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Best time to Visit Varanasi India, Temple and Ghats

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Best time to Visit Varanasi

The oldest living city in the world Varanasi or Banaras is a place of wonder that has a huge array of things to offer to its visitors. Maybe that is the reason why so many people visit this location on a regular basis. The city of Varanasi till today maintains the old world charm with its ghats and temples. It would give you a different vibe while you walk past the narrow lanes or Gallis in Varanasi. With the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and so many other temples Varanasi is also one of the major tourist spots and major site of pilgrimage. Moreover the huge numbers of ghats are other major attractions here. But if you are planning a trip to Varanasi there are certain things you need to know, and first and foremost what you need to know is the best time to visit Varanasi.

Every location that you will ever visit has something special and you can only enjoy the best of it when you visit there during the ideal time. Here also, there is a best time to Visit Varanasi India when you will be able to enjoy the best of the location. The mesmerizing views that Varanasi offers is enough to attract your attention. At each corner the city would feel like a living picture that you would feel like capturing in your memories forever. So if you are visiting Varanasi then you need to read this article to know when is the best time to Visit Varanasi. I am sure this will be a helpful read if you are planning a trip to this iconic location.

Best time to Visit Varanasi

What is the best time to visit Varanasi and what can you expect there?

The most ideal time to visit the city of Varanasi is the months of winter. During the colder months the weather of Varanasi is ideal for a visit and you will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay. Summers are usually very hot and humid in Varanasi. A lot about visiting Varanasi would be about exploring the outdoor ghats and temples. So it would be best if you are avoiding a visit during the summers. Monsoon in Varanasi looks alluring with the downpour and therefore attracts visitors too. On the basis of weather as well as personal preference and what each season offers you should plan a trip to Varanasi. And now we will discuss in detail about each of the specific seasons in Varanasi and what all it brings along.


Varanasi in Winter (October  to March )

Undoubtedly the best time to visit Varanasi is the winter season from October to March. During winter the temperature of Varanasi ranges between 5 degrees to 15 degrees which is the most pleasant for a visit. For all sorts of activities from sightseeing to taking a long walk along the narrow alleys, visiting the ghats or savoring the delicious food, winter is the best time for a visit here. Varanasi in winter looks splendid with colourful blooms and lush greenery. The misty mornings or sunny afternoons are perfect for exploring this ancient city. You can explore Varanasi best on foot and to do that the weather remains comfortable and favourable during this time.

You will be able to feel the cool breeze as you walk on the streets here or sit at the Ghat. It would be one of the most captivating experiences to sip on some hot piping tea while sitting on the ghats watching the tranquil holy river. Also you can enjoy an early morning boat ride here to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Walk around and visit the various destinations like the Banaras Hindu University Campus, New Vishwanath Temple, Durga Temple, Batuk Bhairav Temple, and ISKCON Temple.

This can be a best time to visit Varanasi temple as a lot of festivities happen around this time. The temples bask in the glory of festivals and a lot of devotees visit the temples during this time. Festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Bharat Milap attract the most number of people here. Also the Ganga Mahotsav is another major festival here that happens in November. It is a much popular annual event in Varanasi. And people from all over the world visit Varanasi during this time to pay homage to Goddess Ganga.

What’s more?

One of the experiences that you should certainly not miss here is visiting the majestic ghats. And especially the Ganga Aarti in Varanasi is something you should not miss at all. For photographers this can be the best time to visit Varanasi for photography. You will be able to capture some breathtaking pictures of Ganga Aarti and it will forever be etched in your memory as well. Overall Varanasi is a colorful city both visually and culturally as well. So you will be able to enjoy the many colors of the city the best during this particular time. The orange based sunrise, misty cool mornings, bustling afternoons, calm sunsets, alluring aartis and dark nights will win over your heart. So you can definitely plan your visit in Varanasi keeping all of these in mind.


Varanasi in Monsoon ( July to September)

Even though the area of Varanasi does receive heavy to moderate rainfall, it still attracts a major chunk of crowd. Visiting Varanasi in monsoon can be a hit or miss as there are some pros and some cons of visiting here during this time. The temperature in Varanasi during the monsoon remains within 25 degrees to 30 degrees. Also the frequent downpours bring a relief from the scorching summers, so mostly the weather is favourable during this time. The level of the Ganga River also rises to a substantial level during the monsoon season and the increased water level looks beautiful. It is a great sight to enjoy looking at the river as it rains. This weather is also the best time to visit Varanasi for photography. Photographers find the beauty of monsoon too alluring in Varanasi. Therefore a chunk of photographers do visit here during this season.

What’s more?                                                                          

But there are some cons of visiting here during monsoon as well. Even though it will be a unique thrilling experience to enjoy the beauty of Varanasi during monsoon, few activities can be restricted too. Due to the unannounced downpour it can be a dampener in your travel spirits. It would be a hassle to stroll around or explore the city with the rainfall. Also if the rainfall is too heavy then boat rides on the river also will be halted due to safety reasons. So even if you are visiting Varanasi during this time you will have to keep all of these in mind.

Also be careful while you are visiting the ghats. The stairs can be too slippery due to the water clogging and rainfall along with a layer of algae that accumulates here. So you must be cautious while taking steps. This is not the best time to visit Varanasi anyway. But if you want to see the beauty of this location during monsoon, you can plan a visit during this time.

Varanasi_River boating

Varanasi in Summer ( March to June)

From March to June there is summer in Varanasi. The beginning of March is comparatively pleasant and you can plan a visit here during that time. Also the auspicious Maha Shivaratri festival happens during March which attracts a lot of devotees here. From mid April however the temperature starts peaking up. During the peak summers the temperature goes up to even 45 degree Celsius which is very hot. The humidity here is comparatively low, unlike summers in other regions. But still it is very sultry and hot.  The average temperature ranges between 30 degrees to 45 degrees with occasional thunderstorm activities.

Ideally this is not the best time to visit Varanasi during the summer months. Exploring the city and indulging in outdoor activities would be too tough during the day time with the Loo during this time. However people travelling on a low budget and for low priced deals in hotels and accommodation this can be a good time to visit here. But keep in mind that activities during the day would be restricted due to the hot wind blowing. Evenings can be comparatively cooler especially around the ghats. The evenings are the best time to visit Varanasi Ghats. You can enjoy some cool breeze during the evening here while you watch the ganga aarti here.

What’s more?

This period is also a time when the crowd in Varanasi thins down. So you can visit the temples and ghats with fewer crowds at this time. The rituals and poojas here continue at their normal pace all through the year. So if you wish to avoid crowds this time is ideal for a visit here. Along with that you can sip on some famous Lassi in Varanasi that is like a breather during the summer. This is ideally the time you should avoid visiting here to avoid the extreme heat. So plan your visit accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

Before planning a visit to any location it is super important to know about the ideal time to visit. Only then you will be able to enjoy the place to its fullest. If you are visiting during the ideal time then mostly you will be able to enjoy even more. So if you are planning a visit to Varanasi you need to know about the best time to visit Varanasi. So I have mentioned about the best time to visit Varanasi in this article. And along with that I have also mentioned which is not the best time to visit Varanasi. It also depends to an extent about what exactly you are expecting from a particular location. So you need to plan according to your expectations and preferences as well.

In this article I have precisely mentioned when it would be ideal to visit this location. Moreover I have separately also mentioned the pros and cons of each season along with their specialities. I am sure this will be a helpful read for you to plan a trip to this particular location. Do not forget to let me know when you are planning to visit Varanasi.

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