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Don Hill Station Gujarat, Resorts, Hotels, Distance, Weather

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Don Hill Station

How often do we look for hill stations that are quiet and serene? But how many times do we get such places where nature is the sole attraction? With the influx of tourists and an array of tourism activities, nature in most locations is not untouched anymore. But still there are places left where you can enjoy the purity of nature. Here nature is unspoiled, not commercialised and pleasant. The location I am talking about is Don Hill Station.

One of the few hill stations in Gujarat, the Don Hill Station Gujarat is that location to enjoy. Furthermore this is still one of those locations that have not yet been explored much. Even a lot of people still don’t know about this hidden gem location. If you are interested in knowing everything about this hill station then keep on reading. In this article I will mention everything that you need to know about the location. And then you can easily plan a successful trip to the majestic Don Hill Station.

Don Hill Station

How to reach

By air

Surat airport is the nearest airport to reach Don hill station. To travel from Surat to Don hill station you can get taxis or you can hire a cab as well. Don hill station to Surat is about 117 km by road.

By train

The nearest major railway station is in Surat. Most of the major cities are well connected to the Surat Railway Station. Surat to Don hill station distance can be covered in a car or you can take a taxi as well. Other less prominent railway stations nearby are Waghai Station, Kasbe Sukene Station and Kherwadi Station.

By road

From nearby locations like Surat, Vapi and Ahmedabad you can drive through to reach Don hill station. Even state run buses also ply on this route and you can opt for them for a more economical option.

Nearby places distance

  • Waghai ( 51 km )
  • Surat (170 km )
  • Mumbai ( 250 km)
  • Vadodara ( 309 km )
  • Ahmedabad ( 409 km )


Nestling in the Dang district of Gujarat, this is one of the most scenic places in Gujarat. Furthermore the this hill station Gujarat is located on an elevation of 1070 metres that offers a mesmerizing view of the whole area. This is basically a laid back tribal village with a population of only 1200 people. It is one of the locations in Gujarat that still holds on to its culture and heritage. It is however still one of the less explored places in Gujarat. If there can be something that makes this location attractive is also how untouched the beauty here is.

Located on the border of Ahwa in Gujarat and Nashik in Maharashtra this Hill Station is a hidden gem in Gujarat. Only about 30 km away from Ahwa this hill station is a part of the Sahyadri range. Furthermore the border of Maharashtra is only 3 km away from the location. What makes it even more attractive is that it is the second hill station after the Saputara hill station. However it is 10 times bigger than the Saputara Hills and 100 meters higher than Saputara too. Saputara to Don hill station distance is about 50 km.

Predominantly a tribal village, the Don Hill Station is also known for its historical and mythological relevance. It is also one of the major attractions for trekking in Gujarat. To reach on top of this hill station a small trek is required. It is not very tough for people who have a proper experience in trekking. From the top of the Don Hill Station you can enjoy a splendid all encompassing view and clear blue sky. There is a bird sculpture too which is one of the major tourist attractions here.

How Don Hill Station got its name?

There is a story regarding the name of the hill station Don. According to popular beliefs the Ashram of Guru Dronacharya was near this location in the Ahalya Mountains. It is also believed that even Lord Rama along with Devi Sita and Lakhshmana had visited here. From the name of Dronacharya the place got its name Drona. Later with the advent of the British they started calling this place as Dawn. And finally now the location is known as the Don Hill Station.

Furthermore there is a relation of Don Hill station with Lord Hanuman as well. It is said that the Anjani mountain nearby is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Here Mother Anjani had once worshipped Lord Shiva. A Shivalinga is also seen here. It is believed that the Shivlinga is Swayambhu. There is a Hanuman temple nearby as well.

Why visit Don Hill Station?

Even though there are very few hill stations in Gujarat they are very less commercialized. Tourism has not even developed here in full swing. However this is something that attracts visitors here. The beauty of this hill station lies in the unhindered nature here. Trekking is a popular activity here due to variations in slopes. Furthermore the scenic and thrilling trails even make it a thrilling escapade. The lush greenery, cascading streams and the beauty of nature makes up for a romantic atmosphere.

Even for nature lovers and photographers this can be an ideal destination to visit. The whole area is picturesque and looks gorgeous. Everywhere you look there will be beauty around. However you also must keep in mind that Don Hill Station is not like other commercial hill stations. You are not going to get eateries, restaurants and hotels here. So it would be advisable to carry your own food and drinks. Also there are no shades or shelter here. So you must be ready for that too. Most importantly enjoy nature to its fullest and listen to the melody of nature.

It would be apt if you visit this hill Station for a day only or for a half day tour. You can stay in Saputara or nearby and make a trip to the this hill station. Don hill station to Saputara is only 50 km apart. So it would not be inconvenient for you

Don Mahotsav

One of the major attractions in Don Hill Station is the Don Mahotsav. It is a celebration celebrated by the local tribal people. This festival also attracts a lot of tourists annually. Celebrated in February, this festival involves the tribal population of the village. With Adivasi song and dances and by wearing colourful outfits, this festival is celebrated here.

Best time to visit

The beauty of this place is unparalleled. However the beauty of this location gets manifold during monsoon. Further the monsoon makes the area even greener. Along with that the streams are at their fullest best that elevates the beauty of this location. The ideal time to visit here is therefore from July to September. From September again the place gets a little hot. Again from December to February the time is perfect to visit here. Around this time the weather remains pleasant and you can explore the area well.

Try to avoid peak summers. This location does not have any shelter. So during peak summer it would be extremely uncomfortable to travel here. If the this hill station weather is pleasant only then the tourists can enjoy the location to the fullest. So plan your visit accordingly.

Don Hill Station Hotels

Don doesn’t have its own accommodation and so you cannot really find Don hill station resorts or hotels. You can stay in Saputara or anywhere nearby and then make a visit to the Don Hill Station. Some of the hotels in Saputara that you can check out are

  • Jalsa Vilas
  • Ambica Valley Resort
  • Patang Residency
  • Hotel Anando
  • Hotel Lake View
  • Strawberry Hills Saputara

Nearby places to visit

  • Barda Waterfalls
  • Girmal Waterfalls
  • Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Town View Point
  • Hatgadh Fort
  • Saputara
  • Mahal Eco Campsite
  • Mayadevi Waterfall
  • Pandava Caves
  • Gira Waterfall

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have the essential information about Don Hill Station just plan a trip to this quaint location already. I am sure you will feel energized and liberated after a visit to this spot. If you have visited hill stations before you can observe how different it is from every other hill station. And maybe that is something which is most attractive about the location too. Just enjoy the unhindered beauty of nature here.

You will also get to know how beautiful a tour to such a non commercialized place can be. It can be the ideal and quaint location for a honeymoon as well. Also for backpackers this can be an adventurous trip that you are looking for. So tell me are you intrigued enough to visit this location? Also do not forget to let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to Don Hill Station Gujarat.

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