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Ravangla Buddha Park Sikkim, Timings, Height, Photos

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Ravangla Buddha Park

Sikkim has a deep connection with Buddhism. Maybe that is the reason why you can find monuments and locations related to Gautam Buddha in abundance here. However, most of us already know about the many monasteries present in Sikkim. It is further a location where people especially visit to check out the peaceful and serene monasteries. But there is one such location in Sikkim that is picturesque and culturally enriched as well. Furthermore this location also holds a lot of importance for the Buddhist community. The location is the Ravangla Buddha Park.

Ravangla Buddha Park Sikkim is not just a tourist location. It is also one of the locations in Sikkim that promotes religious sentiments in Sikkim. I feel the Sikkim Ravangla Buddha Park is one such location that you simply cannot miss out on visiting. In this article I will mention everything that you need to know about the Ravangla Buddha Park in Sikkim. So keep on reading this article to know about the Ravangla Buddha Park. Certainly this will be helpful if you are looking for information to visit the Ravangla Buddha Park. Read the whole article and enrich yourself.

Ravangla Buddha Park

Ravangla Buddha park timings: The Ravangla Buddha park timing is from 9 am to 6 pm on all days.
Entry fee of Ravangla Buddha Park: Rs. 50 per person

Overview of Ravangla Buddha Park

Located at a small town in the southern part of Sikkim, Ravangla Buddha Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Sikkim. Moreover this Buddha Park is not merely a tourist attraction. This park is a major landmark for the whole Buddhist community as well. The Ravangla Buddha Park construction took place during the occasion of 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha in the year 2006. Even though it is a fairly new construction, it definitely holds a lot of importance. For both locals in Sikkim as well as people outside this is one of the holiest spots for Buddhism. On the occasion of 2550th birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha the government chose Ravangla as the spot to erect a statue. A massive 130 feet statue of Lord Buddha is constructed here that looks spectacular.

Furthermore this Buddha Park is also known as the Tathagata Tsal. The Sikkim government had actually taken the initiative to construct this majestic statue. Also the main purpose behind the creation of this statue was to promote religious tourism in Sikkim. Tourism everywhere around the world facilitates the locals and therefore here also the idea was to support the locals by developing tourism. According to the plans, this is one of the most popular and loved tourist spots at present. What makes it even more special is the fact that this statue was sanctified in 2013 by the Dalai Lama 14th himself.

Buddha Park
Buddha Park | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

What’s more?

Ravangla Buddha park height is 130 feet if we are talking about the statue that is about 40 metres high. However this is a copper statue of Lord Buddha. For the construction of this massive statue 60 tonnes of copper is used. The main attraction of this Buddha Park is the Statue itself. It is located in the South Sikkim district. But this statue is visible from all directions of the South West Sikkim including some parts of West Sikkim as well. This statue looks mesmerizing with Mount Narsing in the background. This Buddha Park is constructed within the large complex of the Rabong Monastery . You can also find the Ralang Monastery nearby. Both Rabong Monastery and Ralang Monastery are important monasteries in Sikkim.

Furthermore, the tall copper statue of Lord Buddha is seated in a Bhumisparsha Mudra which translates to earth touching posture. With his eyes half closed, the statue exudes peace. Even the whole ambience here is extremely peaceful with the surrounding. Majestic views of the Mount Kanchenjunga, Himalayas, Mount Pandim, Mount Kabru, and Mount Sinoich are visible from here. Amidst beautiful sprawling lawns and winding pathways the Ravangla Buddha Park is a picture perfect location. Everything you see around, looks straight out of a picture.

Additionally the Buddha Park also houses a museum that depicts the deeds of Lord Buddha’s life. A meditation centre is also available here for both the monks as well as the tourists. Along with that there is a small shop selling prayer beads and souvenirs here that you can check out too. Another major attraction nearby is the Cho Djo Lake. This is a lake located within the complex of the Buddha Park itself.

How to reach Ravangla Buddha Park

By air

The nearest airport to Ravangla is the Bagdogra airport at a distance of 135 km. It takes around 4 hours by road to reach Ravangla from the airport. Cabs and taxis are available outside the airport. Therefore you can either hire a car or take a shared ride to reach there.

By rail

To reach Ravangla the closest railway station is the New Jalpaiguri railway station. Moreover NJP is around 110 km away from Ravangla. Almost all major cities are well connected to the NJP. And by reaching there you can take a cab or hire a taxi to reach Ravangla.

By road

From major cities Ravangla is well connected through roadways. Private buses are available at a regular interval here. Either you can take a bus or hire a car or a cab. Shared rides are also available to reach Ravangla.

Distance of Ravangla from nearby locations

  • Namchi to Ravangla 25 km
  • Pelling to Ravangla 45 km
  • Gangtok to Ravangla 63 km
  • Kalimpong to Ravangla 70 km
  • Darjeeling to Ravangla 71 km
  • Yuksom to Ravangla 90 km

Best time to visit Ravangla Buddha Park

The ideal time to visit this location is during the spring. For obvious reasons the weather during spring is the liveliest here and that in turn brings in a lot of comfort. Furthermore the tourists can enjoy the clear sky and fresh blooms during this time too. Another important reason to visit here during the spring season is the festival Rabong Discovered. Basically this one is a 5 day long festival that takes place in Ravangla every year. With traditional music shows and dance performances it is an overwhelming experience to witness. Also there are flower shows here that you can enjoy. The authorities set up a number of food stalls and local handicraft stalls here during this time too. If you are interested in local handicraft items you can even grab a piece or two from here.

Additionally there are activities for nature and adventure enthusiasts as well. These activities include camping, mountain biking and boating. There are also arrangements of the Sikkim tour here. So you can surely visit around this time and enjoy the extravagant festive mode.

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Other than that you can also visit here during winter. During winter you can however enjoy a completely different vibe of this location. With misty clouds the Buddha Statues look splendid as a sight. The months from September to November are the best when it comes to witnessing views though. This is the time when the sky remains clear offering you a stunning view of the mountains. However you should avoid the monsoon months for visits though. It would not be an ideal time for a visit. Travel spirit will be dampened because of incessant rainfall. So avoid visiting during this time.

Wrapping Up!

We find such majestic locations like the Ravangla Buddha Park Sikkim very rarely. A location that offers so much of natural beauty is something you must not miss. Not just that the religious and cultural significance of this location also makes this a must visit. Sikkim is popular for its unspoiled beauty. And if you have never visited Sikkim then you are already missing out on a lot. Furthermore the Ravangla Buddha Park is also one of the locations in Sikkim that upholds and promotes the culture of Sikkim. As close as Sikkim is to Buddhism the Ravangla Buddha Park is a living example of that.

Next time that you visit Sikkim make sure you are definitely including this location in your itinerary. Do let me know if you are interested to visit this majestic location already. I am sure you have already started planning your visit here. Let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning your trip. I would love to know that from you. 

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