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Ram Setu Bridge, History, Distance, Age, Length

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Ram Setu Bridge

There are locations that are geographically rich while there can be locations which are historically rich. But very rarely there can be locations that are rich in both. And what makes this location special is also the touch of mythology and religion with it as well. Now that sounds quite intriguing already, right? Let me share the name of this amazing spot then. It is the Ram Setu Bridge that grabs the attention of a lot of tourists.

As picturesque as the location can be, the location also holds a lot of religious, historical and cultural significance as well. Moreover this site is one such location whose formation goes back to thousands of years. Yes and a relation with Lord Rama further makes it an interesting place to visit. Read this article and you will get to know about the location. Here I will mention everything that you need to know about Ram Setu. I am sure you will find this article helpful. After reading this article you will feel intrigued to visit this location for sure.

Ram Setu Bridge

Where is Ram Setu Bridge?

Ram Setu Bridge is a bridge that connects India and Sri Lanka. It starts from Dhanushkodi and ends at Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island.

Overview of Ram Setu Bridge

Ram Setu Bridge or Adam’s Bridge or Rama’s Bridge is a land of connection between the countries of India and Sri Lanka. It is a bridge that starts off from the tip of the Pamban Bridge in India as a chain of Shoals. Ram Setu Bridge length in km is 50 km and it is 3 km wide. This bridge is the last tip of the Rameswar Island and Ram Setu Bridge distance is about a few km from Dhanushkodi. Moreover the structure is an ancient one and according to popular beliefs the Ram Setu Bridge age is about 1.7 million years.

This bridge is one of the most legendary bridges and a lot of myths are related to its formation as well. Even there are questions like if the Ram Setu Bridge is real. Basically this bridge is a chain of coral reefs and sandbanks. However the uniqueness of its formation as well existence is what makes it so alluring.

Adam's Bridge - Mannar - Sri Lanka

According to Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Rama built this bridge along with his army of monkeys to save his wife Devi Sita. However there are many confusions and controversies regarding these claims too. But there are facts that also support some of these claims. Nevertheless this location is one of the interesting places that the tourists love visiting. With the myths and stories attached along with natural beauty the location has a lot to offer to the visitors.

How to reach Ram Setu Bridge

You can easily take a taxi or hire a car to reach here. Jeep services are available here as well that you can opt for.

Ram Setu Bridge History

A long history is related to the mysterious as well as interesting Ram Setu Bridge. After all, according to findings and research this bridge is almost 7000 years old. So when a structure is that old obviously even the history will be equally interesting. According to some research, one could pass through the Ram Setu Bridge until 15th century. Studies say that at one point of time the Ram Setu Bridge was above sea level. In 1480 however a violent cyclone destroyed the bridge to a great extent. The age of the bridge varies between 125, 000 years to 3500 years. Surprisingly that time frame also matches with the time frame of Ramayana as well.

What’s more?

According to mythology the formation of the Ram Setu is related to Lord Rama. This bridge is the linking point of India and Sri Lanka. Therefore when Lord Rama had to reach Lanka from India he had built this bridge along with his Vanara sena. Ram Setu Bridge stone are also special as they float on water. Mythological belief says each of these stones had the name of Lord Rama on it that made them flow. However there are several disagreements regarding this belief also. The Sri Lankan historians completely negate this thought. They furthermore explain this as a poor distortion of the history of Sri Lanka.

During British rule however the British wanted to create a short route between the two countries. They wanted big ships to travel through. But those plans were left at that spot. Later the Indian Government revived the idea and launched the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project. This project would have facilitated a shipping channel over 400 km with 30 hours of time. But since it would mean destroying the original formation it was not taken forward either. Various groups also opposed the idea on grounds of religious sentiments. However even environmentalists were against the idea as it would destroy the natural reefs and harm nature.

Adam's Bridge - Mannar - Sri Lanka

Architecture of Ram Set Bridge

Moreover there had been arguments regarding the formation of this bridge as well. There are still doubts regarding if the bridge is manmade or a natural formation. According to studies of NASA this is a natural formation while according to the judgment of Madras High Court this bridge is a man made formation. There are some geological explanations as well regarding the formation of this bridge. One such study says that due to long term tectonic movements in the Kaveri River basin this structure was found. The coral trapped sand in the area is the reason why this structure was formed here. Another theory refers to the fact that longshore currents dumping in sand led to the deposit of these sands.

According to the Geological Survey in India this structure is 125,000 years old. It is said the sea level in this region oscillated. There was sand formation during any of such low level periods. The bridge was there itself. Later the bridge got exposed on its own. Moreover the bridge is also known as the Adam’s Bridge. According to other stories Adam once used this bridge to cross Adam’s Peak. In earlier writings of Al Beruni the term Adam’s Bridge is noticed.

What’s more?

However the sandbanks in a few places here are dry. At most of the area the sea is 3 feet deep while at others it is 30 feet deep. Floating rocks with Silica trapped in air are the main components of the construction of this bridge. The fact that the bridge is old gives birth to various studies and assumptions. Nobody could either accept or deny any of the studies or research. Moreover, according to studies the date of the formation and the age of the rocks here surprisingly match with the period of Ramayana.

Alongside the rocks are also said to be brought from somewhere else that further gives a stamp on the mythological beliefs. According to beliefs the army of monkeys brought the rocks, wrote the name of Lord Ram and threw them in the water to form the bridge. Nala, a monkey, was the engineer who supervised the whole process. And therefore the other name of this bridge is also the Nala Bridge.

Is Ram Setu Bridge still there?

Yes! The bridge is still very much there. It is not passable though. One can just stand on it or walk through. Even after so much studies and research there had not been any concrete answer about the formation of this bridge. It is however an important archeological, historical as well as a geographical location. In 2021 the archeologists carried out the Setu Mission. This was a way to investigate the shoals and characteristics of the limestone here. Furthermore this topic was so interesting for a discovery that even Bollywood made a film on it. Ram Setu is a Hindi film starring Akshay Kumar based on this bridge.

No matter if you believe the mythological versions or the various research and studies, this location would undoubtedly remain one of the intriguing spots. So make sure you explore this location.

Wrapping Up!

Even though the connection of Ram Setu goes back to the epics and mythologies, the formation of Ram Setu is real. It is very much present and one can also enjoy looking at it. Not just that you can walk through it and enjoy an amazing experience too. I don’t think it would matter to a tourist how exactly the formation of the bridge took place. However, the vagueness attached to it makes it even more attractive. From the Ram Setu Bridge length to age to formation, everything seems interesting. And you certainly cannot miss out on this beauty of a location.

A location like this is like a treasure trove for tourists. You will get to experience and see a lot about the spot. Make sure you are surely visiting the Ram Setu Bridge. Let me know if this article is helpful for you. And also let me know when you are planning a visit there. 

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