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Shankarpur Beach, Hotel, Distance, How to Reach

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Shankarpur Beach

Beach locations can be fun to visit. But I know a lot of you don’t like crowded beaches. Popular beach destinations are mostly commercial beaches and therefore attract more visitors. Furthermore the crowd sometimes gets too much and in turn the fun of enjoying it decreases. In such scenarios offbeat or lesser known beaches can be good options. If you are in search of any such beach in West Bengal then I have a good recommendation for you. You can visit Shankarpur Beach located in the district of East Midnapore in West Bengal.

It is a much newer discovery when it comes to beach locations. For a perfect and serene beach holiday Sankarpur West Bengal can be an ideal option. Not much crowded, this beach location is recently gaining a lot of momentum. Also the beauty of the Shankarpur Sea Beach is something that attracts the number of visitors here. Also known as the twin of Digha Sea Beach the Shankarpur Beach can be your next favourite beach location. So if you are interested to know everything about Shankarpur Beach then keep on reading this article. Here I will mention everything that you need to know for planning a successful trip to Shankarpur Beach.

Shankarpur Beach

How to reach Shankarpur from Kolkata

By air

The nearest airport to reach Shankarpur Beach is the Kolkata airport which is 185 km away.

By train

The Digha Railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Shankarpur. Digha is around 15 km away from Shankarpur Beach. There are regular trains plying from Kolkata to Digha. Some of the trains are Kandari Express, Tamralipta Express, Paharia Express etc. Also there are trains from other parts of India as well. Furthermore from the station you can either hire a car or take local transport to reach Shankarpur Beach.

By road

Shankarpur Beach is only 180 km away from Kolkata. You can easily drive through your own vehicle to reach the beach. It would take you around 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach there from Kolkata.

You can also take buses from Esplanade Kolkata to Digha. And then from Digha you can reach Shankarpur. Digha to Shankarpur distance is around 7 km. Direct buses till Shankarpur from Kolkata are also available.  Furthermore buses are also available from Golpark and Esplanade and you can reach Chaulkhola from there. From Chaulkhola the Shankarpur Beach is around 12 to 15 km away. You can get local transport or you can also hire a car to reach there.

Overview of Shankarpur Beach

Even though this is one of the least explored beaches, whatever is said about this beach would make you visit here once. Lovingly also called the Miami of Bengal, the Shankarpur Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in West Bengal. Also known as the twin beach of Digha Sea Beach, the Shankarpur Beach is known for its untouched beauty. If there is something that attracts visitors here it is the fact that the natural beauty is unhindered here.

Furthermore the captivating Sea Beach, the sandy sea shore and the peaceful ambience gives a majestic experience. Shankarpur is basically a small village which is mostly inhabited by fishermen. It is one of the most important fishing harbors that also supplies fish everywhere. Not much crowded, the Shankarpur Sea Beach is a secluded beach away from the bustling crowd. Furthermore this “still undiscovered” beach is one of the latest discoveries by the tourists.

One of the prime attractions of Shankarpur West Bengal is the Shankarpur Beach. The beach is dotted with large leafed casuarinas along with eucalyptus trees. Undoubtedly this beach would give you a pristine experience with old world charm. With not much commercial activities you can actually enjoy the beach as it is. Even though in recent times tourism is developing in the beach, it is still not like any other commercial beaches. So for someone who would like to enjoy the tranquility of a sea beach, definitely visit Shankarpur Beach.

Best time to visit Shankar Beach

Like any other beach location Shankarpur weather is mostly comfortable. This is basically a year round destination where you can visit during any time of the year. However if we are talking about the best time to visit here then September to February is the ideal time. During this time period the weather is most comfortable in Shankarpur Beach. With lower humidity and a nip in the air you can explore and spend time on the beach as well. Also during this time you can enjoy the view of the clear sky. Flowers are also found blooming at this time making the surrounding look beautiful. Even for water sports and other beach activities this time is the ideal.

The summer time can be a little too uncomfortable to visit here. During this time the temperature remains on the higher side. Also there is increased humidity during this time too. Furthermore staying exposed in the sun during the peak summer months can lead to dehydration. And sun burns are also common during this period. So you can try to avoid visiting here during the peak summer months of April and May.

Furthermore even the monsoon is not at all advisable for a visit to Shankarpur Beach. This area mostly receives heavy rainfall. Also due to thunderstorm and thundershower activities beach access is also restricted at times. Due to excessive rainfall it would be a futile trip to the beach. The excessive rain will also be a mood dampener. Further you might even be forced to stay indoors and that is not at all what any visitor would want. So try to avoid visiting here during the months of the rainy season. Plan your trip accordingly.

Tourist attractions in Shankarpur Beach

The unparalleled beauty of the Shankarpur Beach is the prime attraction here. Other than that you can spot the red crabs on the sandy shores here. Also the sunsets and sunrises here look beautiful. The whole area changes colours with the sunrise and the sunset that looks splendid here. However you must keep in mind that this is one of the secluded beaches. Also the beach is devoid of much beach activities. Tourism has not yet developed in its full swing here. In recent times it is still developing. So everyone who enjoys a serene natural escapade can enjoy this beach destination a lot. Furthermore, Shankarpur Beach can be the ideal destination for a perfect holiday away from the bustling city life.

Shankarpur Resorts and Hotels

You will get some really good quality hotels in Shankarpur. Along with that you can even stay in either Digha or Mandarmani and make a trip to the Shankarpur Beach as well. Some of the well known Shankarpur Resorts are mentioned below.

Hotel Nest Shankarpur

Address: Shankarpur Road, Shankarpur, Panch Daria, West Bengal
Website: hotelnest.org
Phone number: 9734837119

This is a good option for staying near Shankarpur Beach. Operating since 2004 this is a star hotel in Shankarpur. They offer an array of services for its visitors. These are 24 hour hot water, Car on rental, Room Service, Pick and Drop from Station etc. Along with that they also have Lawn, 24 hours Front Desk, on request Bonfire, Arrangement of DJ and more. Furthermore they also have a multi cuisine restaurant along with a banquet hall.

Hotel Nest Shankarpur room tariff

  • Dormitory Rs. 450 per head
  • AC Economic Double Bed Rs. 2576
  • AC Standard Double Bed Rs. 2800
  • AC Semi Deluxe Double Bed Rs. 3584
  • AC Executive Double Bed Rs. 4144
  • AC Four Bed Rs. 5712
Golden View Resort Shankarpur

This is yet another Resort in Shankarpur that you can check out. The resort has decent rooms and has a restaurant as well. They have deluxe rooms for 2 and 3 occupancy. The tariff starts from Rs. 2000.

Hotel Ashoka Shankarpur

Address: Shankarpur, Midnapore, West Bengal
Phone number: 8170059270, 8170022238, 9932231398
Email[email protected]

This is another popular option for staying near Shankarpur Beach. Functioning since 1990 this is one of the best hotels that you can check out here. Located close to the sea shore they have sea facing rooms with balconies.  Furthermore they also have facilities like Cable TV, Car Service, Restaurant, Meeting Hall, Lawn, Car Parking etc.

Room tariff
  • Super Deluxe Rooms Rs. 2450
  • Luxury Deluxe Room Rs. 2200
  • Double AC Room Rs.1450
  • AC Room Rs. 1650
  • Non AC Double Room Rs. 999
  • Non AC Room Rs. 900
  • Single Bed Room Rs. 700

Food in Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur being an area where fishing is the main occupation, obviously the place serves delicious seafood. The region is known for the fresh fishes, prawns and crabs. So if you are ever visiting here make sure you are tasting the sea food here. You can try having delicious seafood from the local beach side stalls. They serve fishes like Bhetki, Pomfret, Parse, Rohu etc. Furthermore these fishes are mostly fresh caught just some time back. You can also mention your choice of spices and spice tolerance and they will customize your dishes. Fried fish and spicy preparations of fish are more popular in these stalls. Other than that you can also try spicy crab masala here. And of course you can try the bigger prawns and shrimps here too.

Not just that even the restaurants and hotels here serve delicious Bengali cuisine. From dishes like Aloo Posto to Macher Matha Dal you can enjoy it all here. You will get options of having Chinese here in some of the multi cuisine restaurants here. But it would be recommended that if you are visiting a sea coast then trying the sea food is a must.

Nearby place to visit from Shankarpur

  • Digha ( 7 km)
  • Talsari Beach ( 13 km)
  • Mandarmani ( 21.9 km)
  • Haldia ( 65 km )
  • Chandipur ( 68.3 km)

Wrapping Up!

For people looking for a quiet escapade, you need to visit Shankarpur Beach West Bengal. This virgin beach is still one of the beaches away from heavy human intervention. And that is exactly what makes Shankarpur Beach more attractive for the tourists. Away from the hustle and bustle of regular life you can enjoy a slice of nature here. Furthermore enjoy the clean water, sandy shore along with the delicious seafood. I am sure you will return feeling recharged and energized. Do you like less crowded secluded beaches that reflect most of natural beauty? Then Shankarpur Beach is a must visit for you. So when are you planning a trip to the Shankarpur Sea Beach? Also let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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