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Mandarmani Beach Resort with Swimming Pool, Price, Contact

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Mandarmani Beach Resort

Mandarmani is a beautiful tranquil beach located in West Bengal in the district of Purba Medinipur and at present this destination is one of the favourites for travelers. However, the beach here is one of the highlights and for that reason people from all over come and visit this location. Also, for beach lovers, the beauty of the beach here is one of the most exciting parts of visiting here. Moreover, the Mandarmani beach is the longest motorable beach as well, so you can understand the hype around this beach already. If you are visiting here then you must be looking for Mandarmani beach resort for a stay also. After all, staying at a beach resort gives you easy access to the beach and moreover you can visit the beach at any given point of time.

If you are in search of resort in Mandarmani then I have some really good options for you here. In this article I will share some of the best resorts that you can check out when you are visiting this tranquil beach town. Also this will be a very helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to Mandarmani. So keep on reading to know everything about the kind of accommodation you can opt for when you are visiting Mandarmani.

Mandarmani Beach Resort

Grand Beach Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani, East Medinipur, West Bengal
Contact number: 7364024879, 8389910994
Website: grandbeachresorts.in

Price Chart :

1.       Junior Suite- Double bed Rs. 5999
2.       Suite Room- Double Bed Rs. 6499
3.       Executive Room- Triple Bed Rs. 7499
4.       Superior Family Room- 4 Bed Rs. 7999
5.       Presidential Suite- Double Bed Rs. 8999

This is a luxurious Mandarmani Beach Resort that you can check out here to enjoy a comfortable stay. The resort however has 41 rooms and offers modern amenities to its visitors. They also have a swimming pool here as well. So if you are searching for Mandarmani resort with pool then definitely do check this resort out. Their rooms come with Television, Mini Fridge, Geyser, free Wi fi, and modern bathtub also. They also offer free parking here. However along with that the resort has their conference room and a restaurant as well. Furthermore from the resort you can walk up to the beach in about 2 minutes. So you surely need to check this hotel out when you visit Mandarmani.

Sun City Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani, West Bengal
Contact Number: 03340251111


1.       Deluxe Double Room with Pool Access Rs. 6543
2.       Deluxe Family Room with Pool View Rs. 9000
3.       Cottage with Garden View Rs. 10398

This is yet another good option for a resort that you can check out here. It is however a beautiful property spreading across 100 acres. With beautifully designed rooms they also offer a comfortable stay here. One of the best parts of this resort is that it is one such Mandarmani beach resort that has an amusement park inside its premises also. Along with that they also offer services like outdoor pool, spa centre, free wifi, free parking, hot tub and beach access. Moreover, the main beach entrance is only at a distance of 3.6 km from the resort. However there is a private beach access from the resort as well that you can enjoy here. Staying at this property would also truly be luxurious and you would enjoy your stay here. So make sure you are considering this resort for a stay there.

Bombay Beach Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani, Dadanpatrabar, West Bengal
Contact number: 9007134040

This is a beautiful resort that you can opt for when you are visiting Mandarmani. This Mandarmani Beach Resort is located next to the beach in Mandarmani. They have a swimming pool and offer facilities like free parking, complimentary breakfast, free wifi, room service also. And they also have a restaurant, buffet dinner, breakfast buffet, AC, coffee maker, bathtub in some rooms etc. The room rate starts from Rs. 3500. So you can surely check out this resort for a decent stay near the beach.

Dolphin Beach Resort Mandarmani

Address: Silampur, Mandarmani Coastal, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Contact number: 7362905705, 89726867761
Whatsapp number: 9734004823

This is one of the best sea side Mandarmani Beach Resort that you can opt for. They provide all necessary amenities to enjoy an exciting stay. Along with that they have a swimming pool, a restaurant, kids play zone, event hall here as well. The staff in the resort are very friendly and are co operative. They offer facilities like complimentary breakfast, free car parking, led TV etc. They have Double Bed Room, Four Bed Room, Suite Double Bed, Suit Triple Bed, Triple Bed Room, Double Bed Cottage, Four Bed Cottage, Suite Room, and Super Deluxe Room here. However, the prices of the rooms here start from Rs. 2500 per night. So, definitely check out this resort if you are travelling to Mandarmani and enjoy a decent stay.

Mandarmani Green Resort

Address: Mandarmani Beach Road, Mandarmani, West Bengal
Contact Number: 7601874384


1.       Deluxe Double Bed Room Rs. 3999/-
2.       Deluxe Double Bed Room with breakfast Rs. 4879/-
3.       Cottage Room Rs. 4799/-
4.       Cottage Room with breakfast Rs. 5799/-
5.       Deluxe Four Bedded Room Rs. 7199/-
6.       Deluxe Four Bedded Room with breakfast Rs. 8783/-
7.       Deluxe Six Bedded Room Rs. 9599/-
8.       Deluxe Six Bedded Room with breakfast Rs. 11,711/-

This is a beautiful property that you can check out for a serene stay in Mandarmani. Located at a deserted area, this Mandarmani Beach Resort is a bit away from the main road. So in case you are looking for a decent and peaceful stay at a tranquil location then you need to check this resort out. Also this beautiful resort is only 2 minutes away from the beach so that is a great thing. Definitely do check out this resort to enjoy a comfortable stay. Furthermore this resort is also great for people travelling in big groups as they have 4 and 6 bedded rooms as well.

Holiday Beach Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani Sea Beach Road, Mandarmani, West Bengal
Contact number: 7602063454


1.       Deluxe Double Room Rs. 5383
2.       Queen Room Rs. 3733
3.       Deluxe Triple Room Rs. 3819
4.       Quadruple Room Rs. 5876

This is a 3 star Mandarmani Beach Resort that comes with all modern amenities for you to enjoy a decent stay. They have air conditioned rooms, and also provide services like free wifi, free private parking and it is also located close to the beach. And they also have their own swimming pool and a restaurant as well. They have a Deluxe Room, Family Room, Quadruple Room, Small Room, Executive Room, and Executive Room here. So you need to check this Mandarmani Beach Resort for an enjoyable stay.

Ocean Beach Resort Mandarmani

Address: Silampur, Ramnagar, Mandarmani, West Bengal
Contact number: 8597946423

If you are travelling to Mandarmani you can definitely check out this resort for a comfortable stay. The resort is designed beautifully and they also provide all sorts of modern amenities as well. They have a swimming pool, a restaurant and free car parking also. Also they have facilities like free wifi, special facilities for disabled and is a pet friendly property as well. They also have a Coffee Bar here that is open all day for the coffee lovers.

Luxury Banyan Tree Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani Beach Road, Mandarmani, West Bengal
Contact number: 7890001100

The Banyan Tree Resort Mandarmani is a luxurious property that will provide you an unforgettable experience. However, it is a comparatively new property with 60 rooms, 20 luxury tents, a swimming pool, restaurants, bar, spa, banquet hall and a lot more. Furthermore their multi cuisine restaurants serve all sorts of delicious food from Bengali to Chinese or Seafood. The conference hall here is fully air conditioned and can also accommodate more than 200 guests at a time. They also have a pool side bar here and a Spa Salon as well. Along with that they have luxury rooms here that come with services like LCD TV, free wi fi, complimentary breakfast and more. So you can definitely check out this Mandarmani beach resort.

Sonar Bangla Resort Mandarmani

Address: Mandarmani Kalindi, Chaulkhola, Mandarmani, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Contact number: 9635258038, 9800340270


1.       AC Deluxe Room Rs. 6160
2.       AC Standard Room Rs. 5600
3.       AC Premium Room Rs. 6720
4.       AC Super Deluxe Ground Floor Room Rs. 7840
5.       AC Platinum Room Rs. 8398

This is a luxury Mandarmani beach resort that promises a luxury stay for your vacation. They however offer facilities like air conditioning, free internet, restaurant, room service, swimming pool, banquet hall, car parking, driver’s accommodation etc. They also have 2 conference halls here. One hall is of 3000 sq ft area that can accommodate up to 170 people. The other one is however a smaller one spreading across 1000 sq ft that can accommodate up to 30 people. So if you are looking for a resort here to enjoy a grand luxurious stay then you surely need to check out this resort.

Wrapping Up!

This was all about the Mandarmani Sea Beach Resort and moreover I am sure now visiting Mandarmani will be easier for you. However, you can ideally choose any of these resorts for a comfortable stay in Mandarmani. As a location Mandarmani comes with its beauty and grace and you would love a visit to this location. Especially if you are staying at a beach resort there then accessing the beach would be even easier. The resorts mentioned here are however close to the beach so that is again a great thing.

So next time you get a small holiday or if you are looking for a small staycation near Kolkata you must visit Mandarmani. This location is an offbeat and upcoming travel destination also. Furthermore, the number of good quality resorts present here at the moment only speaks about how the tourism there is growing already. So you certainly cannot miss out on visiting this majestic location near Digha. You can however even make trips to or from Digha as well. Let me know when you are planning a trip to this particular location. Also do not forget to let me know if this article on Mandarmani Beach Resort is helpful for you in planning a trip to Mandarmani.

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