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Rock Garden Ranchi Timings, Distance, Ticket Price

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Rock Garden Ranchi

How often do we get to witness locations where we don’t understand if nature is more beautiful or manmade structure? Sounds confusing? Let me share a location that can be called a beautiful amalgamation of nature and manmade architecture. The Rock Garden Ranchi is the place for you. This is one such location where nature and manmade structures are giving a tough fight to each other.

Furthermore the Rock Garden Ranchi Jharkhand is a beautiful man made garden on top of a natural rocky hill. Now that is surely an interesting thing to witness right? But there are even more interesting and unique things to witness here. What if I say you can check out sculptures here completely made of discarded and waste materials? Yes, that is how unique the Rock Garden Ranchi is. And you simply cannot miss visiting here if you are ever visiting Ranchi or Jharkhand.

So keep on reading this article. Here you will find all the information that you need about this Garden. This is surely going to be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip there.

Rock Garden Ranchi

Location: Kanke Road, 4 km from Albert Akka Chowk, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Timings: The Rock Garden Ranchi timing is from 9 am to 7 pm on all days
Ticket Price: Rs. 20 per person

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach Rock Garden Ranchi is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi. The airport is around 15 km away from the Rock Garden.

By train

Ranchi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach Rock Garden Ranchi. From the railway station the distance of the Rock Garden is about 9 km.

By road

The Khadgarha Bus Stand is about 9.5 km away from Rock Garden Ranchi. You can easily drive through the city or around in your own private vehicle. Parking space is available at the park. So that would not be an issue. Taxis are also available here. You can either hire a taxi or take cabs to reach Rock Garden Ranchi. State run buses are also available in this route which you can opt to reach here from nearby locations. For local travelling Auto Rickshaws known as Tuk Tuks are a convenient mode of transport. You can even hire an auto rickshaw to travel within the city.


A beautiful garden in Ranchi, the Rock Garden is one of the popular tourist spots in Ranchi. With beautiful rock cut structures, pristine waterfalls and a thick green covering of plants, the Rock Garden is a beautiful place to spend some time with friends and family. For nature lovers this can undoubtedly be one of the most interesting places that you can visit in Ranchi. Also known as the Jayanti Sarovar Rock Garden or Jayanti Sarovar Eco Park, this beautiful garden looks pretty unique.

Furthermore this Garden is known for its unique landscape and formations using rocks. This beautiful Garden was developed by Nek Chand, a local artist in 1970. He was a road inspector in Punjab, Chandigarh. At first he started collecting different materials that are discarded and not used. These materials include bangles, broken tiles and some construction wastes. Later he built different formations and sculptures by using these discarded materials.

Spread across an area of 40 acres, this Garden features around 5000 sculptures. All these sculptures are made from discarded materials. Furthermore the creation of these sculptures makes it even more unique. There are different sections of this Rock Garden. These sections are Court of Birds, Court of Nation, Court of Elephants, Court of Palaces. However, each of the sections in the Rock Garden is uniquely themed. Each of these sections has unique sculptures and rock formations exhibited. Further these sculptures are all placed according to the specific themes of each section.

What’s more?

This Rock Garden Ranchi is called unique in its own way of formation. The most unique feature of the Rock Garden Ranchi is how recycled materials are used here. These discarded and recycled materials are used here to create a variety of art and sculptures, landscapes etc. Further the formation of the Ranchi Rock Garden has also inspired the formation of similar projects around the world.

With beautiful gardens, landscapes and fountains the Rock Garden Ranchi is picturesque. It is an ideal place for some relaxation. Also it is a good place to enjoy some family time, or to enjoy some time with friends.


The Rock Garden Ranchi is a uniquely made garden. It is the second important Garden in terms of formation after the Garden of Jaipur. Also the Rock Garden Ranchi is one of the famous destinations in Ranchi that enjoy its share of popularity. The formation of the Ranchi Rock Garden was inspired from the Rock Garden of Jaipur. And later the Ranchi Rock Garden became an inspiration for more projects on the same line.

Located on top of the Gonda Hill on Kanke Road, the Rock Garden Ranchi is made out of rocks of the Gonda Hills. By carving the rocks of the Gonda Hills this beautiful Rock Garden is created. Just in front of CMPDI Headquarters in Kanke Road this carved garden is a major site of attraction. Other than beautiful sculptures and faux waterfalls, there is another major attraction here. You will find an Iron Jhula or Iron Swing or an Iron Footbridge here with two poles. This one is referred to as the perfect example of architectural brilliance. The way this swing is supported on just two poles is magnificent to watch.

Alongside there is a big lake or a dam at the base of the Gonda Hill that is another point of attraction here. This is a place perfect for picnics and also for boating. The tourists and locals both enjoy spending time near the water body in Rock Garden Ranchi.

Why visit Rock garden ?

Uniquely Made Garden

One of the things that make this Garden unique is of course the unique theme of the Garden. The way recycled and discarded materials are used to create such a masterpiece is really appreciable. Over 5000 sculptures are exhibited here all made from waste materials. Along with that the art and sculpture in the Rock Garden also reflects the culture of the land. It is an innovative concept which you need to check out yourself. Furthermore the uniqueness of the Rock Garden Ranchi makes it a popular spot for tourists as well as locals.

Enjoy the nature

On top of naturally formed boulders the Rock Garden Ranchi is created. In itself the Rock Garden gives a very tranquil feel. The backdrop of the Rock Garden by the Kanke Dam makes it even more attractive. Just imagine the presence of greenery, waterfalls and fountains, located on top of a hill by the Dam, how amazing the location already is. It can be that perfect location to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. You can enjoy some tranquil time taking a stroll in the garden. Also you can just appreciate the beautiful ambience here while enjoying a picnic.

Educative and Fun

A visit to the Rock Garden Ranchi can be educational yet a lot of fun. It can be educational because you can actually understand the importance of recycling. Furthermore you would also get to see how recycled products can be used in various ways. Also you will get an insight about the culture and history of this region. However it will also be a fun trip. You can sit on the benches and seating areas in the Rock Garden and enjoy a good time. Also click a number of photographs at the most picturesque areas of the park. This Rock Garden is also a popular venue for events and celebrations as well as weddings.

Nearby places to visit

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  • Ranchi Lake
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  • Pahari Mandir
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  • Nakshatra Van
  • Ranchi War Cemetery

Wrapping Up!

This is an all encompassing garden that offers a variety and some uniqueness to the visitors. A beautiful amalgamation of nature and manmade structure, this garden is a favourite spot for many. For both tourists and locals this Garden is a popular site. Furthermore the unique sculptures and the structure of this rock garden in Ranchi is something that brings in a breath of fresh air. The unique concept is appreciable and fun at the same time.

So if you are looking for a location to spend some time with your family you can visit here. Enjoy some time amidst nature and spend a day in tranquility. Also this place is going to be a good location for people of all age groups. You will surely enjoy visiting the Rock Garden Ranchi if you are a nature lover. So are you from Ranchi or nearby or are you planning a trip there? When are you planning to visit the Rock Garden Ranchi Jharkhand? Do let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a trip to Rock Garden Ranchi. 

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