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Zuluk Sikkim, Temperature, Homestay, Distance

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Zuluk Sikkim

Sikkim, the north eastern beauty holds a lot for its visitors. As beautiful as the state of Sikkim is, the places to visit there makes it even more attractive. Moreover the beauty along with the historical cultural significance of the state is unmissable. Zuluk or Juluk is one of the major attractions if you are visiting Sikkim. Furthermore located on the Old Silk Route, Zuluk Sikkim is one of the locations that maintain the legacy of Sikkim. Zuluk Silk Route is also one of the locations that offer a lot of adventures for the visitors as well.

Additionally, for everyone visiting Sikkim, Zuluk Sikkim is a popular tourist spot. During recent times it is also becoming one of the emerging offbeat destinations that the tourists love visiting. On a daily basis Zuluk attracts its visitors for the excellent viewpoints along with sightseeing places. If you are travelling to Sikkim you simply cannot miss out on visiting Zuluk Sikkim. Read this article to know everything you need to know about Zuluk. Here I will mention each and every information that will help you in
planning your trip to the location.

Zuluk Sikkim

Overview of Zuluk Sikkim

Zuluk also known as Juluk, Jhuluk, Jaluk, Dzuluk is one of the emerging sightseeing spots in Sikkim. Located at a beautiful height, this destination offers majestic views to the visitors. Zuluk height in feet is about 10, 000 feet, which is 3000 metres above sea level. Situated on the rugged terrain of lower Himalayas, Zuluk Sikkim is also an offbeat location in East Sikkim. At one point of time Zuluk Sikkim was also a transit point in the Silk Route in India to reach Tibet.

It is a small village with a small population of about 700 people. Moreover it is also popular as an army base for the India army as well. What makes it even more popular is its strategic location. This is the first village within the Silk Route that provides homestay facilities to its visitors. However, only Indian citizens are allowed to visit Zuluk Sikkim. A special Protected Area Permit is further required to enter the area.

As a tourist destination the viewpoints here make the location more special. Also the fact that it is so less populated makes it attractive. You can very well enjoy walking through the villages and exploring the nearby sightseeing spots. More often the villagers are very friendly and helpful. You can strike a conversation with them and get to know their lifestyle and cultures. Other than that Zuluk Sikkim is also popular for its flora and fauna as well. Many exotic birds like Blood Pheasant, Khaleej Pheasant, Snow Pheasant, and Himalayan Monal can be found here. Summer months here are full of beautiful blooming rhododendrons that are a sight in itself. As a result it can be one of the most beautiful and visually appealing sites for a visitor. So, make sure you are not missing out on visiting this majestic spot in Sikkim.

Permit for Zuluk

Zuluk Sikkim is located in East Sikkim at a protected area. The location is one of the sensitive areas of Sikkim because of its location. On top of it, not everyone can have a permission to reach this location though. A Special Inner Line Permit is required to reach Zuluk. Additionally only Indians are allowed to obtain this permit. For obtaining the permit some documents are required.

  • Adult Indian citizens need to submit their Voter ID Card or passport.
  • For children below the age of 18 years passport or birth certificate is a must. Along with that carry one photo ID like an Aadhar Card or School ID Card.
  • You should submit 4 passport size photos.
  • Along with original documents the photocopies of the above mentioned documents are also
  • necessary.

How to reach Zuluk Sikkim

Most favorable way to travel to Zuluk is via Gangtok. Gangtok to Zuluk distance is 90 km by road. There are two ways to reach Zuluk from Gangtok. Either you can travel through Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir, but the permit through this route is a little harder. Or you can also reach Zuluk via Pakyang and Lingtham. The nearest airport to reach here is Bagdogra and the nearest railway station is NJP. People travelling from Bagdogra or NJP can reach Rongpo first. Rongpo is the entry point of Sikkim.

Even while travelling via Darjeeling or Pelling you can take this particular route. Zuluk to Pelling distance is about 145 km. It would take around 5 hours to reach Zuluk from Pelling. Rishikhola to Zuluk distance is about 49. 5 km and you will reach there in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. However if you are traveling from Kalimpong then the most feasible route is via Pedong, Reshi, Aritar.

Zuluk View Point
Zuluk View Point | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Best time to visit Zuluk Sikkim

Undoubtedly, Zuluk is an all year round destination. As a destination you can visit Zuluk anytime of the year because of the Zuluk temperature. During each of the seasons here you will get to experience something new here. From wildflowers and herbs in spring to snowy mountain peaks in winter, the beauty is majestic here. Summers in Zuluk can be very refreshing and enjoyable. The temperature in summers remains moderate and cool. This makes it extremely easy for the visitors to enjoy the area well. All kinds of outdoor activities and adventures are perfect to explore during the summers. Kids and older people will also find it enjoyable to visit during this time.

Alongside, the winters can be one of the best times to visit here. Even though it would be extremely cold here, the snow white cover can make it one of the most refreshing experiences. You will be able to enjoy the snow capped peaks here. The mighty Kanchenjungha is also visible from here as well on clear days. Monsoon is however one of the seasons that is not perfect and you can avoid this time. Due to heavy rain the slopes get slippery and it becomes risky for travelling. Also there are chances of landslides during the rainy season. Try to avoid visiting during monsoon as it may not be the best time to explore the place well. So plan your trip accordingly.

Nearby places to visit in Zuluk Sikkim

Nathang Valley Zuluk

This is the most popular valley in Sikkim which is known for the amazing snowfall. Also it is highly popular for adventure lovers as well. Additionally this valley receives a good amount of snowfall that makes it a popular destination in Sikkim. During December the snowfall occurs here and
that is the peak season to visit here.

Thambi View Point

This is yet another famous sightseeing spot in Sikkim. Additionally, located 11, 200 meters above sea level this place offers mesmerizing views. From the Himalayas to Kanchenjunga, you can spot it all from here. Also this is one of the scenic locations in Sikkim. The road to the viewpoint is especially one of
the major attractions for the tourists here. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are other things that tourists enjoy here.

Kupup Lake

Also known as the Elephant Lake, the Kupup Lake is a major sightseeing spot in Zuluk Sikkim. It is known as the Elephant Lake because of its shape. Other than being mesmerizingly beautiful the location is also known for the water polo games. Furthermore this is the highest water polo lake in the whole world. For the clear view of the lake the ideal time to visit here is during summers. During winters the lake remains partly covered with ice.

Kupup Lake Zuluk
Kupup Lake Zuluk | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is yet another viewpoint that offers captivating views of the Kanchenjunga and Himalayas. It is located 14 km away from the Thambi viewpoint. Surrounded by thick vegetation the location looks attractive.

Menmecho Lake

Another must visit spot near Zuluk Sikkim is the Menmecho Lake located in the North East Sikkim. In fact, it is a one hour drive from Zuluk. However, special permits are required if you are visiting the Menmecho Lake.

Kalpokhari Lake

On the list of must visit places the Kalpokhari Lake comes next. During winters this lake remains completely frozen. The ideal time to visit this lake is definitely the seasons of spring and summers. With vibrant flowers growing here and lush greenery the surrounding looks beautiful.

Tsomgo Lake

Something is very special about the Tsomgo Lake that makes it one of the most popular sites to visit in Sikkim. This is a lake which is formed naturally when the snow melts. From Yak rides to strolling or sitting by the lakeside you can enjoy varied leisurely activities here.

Tukla Valley

In the list of sightseeing spots in Zuluk, Tukla Valley should be included. You can enjoy a perfect view of the Tibetan highlands from here. Alongside, the views of Himalayas and Mount Kanchenjunga are also visible here as well.

Zuluk Homestay

You will find some Zuluk hotels for a comfortable stay in Zuluk. What is most popular here are the Zuluk homestays though. These homestays are good for a decent stay and with basic amenities. You certainly cannot expect top notch services here because Zuluk is not that well developed yet. Even though tourism is developing here, the facilities are very basic. Most of these homestays in Zuluk Sikkim offer basic facilities like comfortable rooms, running water etc. Some of the popular homestays are:

  • Zuluk Mama Homestay
  • Yanchen Homestay
  • Dew drop Homestay
  • Snow Lion Resort Zuluk
  • Ashraya Boutique Homestay
  • Eco Log Hut Resort
  • Whispering Clouds Homestay
  • Hill Homestay Zuluk

Wrapping Up!

Nestling amidst nature Zuluk Sikkim can be one of the places where you can enjoy being closest to nature. With captivating views to attractive sightseeing spots you get to explore a lot here. Moreover, for everyone looking for places to have some quiet time amidst nature, nothing can be better than
this. Visiting Zuluk Sikkim can be extremely interesting for nature and adventure lovers as well. Depending on the variety of seasons you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful spot. My advice would be to not miss out on this spot at all. Make sure you are surely visiting Zuluk if you are travelling to Sikkim. I am sure you will feel refreshed after the end of this trip. Do let me know when you are planning a trip to this location. And also let me know if this particular article was helpful for you in planning a visit here.

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