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Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Booking, Cottages, Best Time to Visit

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Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

If staying close to nature is your kind of enjoyment then you must visit the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Odisha. Located in the Bargarh district in Sambalpur Odisha this sanctuary is rich in its floral and faunal species. Mostly consisting of dry deciduous forest, this wildlife sanctuary can provide you some of the best experiences of staying close to nature. Furthermore this sanctuary also covers the wildlife of Kamgaon, Debrigar, Lakhanpur, Jhagada Behera, Mudakati and Lambipalli villages. The location, the environment and the landscape of the location further adds to the richness of the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

So if you are in Odisha or if you are planning to visit Odisha then this is one of the must visit places that you need to add in your itinerary. I am sure you will be refreshed and rejuvenated after visiting such a beautiful natural gem. Keep on reading this article because here I will mention everything that you probably need to know about the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary and then you can plan a successful trip there as well without any hassle.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary location: Right Dyke Road, Odisha

Timings of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary: 7 am to 5 pm on all days

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Entry fee: Rs. 40 per person


Also known as Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Camp, this sanctuary is an example of richness in terms of its flora and fauna. Spread over an area of 347 sq km the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous tourist spots in Odisha. Located near Hirakud Dam on Mahanadi River, this sanctuary is surrounded by huge water reservoirs. Also Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its connection with freedom fighter Surendra Sai. During the struggle for independence Veer Surendra Sai made a base camp inside this sanctuary and stayed there for some time.

Furthermore this sanctuary is an important location for the conservation of various local and other wildlife variants. It is also one of the few sanctuaries that support both aquatic as well as terrestrial biodiversity. The location further attracts many migratory waterfowl during winter. Furthermore almost around 250 species of medicinal and ethnobotanical plants are found here. Among the faunal variety the sanctuary houses various species of birds, mammals, reptiles it is certainly one of the richest sanctuaries found in India.

In 1985 February 8, this sanctuary was given the status of a sanctuary. According to records it is said that this sanctuary has the highest number of diving ducks in Odisha. Another thing that makes this sanctuary stand out is that this sanctuary has a dry deciduous forest unlike other sanctuaries in Odisha that mostly have wet forests.

How to reach

By Air

The Jharsuguda Airport is the nearest airport to reach the sanctuary which is around 40 km away. You can take cabs or local cars to reach the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

By Train

The Sambalpur Railway station is the nearest railway station. From there you can get cabs or even can hire a car to reach the sanctuary.

By Road

Bhubaneshwar is about 317 km away from the sanctuary. You can drive through Sambalpur as well to reach Hirakud town via the right dyke of the dam.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary river

Best time to visit:

If we are talking about the best time then you can think of vesting here from November to March. In general Sambalpur is very hot and humid with temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees in summer. So it would be extremely uncomfortable to visit here during that time. However winters are cozy and cool here with temperature dropping down to 9- 10 degrees. The weather remains pleasant at that time and it is the ideal time to visit here. Furthermore, wild animals and birds also come out and take a bath or sit around anywhere this time. So it is also a better time to spot animals. You can also get to see many migratory birds in winter here as well. Therefore after considering all these pre-summer and pre-winter, the winter time is considered as the ideal time to visit the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Biodiversity in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

According to official records, the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary houses 40 species of mammals, 12 species of amphibians, 85 species of butterflies, 39 species of odonates, 41 species of reptiles, 28 species of spiders, 42 species of fish. You can find bear, bison, fox, cheetahs, tigers, spotted deers, hyenas, gaurs, monitor lizards, Indian elephants, Indian leopards, sambar, Indian rabbit, hedgehogs here.

Amongst birds peacock, diving duck and crested serpent eagle are found here. The Hirakud Dam and the Hirakud Lake attracts a lot of diving ducks and other migratory birds.

Things to do

Jungle Safari– Undoubtedly Jungle Safari is the most exciting activity to indulge in the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The best option to enjoy this is to take a guide and then explore the whole area of the sanctuary. Furthermore, you can go for guided treks as well through the forest trails. It would be like a different kind of experience to enjoy the magnificent view of the Mahanadi Delta. Also you can enjoy the Safari in an open headed jeep starting from Dhodrokusum up to Chaurismal. It can be a treat for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and also photographers and photography lovers.

Bird Watching– It is another fun activity that you can enjoy to the fullest. A lot of migratory birds flock here during the morning and evening.  Especially during winters more birds can be seen here and it can be a thrilling and exciting activity for birdwatchers for sure.

Boating– You can enjoy a boat ride on the Hirakud Reservoir here as well. While boating it would be amazing to enjoy the beautiful colours of sunset and sunrises.


Where to stay

There are some eco tourism cottages here which is one of the best option to stay here. For Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary cottages booking the permission of DFO is required.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary resort
Debrigarh Nature Camp

This is a nature camp inside the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Zero point is the entry juncture of the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the nature camp is 5 km away through motorable road. There are a total of 14 luxury rooms and 6 cottages here where you can stay. They offer all sorts of modern amenities. Furthermore all the rooms here are lake facing on one side and with the forest view on the other. Along with that they offer activities like Wildlife Safari, Trekking, Kayaking, Hirakud Cruise etc. Accommodation for Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary booking price starts from Rs. 5500 per night.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary booking: debrigarhecotopurism@gmail.com

Some other hotels that you can check nearby are,

Panthanivas Sambalpur

Address: Jail Khana Chowk, Hans Nagar, Sambalpur, Odisha

Hotel Sheela Towers

Address: Veer Surenda Sai Marg, Sambalpur, Odisha

Hotel Uphar Palace

Address: Veer Surendra Sai Marg, Sambalpur, Odisha

Hotel Dolphin

Address: Ainthapali Road, near Reliance Trendz, Sambalpur, Odisha

Hotel Saket

Address: Sakhipara, Sambalpur, Odisha

Nearby places to visit

Murga Mahadev Temple

This is a really famous and well known temple in Sambalpur, Odisha. Here the presiding deity is Lord Shiva. A few lakhs of devotees visit here during important festivals like Shivaratri, Shravan Month etc.

Sanaghagara Waterfall

The beauty of this waterfall is eye-catching. It is one of the most famous tourist spots near the Debrigarh Sanctuary.

Khandadhar Falls

For nature lovers this can be the ideal spot. Furthermore, one of the best things about this spot is that you can see a rainbow near the end of the fall. It is a really popular picnic spot.

Bhimkund Waterfall

This is yet another waterfall that you can visit near the Debrigarh Wildlife sanctuary. The spot is serene and looks beautiful.

Gonasika Temple

On the side of river Baitarani this is a famous temple that you can visit. The presiding deity here is Brahmeshawar Mahadev.

Wrapping up!

This sanctuary is an amazing place to get engrossed in nature. Especially if you are planning to stay here then it can be one of the most enchanting and exciting experiences ever. It would be more exciting to stay inside the sanctuary in the Nature Camp. For that purpose advance booking is always recommended. However you can also stay anywhere nearby and make a trip to the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. You can check out the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary photos to get a glimpse of how beautiful the place looks. But undoubtedly you will have to visit here in person to actually get into the vibe of it. So tell me when you are planning your visit to this enchanting location. Also don’t forget to tell me if this article was helpful for you in planning a trip to the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. 

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