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Mukutmanipur Dam, Hotel, Tourist Spot, Picnic Spot, Distance

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Mukutmanipur Dam

We all are extremely busy in our day to day life and most of us do not have spare moments to relax. But if you are tired of the monotony of regular life and looking for a getaway near Kolkata then you need to visit the Mukutmanipur Dam. Located in Bankura this is a quaint destination tucked amidst nature. For people looking for natural escapades close to Kolkata this can be an ideal location to explore. Next time you get a long extended weekend or a normal weekend you need to plan a trip to this location. Keep on reading this article as I will mention everything that you probably need to know about Mukutmanipur Dam. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to the Mukutmanipur Dam soon.

Mukutmanipur Dam

The Mukutmanipur Dam or Kangsabati Dam is a beautiful Dam located in Bankura district in the sub division of Khatra. This reservoir is located on the Kangsabati River and is one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in Bankura as well. Also popular as the Gorabari Dam, the Mukutmanipur Dam is the heart of tourism in Mukutmanipur as well as in Bankura. The construction of this reservoir goes back to the 1950s. Moreover the main purpose behind the creation of this beautiful dam was to provide water to the majorly dry regions in West Bengal. This dam stretches for a length of 11.27 km. Furthermore the dam is 38 metres in width and can store up to 1.04 cubic km of water. However this is the only dam in India that the Central Water Commission of the Government of India has recognized as a dam of national importance.

The Kangsabati River is a picturesque river originating from the Chota Nagpur plateau. It passes through the districts of Bankura, Purulia, Jhargram, Purba and Paschim Medinipur before dumping into the Bay of Bengal. This river plays a very important role in the agricultural needs and also provides water for irrigation purposes. Along with that it also helps in sustaining the ecological system locally as well. The scenic beauty of the Mukutmanipur Dam is however the major reason that it is such a popular sightseeing spot in Bankura. Surrounded by lush greenery the dam offers a beautiful view. So if you are ever visiting Bankura you definitely need to visit this dam here.

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach Mukutmanipur Dam is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata. From the airport the distance to reach Mukutmanipur is 212 km and it would take around 5 hours and 20 minutes to reach there. You can cover the Kolkata to Mukutmanipur distance by road via NH 16.

By train

Mukutmanipur nearest railway station is the Bankura Junction. You will find regular trains from the Howrah railway station to reach Bankura. Bankura to Mukutmanipur distance is about 54.8 km and you can reach there in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. However the most convenient way to reach Mukutmanipur from Bankura is to hire a car from the railway station.

By road

You can travel by road to reach Mukutmanipur from various nearby cities and towns. Kolkata to Mukutmanipur is about 5 and a half hours away by road. You can easily take a car to reach there from Kolkata

Mukutmanipur River

Mukutmanipur distance from other nearby popular locations:

Howrah to Mukutmanipur distance is 214 km and time to reach there would be 4 hours and 50 minutes.
Bishnupur to Mukutmanipur distance is 76 km and it would take 1 hour and 51 minutes to reach there.
Durgapur to Mukutmanipur distance is 100 km and it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach there.
Purulia to Mukutmanipur distance 76.5 km and the time to reach there would be 2 hours.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit this location is the cooler months from October to March. This is the time when the Mukutmanipur weather is most pleasant and enjoyable. You will be able to enjoy the surroundings of the Mukutmanipur Dam most comfortably when the temperature and humidity are low. However some people prefer visiting here during monsoon as well. Monsoon is the ideal time to witness the Dam and the reservoir in its full glory. So you can visit during that time too. But keep in mind that the rain can be a dampener in your travel spirit though. You can therefore also visit after the monsoon to enjoy the full reservoir and the lush greenery as well.

Avoid visiting here during the summer as the location gets extremely hot and humid during the summer season. With temperature often going above 40 degrees it becomes too unbearable to face the heat. If you are visiting at that time then it would become extremely uncomfortable to explore the location and there will be chances of heat stroke as well due to longer hours of exposure in the sun. So plan your visit accordingly.

Things to do in Mukutmanipur

1.       Enjoy the scenic view of the dam and its surrounding. After all this is not something we get to witness during our day to day life.

2.       The spot of the dam is a popular picnic spot. So if you are visiting there you can surely enjoy a picnic with your friends and family.

3.       This location is also popular for boating. Moreover people visiting here love boating in the blue water here. So do not miss out on that.

4.       The location is very rich in its floral and faunal variety. So if you are visiting here make sure you observe all that here.

5.       Bird watching is yet another popular activity that you can enjoy here. This location houses and attracts a variety of birds which you will love looking at.

6.       For photographers this can be the ideal spot for clicking some perfect pictures. So do not miss out on that chance and capture whatever you can see here.

Mukutmanipur Dam side view

Places to visit in Mukutmanipur

Other than the dam you will find a lot of Mukutmanipur visiting places nearby that you need to explore as well.

Musafirana Viewpoint

This is a popular Mukutmanipur tourist spot that offers a panoramic view of Mukutmanipur. From lush greenery to the river water and the elongated sky the view offered here is spectacular.

Pareshnath Temple

This is a Shiv Mandir located close to the Kangsabati Dam. During the construction of this dam the workers discovered the idol while they were digging the ground. At present this is a popular tourist spot and an important religious site in Mukutmanipur.

Banpukuria Deer Park

Located 8 km away from Mukutmanipur, this is a wildlife sanctuary that houses varieties of deers. From sambar deer, spotted deer to barking deer you can spot it all here. Other than that you can also spot monkeys, peacocks, rabbits and some other animals here as well. It can be a good location to visit with your whole family.

Noadihi Baroghutu Sunset Point

This is a small hill that offers splendid views of the setting sun. Located 15 km away from Mukutmanipur this is a tourist spot where the visitors specifically visit to enjoy the most beautiful views of the sunsets.

Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest

This is an offbeat destination near Mukutmanipur that you can check out as well. Located 30 km away from Mukutmanipur this is a beautiful forest area where you can enjoy being extremely close to nature. There are massive Sal and Mahua trees in the forest that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere which is too interesting to explore.

Talberia Lake

The Talberia Lake or the Talberia Dam is another tourist spot near Mukutmanipur that you can visit. This is a popular location for activities like picnic, swimming, fishing, boating etc.

Mukutmanipur Hotels

You can find some low price hotel in Mukutmanipur that you can check out for a decent stay. Also you will find some government run lodges as well as some hostels for a decent budget stay as well. You can check out good quality Mukutmanipur resort here that you can opt for or you can also stay at some resorts in Bankura and travel to Mukutmanipur as well. Some of the popular resorts are

Peerless Resort Mukutmanipur

Address: Baraghutu Road, Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

Mili Resort

Address: Mukutmanipur, Bansnala, West Bengal

Sonajhuri Prakriti Bhraman Kendra

Address: Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

Aranyak Resort Mukutmanipur

Address: Dam Road, Mukutmanipur, near Sports Academy, Khari Dungri, West Bengal

Hotel Amrapali

Address: Mukutmanipur Road, Gorabari, Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about Mukutmanipur Dam and now I am sure you are interested to visit this spot. If you are someone who enjoys visiting offbeat locations then this can be a good option to explore. The beauty of this location and the surrounding would totally win over your heart once you visit there. Also it can be a perfect weekend destination to visit from Kolkata as well. If you have a short holiday, then plan a trip to this beautiful location now. Moreover a location like Mukutmanipur is enough to rejuvenate you and de-stress you as well. So let me know when you are planning a visit to this location. And let me know if this particular article on Mukutmanipur Dam is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. 

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