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Sitapur Beach Neil Island Andaman, Sunrise, Hidden Cave, Distance

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Sitapur Beach Andaman

How often have you visited a beach where the main attraction is the beauty of the beach itself? Here all you can enjoy is the sandy beach, the turquoise blue water and the palm trees lined by. Also this is one beach without any sort of commercial activities and therefore there is a limited number of people visiting here. It is like a perfect haven for everyone who prefers enjoying a quaint beach location. If you are wondering where you can find a beach like this then you need to visit Andaman for that. The Sitapur Beach is that quaint beach that you need to visit in Andaman if you want to know the perfect example of serenity.

The Sitapur Beach Neil Island is one of the serene beaches that offer nothing but the beauty of nature. Once you visit here you would be amazed at how a non commercial beach can be so beautiful. Keep on reading this article as I will mention each and everything that you need to know about the Neil Island Sitapur Beach. After reading this article you would know exactly why a visit to this beach is a must.

Sitapur Beach

Location of Sitapur Beach: 4 km from Neil Island Jetty, Neil Kendra Panchayat, Neil island, Anadaman and Nicobar Islands

Timings of Sitapur Beach: 5 am to 6 pm

Entry Fee of Sitapur Beach: There is no entry fee

How to reach Sitapur Beach

By cabs

One of the most comfortable ways to reach this beach is via cabs. The beach is 67 km away from Port Blair. However it can be tough to get a cab to only reach this beach. You can opt for booking a 3 point cab that will take you to all the three beaches in Neil Island Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Bharatpur Beach. Sitapur Beach to Bharatpur Beach distance is 5.3 km away and from Sitapur Beach to Laxmanpur Beach it is 7 km away. Approximate cost of the cab would be around Rs. 1200. So you can surely opt for that.

By bus

Another option to reach here is by bus. From the Neil Island Jetty you will get some buses to reach the beach in about 20 minutes. However the frequencies of these buses are very low. But this is one of the cheapest ways to travel as well. For a one way trip the fare is usually around Rs. 20 per person.

By auto rickshaw

Auto rickshaws are also a common mode of transport to reach the beach. From the Neil Island Jetty you can find an auto rickshaw to reach the beach in about 10 minutes. For a one way trip the approximate fare is around Rs. 100. However you need to negotiate for the price a little to get the best price. Also if you are opting for an auto rickshaw make sure you also book that for a 2 way trip. While returning from the beach, it will be tough to get an auto rickshaw again. Also you can reach the main market in the Neil Island and then go for a short trek to the Sitapur Beach which is around 5 km away. It will be an interesting and casual trek if you are interested in opting for that.

Best time to visit Sitapur Beach

According to months of visit, the ideal time to visit here is from September to May. This is the time when the beach enjoys comfortable weather. You will be able to enjoy a clear view of the sky as well during this time. In a way this weather is also comfortable for a variety of outdoor activities like sunbathing or walking around the beach. The comfortable weather will help you in enjoying the whole area as well. So if you are visiting here try to visit during these months. The monsoon months can be a little too extreme here. There can be thunderstorm activities and because of high tides you may not be able to enjoy the sea well. So make sure you are avoiding the monsoon months as the rains can be a dampener for your visit.

If you are wondering what time of the day is ideal for a visit to this beach then it is obviously the Sunrise time. The authorities have officially named the beach as the Sunset Beach and there are obvious reasons for it too. So in no way you can miss out on the gorgeous sunrise here. Also as this beach is devoid of any kinds of water sports or other activities the sunrise is by far the only activity you can enjoy here. So visit here early in the morning to enjoy the breathtaking view.

Beach View
Image Source : Flickr

Overview of Sitapur Beach

At the tip of the Neil Island at a 5 km distance from the market you will find the Sitapur Breach. This beach also called the Beach no 5 is a picture perfect beach in Neil Island. Also popular as Sunrise Beach this is the beach where people specifically visit to witness the sunrise. People consider the Sitapur Beach Sunrise as one of the most pristine sunrises ever. With the azure green sea and the blue sky above and golden sand on the beach this picturesque beach is one of the less explored beaches in Andaman. Other than sunrises this beach is also popular for the pristine sunsets as well.

On all three sides of this beach you will find lush greenery. And the other side of it opens up to the beach. This beach is located at a stretch away from the mainstream and that is one of the reasons why this beach is comparatively less visited. However the fact that the beach is untouched is a blessing in itself. Because of the fact that the beach is free from human intervention the beauty here is completely free of pollution. The wildlife here is preserved well and remains protected. Also the Government had barred any sort of water activities or beach activities here to protect nature and its rawness.

This is one of the beaches which is perfect for spending some quiet time amidst nature in the truest sense of the term. The way you would be able to listen to the sound of nature here is truly astonishing and thrilling at the same time. The gushing of water to the sound of the wind you will get to hear it all here. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated once you visit here without even trying too hard.

Special attractions in Sitapur Beach

The Sitapur beach is one of the quietest beaches in Andaman and technically offers no commercial activities. However if you want to enjoy a different side of a coastal area then this beach is the perfect location for you to visit. As I have mentioned earlier, this beach is popular as the “Sunrise Beach”. It is that perfect location where you can enjoy the sunrise without much hassle. As not many people visit here the beach is almost never crowded. Also the open sea beach offers a beautiful unobstructed view of the sunrise here which is ideal as a sunrise point. So you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise here in peace early in the morning.

Another activity that you can enjoy here is a quick swim. However because of the open sea exposure at this beach the beach is also prone to high tides. And during those times swimming is not at all recommended here. And the water currents here are also extreme which is uncontrolled.

You can roam around the beach, enjoy beach games on your own with your family or indulge in sunbathing here as well. You can collect sea shells here that you will find all over the beaches.  During the low tides you can take a long walk and explore the lagoons here. There are two lagoons here. While walking up to the lagoon, you will find Sitapur Beach hidden cave here. There are small caves here which are quite intriguing to explore at this spot.

What’s more?

Note that due to less interest from the tourists there are no shops present here in this beach. So you need to carry your own food and water along with you if you are visiting here. Also note that you will find no lifeguards here and you need to be conscious of your own safety. It is a rocky beach so be careful if you are getting into the water. Here you will not find any changing rooms in case you feel the need to change your clothes. The network also can be a little rough here so be prepared for that as well.

This is typically a beach devoid of any kind of commercial activities. And no facilities are present here either. If you wish to enjoy the natural beach and the beauty of nature here then make sure you are visiting here. It would be a perfect spot to cut off from the world and then get engrossed into the serenity here.

Wrapping Up!

For a beach person a visit to this pristine beach is a must for sure. Sitapur Beach Andaman is one of the unique beaches because of the tranquility here. The very few people visiting here love the natural beauty of this location as well. Also the Sitapur Beach in Andaman is a beach where you will enjoy being closest to uninterrupted nature. Without commercial activities this beach is an example of how beautiful nature can be. So while visiting Neil Island make sure you are visiting this beach. Along with this particular beach, plan a visit to both Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach as well. I am sure you will enjoy these beaches and their beauty. So when you are planning a visit to this beautiful beach? Also let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this beautiful beach location.

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