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Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram, Beach, History, Timings

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Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram

We can find locations like Dhanushkodi very rarely which are geographically, historically as well as mythologically enriching. Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram is one such location that the tourists visit to witness multiple sides. What makes this site even more attractive is the fact that the location is related to Ramayana and the location even got its name from there. A major cyclonic storm had destroyed the town completely but till today this place has retained its charm. Moreover this is one of the popular tourist spots as well that offers unparalleled beauty. Read this article to know everything about Dhanushkodi Tamil Nadu.

Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram

Location of Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Dhanushkodi timings: 6 am to 6 pm on all days

Overview of Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram

Dhanushkodi is a small and one of the least populated beach towns. It is basically an isolated town in Tamil Nadu coast. Located only 20 km away from Rameswaram, Dhanushkodi is one of the most unique places that you can visit in Tamil Nadu. The name Dhanushkodi literally translates to “End of Bow” and this location is also related to the Hindu epic Ramayana. With a length of only 50 yards it is one of the smallest towns in the whole world. Moreover this location is the last land in India before Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka distance is only 15 km. The Bay of Bengal surrounds the town of Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram on one side and the Indian Ocean is on the other side.

Religiously this town was always significant and people still visit here to witness remnants of the Dhanushkodi temple. In 1964 a violent storm hit Dhanushkodi at a speed of approx 280 km per hour and that cyclone changed the mode of this town forever. Majority of this town got completely wiped off after this violent event. Not just that it also hit a passenger train and killed all the people who were travelling at that time. In total more than 1800 people lost their lives. Furthermore a huge chunk of the town also came under the water and remains submerged. Everything happened at such a high magnitude that the Government declared it as Ghost town Dhanushkodi. This meant that this town is no longer fit for habitation.

What’s more?

After this cyclone only the Dhanushkodi Temple was left unaffected. At present the ruins of temples are there. Apart from that there is a water tank, a church and a railway station and everything is in ruins. Because of the legend associated with it people still visit here. Also they come here to see the devastating effect of the cyclone as well. It is like a historical trip where you will be able to learn about the past.

Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram sunset

How to reach Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram

There are no direct modes of transport in Dhanushkodi. You won’t find Dhanushkodi railway station or airport here. However you can reach there through multiple ways.

By air

It is not the most comfortable route if you are willing to fly to Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram as there are no airports nearby. The nearest airport is in Madurai and that is the option you can choose if you are travelling from a distance. Madurai to Dhanushkodi distance is about 198 km. You may not get direct buses or cabs from Madurai to Dhanushkodi, and in that case you will have to travel to Rameshwaram. From there you can get cabs or buses to reach Dhanushkodi.

By train

The nearest railway station to reach Dhanushkodi is Rameswaram. Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi distance is 18 km and it is connected with all the nearby locations and major cities. From Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi you will get multiple options for travelling. You can either get a taxi or hire a car or even avail local transport like Tuk tuk.

By road

You can find regular bus services from Rameswaram to reach here. And if you are traveling from anywhere nearby then you can opt for buses till Rameshwaram. The time to travel from Rameswaram is about 30 to 45 minutes. Also you can drive through your own vehicle to reach here. A lot of travelers also travel from Bangalore to Dhanushkodi via Salem- Madurai road. It would take around 11 hours to reach there from Bangalore.

At present there is a new road that has been constructed and it is an extension of the National Highway 87. It runs till Pamban Island and Rameswaram. If you opt for travelling in a bus then you can get the bus from Agni Theertham in Rameshwaram. Every 30 minutes you will get buses from here and the ticket price is Rs. 30 per person. Auto rickshaws are also a good option to travel in this route and it costs Rs. 800 for a two way trip. You can hire a car as well for Rs. 1500 for a round trip. However the Border Security Force of India guards the final stretch and entry is possible only till 6 pm. So the last bus will also be available before 6 pm. Do keep that in mind.

Dhanushkodi History

Before the cyclone attack Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram was an important and significant location. The British had taken extra care to develop this small town as a point of connection between India and Sri Lanka. Previously for the transporting of goods this served as an important port between the two countries. It was also easy to travel there as well. Passengers used to take trains from Madras which is Chennai at present till Danushkodi. From there they used to avail ferries to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. It was also possible for them to take another train to reach Colombo as well. At that time Dhanushkodi had its own hospital, church, post office, schools, hotels etc.

Legend of Dhanushkodi

Another thing that goes back with the history of Dhanushkodi is the legend associated with it. A chain of submerged shoals are present here which is the Ram Setu Dhanushkodi or the Adam’s Bridge. According to popular beliefs Lord Rama along with his army of monkeys built this rock bridge, so that he can cross the location to reach Lanka which is present day Sri Lanka. He reached there to save Devi Sita from demon king Ravana. Until the 15th century the bridge was above the ocean. However according to popular myths Lord Rama destroyed the bridge himself while he was victoriously returning, so that no one else can cross it further. Along with that he marked the end of the bridge with the end of his bow. Apparently the town of Dhanushkodi got its name from there.

According to some historians and experts the story is valid and therefore many devotees visit here to witness this sacred spot. The most famous Kodandarama Kovil Temple is one of the places that the devotees come and visit. According to beliefs it is the place where Lord Rama started his journey to Lanka.

Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram side view

Dhanushkodi Tourist Places

You can find some really nice locations in Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram that are tranquil and peaceful. This is one of the comparatively calmer locations. So whenever you are visiting there make sure you are not missing out on these spots.

Dhanushkodi Beach

This is a major Dhanushkodi tourist place that attracts a major number of tourists. Moreover the beauty that the beach offers makes it one of the most serene locations here. It is one of the most serene as well as quaint locations. You can enjoy some quiet time and enjoy the unfiltered beauty here. This is a white sand beach and is one of the secluded locations. Furthermore this beach is not like any other commercial beaches so you will be able to enjoy a different vibe here. Some sellers also sell food that you can enjoy here while sitting on the beach or strolling around. It will surely be a memorable experience for you.

Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu

This is undoubtedly one of the major attractions in Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram. It is a natural bridge that is 50 km long and 3 km wide. According to popular belief Lord Rama along with Lord Hanuman and his army of monkeys made this bridge to reach Lanka to save Devi Sita from the evil clutches of Ravana. Basically this is a chain of coral reefs and sandbanks and looks really beautiful. Also Dhanushkodi is the last tip of Rameswaram and this ancient bridge is located a few meters away from there. You simply cannot miss out on visiting this location.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

Spreading across an area of 6.23 sq km, the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park is one of the popular tourist destinations in this area. The park has three aquatic ecosystems like sea grass, coral reefs and mangroves. Moreover the park is beautiful with its natural beauty with estuaries, forest and beaches. It can be a very enriching experience if you are visiting here. So make sure you visit this marine park.

Church and Station ruins

The cyclone of 1964 has destroyed the town to an unrecognizable stage. However whatever remains are still left there looks fascinating. So you can check them out.

Ramar Patham Temple

This is a temple located in Dhanushkodi and the temple holds a lot of importance. According to beliefs this is the location where Lord Hanuman told Lord Rama that he had found Devi Sita in Sri Lanka. Also the devotees believe that there are footprints of Lord Rama in this temple.

Wrapping Up!

Rameshwaram Dhanushkodi is one such location that you need to explore on your own to learn about the things it offers. From the historical importance as a location to mythological and religious relevance, this is a location rich in its values. And not to forget the importance of the strategic geographical location as well that makes it even alluring.  So if you are ever travelling to Rameshwaram or Tamil Nadu, this is surely a must visit spot for you.

Moreover the beauty of Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram will win over your heart in all sorts of ways. You will feel fascinated as you visit the location and learn about all the myths attached to it. It will be an experience in itself to witness the town of Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram. So let me know when you are planning a visit to this location. Also let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip there.

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