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Tajpur Beach, Hotels, Resort, Nature Camp, Distance

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Tajpur Beach

West Bengal offers many serene beaches for the ultimate relaxation and fun. You can find a lot of beach escapades in West Bengal. And the best part is some of them are really close to Kolkata as well. So if you are someone who doesn’t have a very long holiday to go far away, then I have a good option for you. I can tell you about one place that is very close to Kolkata and you can easily visit there during the weekends. This location is Tajpur Beach. It is one of the beautiful and serene beaches that you can enjoy in West Bengal. So if you are wondering about how you can go there and what all you can enjoy then I am here for your rescue.

Moreover the Tajpur Beach is one of the less crowded beaches for the ultimate relaxation. For anyone looking for a beach location away from the bustling city yet being close to the city, nothing can be better than visiting the Tajpur Beach. So keep on reading this article as I will mention all the necessary information about Tajpur Beach here. Tajpur Sea Beach can be your answer for some peace and tranquility. This is going to be a helpful read for you so read and gather all information about this serene location.

Tajpur Beach

Overview of Tajpur Beach

Located only 170 km away from Kolkata this beach is tucked between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. This is one of the relatively calmer beaches that you can enjoy in Kolkata. With not a lot of people the beauty of this beach remains unhindered. However the unspoiled beauty of Tajpur is something that attracts the tourists as well. Furthermore this pristine beach houses thousands of red crabs here as well which is one of the highlights of this location. Located on the shore of Bay of Bengal, Tajpur is a perfect escape from the chaos and stress in life. This beach is a beautiful inverted crimson in shape lined with casuarinas, eucalyptus and tamarisk. A perfect hotspot for lazy holidays you can get soaked into the ultimate beauty of nature here.

How to reach

As a location Tajpur is well connected through road as well as railways.

By train

You can reach Tajpur from Kolkata by train. However there is no railway station in Tajpur itself. Nearest railway stations are Digha and Kanthi. There are many trains in Kolkata. Kolkata to Tajpur distance is 173 km. Some of the popular trains are Tamralipta Express, Paharia Express, Howrah Digha Superfast Express, Kandari Express etc. Digha to Tajpur distance is about 18 km and it takes around 1 hour to reach there.

By road

You can even drive through your own vehicle or hire a car to reach Tajpur from Kolkata. Via Kolaghat it would take around 4 hours and 15 minutes to reach there from Kolkata to Tajpur. There is another route as well via Falta, Gadiara. However that takes a bit more time which is about 5 hours and 30 minutes and the distance is 152 km. You can reach Tajpur from Jamshedpur as well and a drive takes around 7 hours to reach there.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit such a location is during the onset of the winter months. It is during this time that the weather here is most pleasant. Tajpur weather stays between 23 degrees to 12 degrees from October to February. Moreover the cool climate makes it comfortable for the tourists to explore the place well. Also the tourists get to enjoy the beach activities more during this time as well.

Tajpur Light House

The summer seasons are the off season for visiting a location like this. However for people travelling on a strict budget this can be the time to visit as the hotel prices are mostly lesser during this time. Additionally the beach remains mostly less populated during this time. However avoid visiting during peak summers as the location gets extremely hot and sultry during peak summers. It can be very uncomfortable to stroll on the seaside during this time too. And this sort of weather is also the reason for heat strokes and sun stroke. So keep that in mind. But during late summers the evenings can be a little sigh of relief when the sun sets. You can plan the trip accordingly.

Moreover, the monsoon season is not recommended for a visit to this location. During monsoon there is incessant heavy rainfall in the region. Along with that there are high tides as well. Because of the tides the beach access and activities might get restricted at times. So you may not be able to enjoy the location to its fullest. Try to avoid visiting during this time.

Major tourist activities in Tajpur

Adventure sports

This beach offers a number of adventure sports and water activities that the adventure lovers can enjoy. If you are looking for a place to enjoy adventure sports then this can be a good spot for that. Activities offered here include Boating, Rafting, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Coastal Biking, Zorbing, Rafting, Fishing etc. So have a great time here enjoying your fullest with your family or friends.

Beach Food

If you are visiting the beach location then it is a must for you to try the sea food there. Like many other seaside locations this area also offers a plethora of sea food that includes a variety of fishes. You can find some shops near the beach that sell and serve delicious seafood. Also as this one is a good spot for fishing, the quality of fish is fresh. Chilled beers and other drinks are also available here however the stock is limited. You can sit at one of the many beach shacks here and enjoy some seafood along with some drinks.

Explore the Beach

One of the most relaxing activities here will be to enjoy the pristine beach. It looks beautiful with the waves hitting the sea shore. Just looking at the bright blue sea or strolling around the beach can take away all your worries. And do not forget to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunsets too. This just alleviates the beauty of the location more.

Red Crab
Fishing, Fish Farming and Fishermen Village

This is one such location where fishing is one of the major activities. Over 1400 acres of land in Tajpur Beach is used for pisciculture. You will be able to find many fishermen villages here where the main mode of occupation is fishing. During the morning time you can enjoy looking at these fishermen in action. Moreover there are many bheris or fish ponds nearby that you can explore here. Not just that you can even buy some fresh fish and enjoy the goodness of fresh fish. It can be one of the exciting activities to enjoy here.

Tajpur Beach Hotels

You can get a good number of options for hotels in Tajpur near sea beach for a comfortable stay. Some of the popular hotels that you can check out here are mentioned below.

Tajpur Nature Camp

Address: Tajpur Village, Bodhra, 24 Parganas, West Bengal

This one is a boutique hotel near Tajpur that you can surely check out. The rooms here are lavish and well furnished. You can enjoy a luxurious stay here while being close to nature. They have both AC and Non AC rooms here with all kinds of modern amenities. Moreover they offer pick up and drop services, attached bath, restaurant, Intercom etc. Staff behavior here is impeccable and praiseworthy. You can surely check this place out for a very comfortable stay.

Swastik Resort Tajpur

Address: Balisai-Tajpur Sea beach Road, Tajpur, West Bengal

This is a good option if you are looking for a budget stay with family. They have a Standard Double Bed Room at Rs. 2770. The Standard Quadruple Room costs Rs. 3780 per night. Additionally they offer facilities like parking, Wi Fi, Breakfast and beach access. They also have their own restaurant.

Abasar Resort Tajpur

Address: Bodhra, Midnapur East, Tajpur, West Bengal

It is yet another option that you can choose for a decent stay here. Located across the Bay of Bengal this is a beachside hotel. And the best part is that the beach is located only 3 km away from this hotel that makes it a popular choice for tourists. Additionally it is only 7 km away from Shankarpur as well. They offer various facilities like free parking, free wi fi and a pool as well.

Krishti Resort Tajpur

Address: Jaldha, Bodhra, East Midnapore, West Bengal

It is one of the best family resorts in the area that offers various amenities as well. They have a total of 51 well furnished rooms here. Along with that they also have a swimming pool, a multi cuisine restaurant, car parking, children’s play area, garden etc. This is also a popular choice for conducting events and meetings as they have a conference hall here as well. Furthermore they have

  • Cottages Rs. 2800
  • Mini Deluxe Room Rs. 2800
  • Premium Super Deluxe Room Rs. 4800
  • Super Deluxe Room Rs. 4400
  • VIP Suite Rs. 5500
  • Presidential Suite Rs. 6000
  • Classic Deluxe Room Rs. 7200

Wrapping Up!

For someone looking for a cozy getaway near Kolkata the Digha Tajpur can be a really good option. The convenient location, ways to travel as well as the ambience of the location makes it a tranquil location for some time out away from the city life. You can surely enjoy the open space and open air at a location like this. Moreover the best part about Tajpur port is that unlike other crowded beaches this one is not overtly commercialized. Even though commercial beach activities are available here, the location still maintains its rustic beauty. With multiple options to stay and activities to indulge in you can ideally enjoy a small staycation here.

So next time you get a weekend or a few days off plan a visit to this serene location. Your mind will be fresh and your heart will feel lighter for sure. Do let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this pristine location. And also let me know when you are planning a holiday at the gorgeous spot.

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