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Morgan House Kalimpong, Booking, Distance, Rooms and Tariff

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Morgan House Kalimpong

Kalimpong is one of the most beautiful and pristine hill stations in the district of Darjeeling in West Bengal. When it comes to popular tourist places then Kalimpong certainly needs no introduction. With the pristine views that it offers including the view of mighty Kanchenjunga it is one of the loved destinations by tourists. While you are planning a visit to Kalimpong there are certain locations that you simply cannot miss out on. One such location here is the Morgan House Kalimpong. The Morgan House is an old mansion located at the top of the Durpin Dara hill and offers a beautiful view to the visitors. At one point this was a mansion that Mr. Morgan owned but later he left it abandoned.

With time the mansion was turned into a tourist lodge and soon it became so popular. However some haunted stories are also attached to this mansion as well that makes it even more popular among the adventure seekers. So if you are also one among them then you certainly need to visit the Morgan House and book a stay over there as well. It would be thrilling as well as enjoyable to enjoy a stay there. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about Morgan House. If you are planning a stay there then this article on Morgan House Kalimpong will be really helpful for you.

Morgan House Kalimpong

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the Pakyong Airport is the nearest airport to reach the Morgan House. From the airport Morgan House is 58.4 km away and you can reach there in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. However the nearest major airport is the Bagdogra Airport. From the Bagdogra airport the location is 80 km away. It would take you around 3 hours to reach Morgan House from there. You can either opt for buses from the airport to reach Kalimpong. Or else you can hire a taxi or take a cab as well to reach there conveniently.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the nearest railway station to reach Kalimpong would be the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. From the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station the Morgan House is located at a distance of 73.8 km. It would take you around 2 hours and 43 minutes to reach there from the railway station. You can opt for buses or else you can also take a cab or a taxi to reach the location from NJP Railway Station.

By road

If you are travelling to the Morgan House by road you will find regular buses from cities like Gangtok, Siliguri or Darjeeling. The location is situated opposite to Army Golf Club. In the West Kalimpong of Darjeeling district, Morgan House is located on the way to Durpin Monastery. You can also get cabs from the Kalimpong market to go up to the Monastery. And the Morgan House is located just beside that.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the Morgan House Kalimpong is the months from March to June. These are the months when the weather of this location is most favourable and comfortable. With a clear sky and pleasant weather you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest if you are visiting here during this time. Apart from that you can also visit here from September to December as well. The chilly months can make your visit to the Morgan House even more thrilling. So you can choose the times to visit here according to your preference of the weather.

However, avoid visiting here during the monsoon months of July to August. This will not be a very good time for a visit here. Because of the rainfall the road conditions deteriorate to a lot of extent. Also if the sky is not clear then it would not let a great view of the surrounding as well. So visiting here during the monsoon months may not be a very good idea. However, do plan your visit to the Morgan House accordingly.

Morgan House Kalimpong inside view
Image Source : Flickr 

Overview of Morgan House

Located in the district of Darjeeling, amidst the verdant greenery of Kalimpong, the Morgan House is an old mansion standing tall with its charm. This structure reflects a splendid beauty of colonial architectural style. Built by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan in the 1930s, currently this is a lodge under the supervision of West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. This is a popular tourist destination as well as a comfortable stay for the tourists. The beauty of the location makes the Morgan House Kalimpong an even alluring site. On top of it what makes it even more exciting are the Morgan House haunted story. According to local beliefs the Morgan House is haunted and that further makes it an interesting spot that the curious visitors love to explore.

The Morgan House Kalimpong is located right on top of a hillock amidst greenery. It offers a breathtaking view of the whole premise. A 16 acre estate on top of the Durpindara Mountain, it is located close to the Durpindara Monastery. At a 3 km distance from the main town of Kalimpong, Morgan House also offers a picturesque view of the mighty Kanchenjunga as well. Not just that, the location also offers pristine views of the Kapher, Relli, Deolo and Labha Valleys as well.

Morgan House Stay

The Morgan House tourism property Kalimpong is a beautiful property that reflects the colonial architectural style. And due to the beautiful architecture the location serves a beautiful ambiance as well. It has 10 rooms which are comfortable for a stay. However you must go for Morgan House booking in advance because it is a popular choice for the majority of visitors and to get a booking here would always be tough. The rooms are cozy and well equipped with all sorts of amenities. They have a TV, mirror, wardrobe, hot/cold running water facility, and an attached bathroom here. Other than that they also offer facilities like drop and pick up from the airport, room service, luggage storage space and more. They also have a food facility here and serve delicious food. From Bengali to Chinese they have a decent option for food here.

Furthermore Morgan House is a popular tourist lodge where some celebrities have also stayed. The list includes actors like Uttam Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Supriya Devi, Kishore Kumar, Nargis, Utpal Dutt and more. The room tariff here ranges from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 3500 per night.

Haunted Story of Morgan House

In the 1930 an affluent jute tycoon Mr. Morgan constructed this mansion. Later he celebrated his grand wedding with Mrs. Morgan. The property mainly served as their summer house. However soon Mrs. Morgan dies prematurely and Mr. Morgan abandons this mansion. Later the mansion came into the hands of the trustees. But from there they handed over the property to the Government of India after the independence of India. Under the governance period of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the Government took a decision to convert the mansion into a government rest house. Furthermore after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru this property shifted to the hands of West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation.

However according to some boarders at this lodge they have heard high heels clicking on the floor. The people believe that Mr. Morgan tortured Mrs. Morgan before she died. And therefore her spirit still roams around the Morgan House. But there had been no instances as such that can confirm these stories. A lot of visitors have stayed at this property and brushed away any such ghost story. They have also confirmed that they have not encountered any uneasy situation while on their stay at the Morgan House Kalimpong.

Nevertheless the Morgan House is still popular for the stories and legends associated with it. And a lot of people especially visit here to explore this side of the mansion. The stories definitely add to the popularity of Morgan house as a tourist lodge.

Wrapping Up!

If you are ever visiting Kalimpong then you must try to book a stay at the Morgan House. Be it for the beauty of this location, the hospitality, the old world charm or the ghost stories, a visit to this ancient property is a must. Once you visit there you would know how mesmerizing the colonial structure looks with its glass windows and roof. The whole structure is beautiful and the view surrounding it is prettier. If you are visiting Kalimpong then a stay at the Morgan House would definitely enhance your trip to some extent.

So when are you planning a trip to Morgan House Kalimpong? And are you planning a stay at this beautiful mansion there? Let me know if this article is helpful for you in gathering all the information about the Morgan House to finally plan a successful trip there. 

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