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Chakrata Hill Station Distance, Places to visit

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Chakrata Hill Station

A land with high elevation brings in with itself a lot of wonder. With clear magnificent viewpoints to beautiful topography these locations are like treasure hunts. You visit here once and you would be bombarded with so much to explore. Furthermore, do not forget the comfortable weather at all. The Chakrata Hill Station in Uttarakhand is one such quaint hill station. If you have never been to this hill station then take this as your calling.

The Chakrata Hill Station Uttarakhand is a land of beauty waiting to be explored. An ideal destination for backpackers and adventure lovers the beautiful trails are thrilling and exciting at the same time. Also this destination can be a paradise for couples or honeymooners. So without wasting much time, keep on reading the whole article. Here I will mention each and every information about the Chakrata Hills. Furthermore this article will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this quaint hill station. So read up.

Chakrata Hill Station

Where is Chakrata Hill Station?

Chakrata Hill Station is a quaint hill station located in Uttarakhand. It is a cantonment town and a tehsil or sub district in the district of Dehradun.


A quaint hill station in Uttarakhand, Chakrata Hill Station is one of the favourite hill stations for tourists. With beautiful landscape, lush greenery and breathtaking waterfall this is a hub of beauty. Furthermore there are beautiful sightseeing spots to enjoy here that makes this location even more beautiful. Located on an elevation of 2118 metres above sea level Chakrata hill station can be called a paradise for travelers.

Furthermore the mountainous range of the hill station also makes it a perfect destination for various adventure activities. One of the popular activities here is mountaineering. Even professional mountaineers visit here and go up 10, 000 feet above sea level to reach the highest point of Chakrata Hill Station.

Not just that this mystical hill station has more to offer. The trekking trails here are equally popular. These beautiful trails go through cascading waterfalls, thick green foliage and majestic landscapes. For adventure buffs this can be ideally a paradise. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayas from here on clear sky days. With a number of sightseeing spots like temples, caves and waterfalls this is a hidden gem in Uttarakhand.

Being a secluded area however few things should be kept in mind before visiting here. As this is a military area a foreigner travelling here needs a permit from the Inspector General of Special Frontier Force. This permit is necessary for a foreigner to enter Chakrata Hill Station. Also you must know that there are no petrol pumps in Chakrata. So if you are travelling in your own vehicle make sure you have your tank full. The nearest petrol pump is in Vikas Nagar that is 50 km away from Chakrata Hill Station. However this disconnection and seclusion further makes this spot even more alluring.

How to reach Chakrata Hill Station

By air

The nearest airport to reach Chakrata Hill Station is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. Dehradun to Chakrata Hill Station distance is about 113 km. You can get a cab or even buses to reach the hill station from Dehradun.

By train

The nearest railway station is the Dehradun railway station 87 km away. Major trains that you can opt for are Shatabdi Express and Mussoorie Express. Furthermore the station is well connected with cities like Kolkata, Bombay, Amritsar, Lucknow, Delhi, Varanasi etc. You can get taxis or hire a car to reach on this Hill Station.

By road

Regular buses are available from Mussoorie and Dehradun to reach the Chakrata Hill Station. Both normal as well as luxury buses are available on this route. This hill Station is well connected with Himachal Pradesh. You can also drive through your own vehicle. While travelling from Dehradun the most suitable route is via Vikasnagar. Chakrata Hill Station distance from Delhi is about 326 km via NH 44. It can be a very scenic ride from Delhi to reach the Chakrata Hill Station. Approximately it would take around 4 hours to reach there from Delhi.

Distance of nearby places to reach Chakrata Hill Station

  • Paota Sahib ( 73 km )
  • Mussoorie ( 81 km )
  • Dhanaulti ( 122 km)
  • Rishikesh (130 km)
  • Haridwar ( 144 km )
  • Chandigarh (190 km )
  • Meerut ( 246 km )
  • Shimla ( 251 km )
  • Ghaziabad (291 km)
  • Delhi ( 330 km )
  • Nainital (368 km )
  • Bareilly ( 392 km )
  • Gurgaon (403 km )
  • Lucknow ( 653 km )
  • Kanpur (796 km )

Best time to visit Chakrata Hill Station


Chakrata Hill Station weather is mostly on the pleasant side. The summer season in Chakrata Hill Station is the ideal time to visit. Most of the tourists visit here during this time to get some relief from the scorching summer heat. Chakrata Hill Station temperature during summer remains between 26 degrees to 37 degrees. After the winters from March the temperature starts rising here and the winter is pleasant. Furthermore with comfortable weather this time is also ideal for the various outdoor activities. Even for adventure activities like Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching this is the ideal time.  If you want to enjoy a mildly cold temperature then this is the ideal time to visit here.


However the winter in Chakrata Hill is too chilly. Also during winter the temperature at times go to sub zero levels. This location also experiences snowfall. So if you are interested in enjoying the snowfall then you can surely visit during that time. But the months of December and January are not peak months for visitors here due to excessive rainfall. Furthermore the weather is also too chilly during this time. But also the Chakrata Hills looks its best with the snow covering. You can consider visiting here during this period if you are interested in the snowfall.


The monsoon season is however the least favorite time for the visitors. This area receives moderate to heavy rainfall. Due to the rain many adventure activities and outdoor activities are compromised. Also since this is a hilly area there remains a chance of landslides during monsoon. So usually tourists prefer to not visit here much during this time. But even the monsoon has its own beauty here. Furthermore with heavy rain the waterfalls cascades into fullness. Also the whole area is covered in thick lush greenery which is a sight in itself. Therefore you can plan your visit according to your preference. It would depend on what you would like to enjoy and plan accordingly.

Chakrata Hill Station Places to Visit

Kimona Falls (2 km)

Surrounded by dense Oak forest, the Kimona Falls is an untouched waterfall in Chakrata Hill Station. With a height of 35 meters this is a less explored place. However it will be a delight to witness the beauty of this beautiful waterfall.

Chilmiri Neck ( 3 km)

The highest peak in Chakrata the Chilmiri Neck offers a majestic view. Surrounded by lush greenery of thick vegetation of Deodar Forest, this is a picturesque location. Some of the popular peaks visible from here are Swarg Peak, Rohini Peak and Bandarpunch Peak.

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden ( 9 km)

This is yet another popular attraction in Chakrata. The horticulture garden is covered with varieties of climbers, ferns, conifers, lichens along with flowering plants. Also this location is popular for some varieties of birds. Black Headed Jay, Oriental Turtle Dove and Grey Treepie are found here.

Deoban ( 11.9 km )

At a height of 2200 meters Deoban is an area surrounded by the Himalayan range. This region is very popular amongst bird watchers because of the kind of variety that can be seen here. From Himalayan Woodpeckers, to Green Backed Tit and White Collared Blackbirds it is a paradise of birds.

Budher Caves (25 km)

Also known as the Miola Caves, the Budher Caves is a popular cave in Chakrata. According to popular beliefs it is believed that the cave was dug by the Pandavas before the war of Kurukhstera. Furthermore this 150 km cave is a scenic beauty. Mostly formed out of lime stones this cave is an ideal spot for some adrenaline rush.

Tiger Falls ( 25. 2 km )

The Tiger Falls is a popular tourist spot in Chakrata Hill Station. Away from the hustling city the Tiger Fall is like a slice of serenity. Furthermore it is a popular spot for trekkers. Also among picnickers this spot is popular.

Some other places that you can also check out here are
  • Chinta Haran Mahadev Temple ( 3 km )
  • Thana Danda Peak (16 km )
  • Kanasar ( 14. 6 km )
  • Moigad Falls (29 km)
  • Mundali ( 36 km )
  • Kalsi ( 43.7 km )
  • Lakhamandal ( 99 km)
  • Mahasu Devta Temple (109 km)

Chakrata Hill Station Hotels

Just because Chakrata is a secluded hill station it would be a little tough to get hotels here. But there are a few good options in Chakrata for accommodation. Also a lot of these stay options are near the sightseeing spots which are a few km away from Chakrata. You can easily check them out as well. Some of the popular options for Hotels in Chakrata Hill Station are mentioned below.

Vertical Valley Resort

Address: Singhor, Bairatkhoi, Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Himalayan Paradise

Address: Kanasa Range, Tiger Fall Road, Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Snow View Hotel Chakrata

Address: Bunglow 35, Chakrata, Uttarakhand


Address: Vikasnagar, Chakrata Road, Korwa, Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Hotel Hill Knights

Address: Tiger Fall, Lakhamandal, Chakrata Road, Dakra, Uttarakhand

Himalayan Eco Lodges

Address: Viratkhai, Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Wrapping Up!

So with all the information about the Chakrata Hills I am sure you are intrigued enough to visit this majestic hill station. I am sure you will be relaxed and your mind will soothe after a visit to this gorgeous location. Furthermore the beauty of the hill station is just incomparable and too alluring to miss out on. I would suggest you all to definitely visit the Chakrata Hill Station Uttarakhand once. You will be lost in the beauty of nature that this location offers. Do let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. And also let me know when you are planning a trip to this location. 

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