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Rock Garden Darjeeling, Timings, Entry Fee, Distance

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Rock Garden Darjeeling

Darjeeling, the Queen of hill stations, doesn’t need any introduction for travelers and tourists. The all time favourite destination Darjeeling has multiple things to offer to its tourists. You can find everything from the beauty of nature to sightseeing places here to explore. The Rock Garden Darjeeling is one such tourist spot that is popular among the visitors in Darjeeling. Furthermore Rock Garden Darjeeling West Bengal is a newly added tourist spot in Darjeeling but it gained momentum too quickly.

In a way to develop Darjeeling more as a tourist destination these attractions are added. Nevertheless these spots are serving their purpose too in attracting a larger number of visitors. If you are ever visiting Darjeeling then you should definitely plan a visit to this garden.

Keep on reading this article as I will mention everything that you need to know about this Garden. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a visit to Darjeeling Rock Garden. You simply cannot miss out on this beautiful garden in Darjeeling.

Rock Garden Darjeeling

Location of Darjeeling Rock Garden: Barbotey Busty, Rock Garden Road, Darjeeling, Barbatia Khasmahal, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Rock Garden Darjeeling timings: 10 am to 4 pm on all days

Entry fee of Rock Garden Darjeeling: The Rock Garden Darjeeling entry fee is Rs. 10 per person for Indian Citizens. For Foreign tourists the entry fee is Rs. 50 per person.

How to reach

By air

The Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Rock Garden Darjeeling at a distance of 90 km. From major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati etc you will get flights to reach here. From the airport you can get a car or shared rides to reach the Rock Garden Darjeeling via NH 110.

By train

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Station at a 88 km distance is the major railway station. Other than that New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Siliguri Railway Station are closest too. From cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati etc you will get direct trains to reach here. Rock Garden Darjeeling distance from Siliguri is about 67 km via Matigara-Kurseong Road and NH 10.

By road

The best possible way to travel from Darjeeling is via Siliguri which is 77 km away. You can drive via NH 55 to reach Darjeeling. Darjeeling to Rock Garden Darjeeling distance is about 6.3 km via Bloomfield Road. Furthermore bus services are also available from Siliguri to reach Rock Garden

While travelling to Darjeeling you can opt for shared rides as well as hired cars to reach there. There are a total of 4 routes to reach there and you can choose any of these. These are Rohini route, Tindharia Kurseong Road, Pankhabari Route and Dudhia Mirik route.

Darjeeling mall to Rock Garden Darjeeling distance is also 6. 8 km and you can reach there in about 29 minutes. Lamahatta to Rock Garden Darjeeling distance is 22 km via Rishi road and you can reach there in an hour.


Also known as Barbotey Rock Garden, this is a popular tourist spot. Only 6 km away from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway this is a beautiful garden. This beautiful garden is located in the Darjeeling town of West Bengal in the Chunnu Summer Falls. You can check out the Rock Garden Darjeeling photos to check how beautiful the location is.

This magnificent garden was constructed by the Gorkha Hill Council Tourism Department. During the 80s this garden was inaugurated by the GNLF Supremo Mr. Subhash Ghising. Furthermore this garden is known as the Rock Garden as various levels are created here by cutting rocks. Also there are terraced settings made in the garden by cutting rocks. The main purpose behind creating this garden was to attract more and more visitors here. Rock Garden Darjeeling was made a little outside the town of Darjeeling so that visitors can come to that part of the town.

After the issues faced by Darjeeling it was a motive to turn Darjeeling into a popular tourist destination. After a certain point the number of tourists drastically decreased. Various steps were taken to make Darjeeling more attractive for the visitors. It was then that the Rock Garden Darjeeling was created to attract the visitor’s attention.

The way towards this garden is very steep with hairpin bends on the way. You can enjoy the landscape of Darjeeling really well here. One of the major attractions of visiting the Rock Garden is the way towards the Garden. This route towards this Garden is scenic and offers beautiful sights.  Along with lush greenery, clear sky and rocky hills the atmosphere here is perfect to win over your heart. Furthermore while travelling on this route the bends and the roads are alluring to look at. To drive on this route in itself is one of the most enjoyable activities here.

What’s more?

Additionally this multi level garden is terraced around the Chunnu Summer Falls. The Chunnu Summer Falls is a natural waterfall and it serves as a beautiful backdrop for the garden. With the sounds of the waterfall and the clouds floating by you will be transported to natural beauty at its best. Also the Rock Garden Darjeeling is surrounded by tea gardens and flower gardens. It can be one of the locations where the visitors can relax and enjoy a good time with their family.

Furthermore the view from the this garden is an added bonus. It offers a gorgeous view of the cascading stream over the rocks. Along the slopes of the steep landscape flower gardens are made. Also on each step there are arrangements for seating as well.

You can also find beautiful small bridges done up here over the stream. By standing on top of it you can enjoy the view of the crystal clear water of the stream. The crystal clear water rolls over the rocks to give a really alluring view. Furthermore there is a small lake with provisions of boating for the visitors. It would be a really enjoyable experience to enjoy the boating while grasping the splendid views around.

Ganga Maya Park

For everyone visiting the Rock Garden Darjeeling, visiting the Ganga Maya Park is a must visit too. It is a park only 3 km away from the Rock Garden. This tourist spot is named after the innocent victim of the GNLF agitation that happened a few years back. This park also has a small lake with boating facilities. Furthermore the tourists are attracted here to enjoy boating in such an ambience.

Another major attraction for tourists in this park is the Folk Dance Performance here. Professional Gorkha Folk dancers perform here to entertain the visitors. Along with that the beautiful ambience of the park with flower garden and fountains this park is a popular spot that tourists love visiting.

Wrapping Up!

With the purpose of attracting more and more visitors in the hill town of Darjeeling these two tourist attractions were created. And I must say they are fulfilling their purpose quite well. This garden along with the Ganga Maya Park are working well as tourist destinations. Furthermore the Rock Garden Darjeeling is successful in promoting the varied steep landscape of Darjeeling too well. With beautiful flowering gardens, sloping seating arrangements and activities like boating you can enjoy a full day really well here. What makes it more attractive is the nominal ticket price as well.

Additionally not just for tourists and visitors, even for locals this park is an attraction. Especially among morning walkers and evening strollers this is a first choice of many. Have you ever visited Darjeeling? And have you ever visited the Rock Garden Darjeeling? However if you are visiting here for the first time make sure you include Rock Garden Darjeeling in your itinerary. You are surely going to enjoy your visit here. Do let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this garden.

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