone and quiet time away from the hustling city. While you explore the beautiful landscape here you can listen to the sound of nature and you will instantly feel relaxed. However Rimbik is also a popular destination for adventure lovers as well. This is one of the Darjeeling offbeat places that offer beautiful trekking trails that are very popular among trekkers and adventure lovers. Trekking to Sandakphu and Singalila National Park are really popular here amongst many other trekking trails.

However Rimbik doesn’t have a lot to do or see. It is mostly a calm and serene location with a mesmerizing view. Other than trekking you won’t find many activities to indulge in here. You can surely enjoy the beautiful nature here or enjoy nature walks. The sunrises and sunsets are something that you would love in Rimbik. Other than that Rimbik is mostly a calm location. You can interact with the villagers here to know some bits of their lives as well which can be an interesting activity too. So while you are searching for new offbeat places near Darjeeling surely plan a visit to Rimbik.

Wrapping up!

Due to the immense popularity of Darjeeling, it is mostly a crowded destination. A huge number of people visit Darjeeling and especially the peak seasons are even more crowded. But if you are interested in enjoying the essence of a hill station yet want to stay away from crowds then offbeat locations are for you. All the new offbeat places near Darjeeling mentioned in this article are picturesque spots. All these gorgeous offbeat places near Darjeeling are quaint and calm. You will be able to enjoy nature and also explore the place well if you are visiting here. And the best part is undoubtedly the unhindered beauty of nature that offers an uninterrupted view.

So next time you are looking for places to enjoy a peaceful holiday consider visiting any of these Darjeeling offbeat places. I am sure you will love the thrilling landscape along with the beauty of nature of these offbeat locations. Have you ever visited any of the mentioned spots before? Or which spot are you planning to visit next. Let me know your favourite spot from this list. And don’t forget to let me know if this article on Darjeeling offbeat places is helpful for you.

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