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Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Gujarat, Timings, Animals

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How beautiful would it be to be amongst nature and the products of nature? If you are a nature lover then visiting a sanctuary can be one of the most interesting activities ever. And if you are in Gujarat then you can literally enjoy this a lot as there are some really wonderful sanctuaries in Gujarat. One such celebrated sanctuary in Gujarat is the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Furthermore Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Gujarat is known for its vast flora and fauna and the kind of activities it offers. For the nature enthusiasts this location should surely be a part of your itinerary if you are in Gujarat or travelling to Gujarat. In this article I will mention everything about the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary and also mention why this is a must visit place in Gujarat. Keep on reading this article as this will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip there.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Location of the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary: Deputy Conservator of Forests, Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaupati Maidan, Forest Colony, Porbandar, Gujarat

Timings of Barda Wildlife Sanctuary: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: Rs. 50

Overview of Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 92 km away from Rajkot in Jamnagar, 15 km away from Porbandar lies the Barda Hills and the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. In 1979 this was declared as a sanctuary. Before that this sanctuary was a part of the private property of Ranavav and Jamnagar which were two important princely states of those times. From there the locals used to call the sanctuary with names like Rana Barda and Jam Barda. Currently this sanctuary lies in between two districts of Gujarat, Jamnagar and Porbandar.

Furthermore the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with abundant flora and fauna. Spread across an area of 192.31 sq km the area of the sanctuary is relatively small. However the floral and faunal variety here speaks differently though. This sanctuary is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Gujarat as well as in India. Two important rivers Joghri and Bileshvary flow through this sanctuary. Furthermore two dams namely Fodara and Khambala are also located within this sanctuary.

The lush green cover of the sanctuary along with the forest trails here makes it one of the ideal spots for nature lovers. You can find agricultural lands along with timberland here. Along with that you can find deciduous forest, tropical forest, mixed dry deciduous scrub, dry bamboo patches, Euphorbia scrub, Anogeissus scrub etc. What makes this sanctuary more interesting is the varying altitude here ranging from 79.2 meters to 617.8 meters above sea level.

Even though the area of the sanctuary is not much extended, the richness of the flora and fauna is the biggest attraction in the Barda Wildlife sanctuary.

How to reach Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

By air

The Porbandar Airport is only 20 km away from the Sanctuary and the Ahmedabad Airport is 415 km away from the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary.

By train

The nearest railway station to reach the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is Porbandar Railway Station which is 15 km away from the sanctuary and the Jamnagar railway station is 100 km away which is a connected railway station to most of the major cities nearby.

By road

You can also drive through from nearby cities to this sanctuary. Also there are many state run as well as private buses plying on this route. The nearest bus stand is Ranavav which is around 8 km away.

Best time to visit Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit this sanctuary is from early winter till the summer. Furthermore the months ranging from October to February are the times when the weather here remains the most pleasant and travel friendly as well. You will be able to travel in peace and exploring the place will be easy for you in this weather. But if you are at all visiting during the summer months from March to May then you can avoid the scorching afternoon sun and visit here during the early hours of the morning when the sanctuary opens. However, from May to July it can be very uncomfortable as Gujarat gets really hot during these months. Furthermore, even the monsoon can dampen the spirit of travelling so you can skip those times as well. Do plan your trip accordingly to enjoy the best of the place.

Flora and Fauna in Barda Wildlife Sanctuary


The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important sanctuaries with a rich faunal variety. Some of the important Barda Wildlife Sanctuary animals are Sambar, Chinkaras, Chital, Hyena, Leopard, Wild Boar, Jackal, Bluebull, Wolf etc. The habitat in this sanctuary is really suitable for a variety of wild animals which is the reason behind the rich fauna here. Some important birds like endangered birds like Spotted Eagles and Crested Hawks are found here along with many other bird species.


In terms of flora this sanctuary has the widest variety that is almost 650 species of plants here that is the highest floral variety in the whole state. Some of the important plant species are Babul, Goard, Bamboo, Jamun, Ber, Amil, Dhav, Rayan, Dhudhlo etc. The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is the only ecological unit in the whole state where more than 650 species of plants are found. Also among the plant species almost 15% species found here are rare and the variety includes a major chunk of medicinal plants as well.

Activities in Barda Wildlife Sanctuary


This can be one of the most interesting activities that you can enjoy in Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. The trekking trails that pass through the Barda Hills are like a special point of attraction for the trekking enthusiasts. Furthermore while indulging in the trekking expedition they can also enjoy the verdant greenery and exotic wildlife here. It can be one of the most fun things for adventure enthusiasts for sure. So if you are an adventurous person do not miss out on this activity.

Wildlife photography

This is the closest that anyone can reach to the wildlife. Here you can enjoy seeing the wild animals at their best natural habitat and that can be one of the most interesting activities here. So if you are someone who loves taking pictures then the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary will give you ample scope to capture the beauty here. Take as many pictures as you can of the wild animals spotted here. Furthermore you can even take pictures of the beautiful landscape, the flora as well as the wildness of nature. These photographs taken here will remain with you as one of your most cherished memories for sure.

Bird Watching

For bird lovers and bird watchers this can be a haven. A variety of bird species are spotted at this sanctuary and if you are someone who loves bird watching then it would be a different kind of thrill to enjoy the birds here. Furthermore the sanctuary is a hub for various kinds of exotic and seasonal birds that visit here during different seasons and it would be one of the most important activities to enjoy them here. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars for the best view.

Nearby places to visit from Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

There are a lot of places that you can visit from the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the major sightseeing spots are

Gir National Park and Sanctuary

This national park is considered as one of the most important national parks as lions can be seen here in its most natural habitat which is not found anywhere else in India. Also it is the only habitat of the most popular Asiatic lions. Almost around 40 species of animals and 425 species of birds are found here.

Kileshwar Temple

Located on top of the Kileshwar Mountain area on Barda Hills it is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place holds a lot of importance for the local people as it is believed that the Pandavas had stayed at this location during their isolation period.

Kirti Mandir

This is a memorial built in the remembrance of Gandhiji just beside his ancestral home where he was born. This is a national museum that exhibits the journey of Gandhiji’s life.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

It is the only bird sanctuary in Gujarat that gives legal protection to birds. Even though it is a small sanctuary spreading across one sq km, a lot of migratory birds like flamingos, ibis, fowls are seen here.

Porbandar Beach

Also known as the Chowpatty Beach, this is one of the popular tourist places in Porbandar. Furthermore you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding areas here that are quite enjoyable.

Bharat Mandir

One of the most unique temples in Porbandar the Bharat Temple also known as the Temple of India is a dedicated temple for Mother India or Bharat Mata or Bharat in general. From statues of freedom fighters to stone carvings of mythological characters this place will be a haven for the history buffs. Definitely consider visiting this unique temple in Porbandar.

Tara Mandir

The Tara Mandir or the Nehru Planetarium is a delight to visit for the science lovers. Established in the year 1977 this planetarium is dedicated to the non Cooperation movement led by Gandhiji. At the entrance of the planetarium you will be able to see a lot of pictures from the movement. Furthermore you will also gain knowledge on celestial bodies and aeronautical science here.

Other than these you can also visit these places near the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary like,
  • Harsiddhi Mata Temple
  • Madhavpur
  • Sartanji Choro
  • Sudama Mandir
  • Huzoor Palace
  • Bileshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Darbargadh
  • Somnath Temple

Places to stay near Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

You will get some decent options for accommodation near Porbandar like Lords INN Porbandar, Hotel Azura, Hotel Balaji Porbandar, Hotel Sheetal, Hotel Kaveri International, Hotel President etc.

Wrapping Up!

While searching for places where you can enjoy seeing animals at their most natural habitat in Gujarat you must consider visiting the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. I am sure the rich flora and fauna here will win over your heart in all possible ways. Also with so much greenery around it would be a different kind of experience to enjoy being amidst nature.

So next time if you are visiting Gujarat or if you are already there, do consider visiting the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. Do let me know if this article on Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Gujarat is helpful for you in planning a successful trip to this beautiful location. I would love to know that. 

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