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Best time or Month to Visit Montreal Canada and Botanical Garden

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Montreal Canada

Montreal Canada is a location of dreams. The ideal dreamy location also comes with quite a lot of things that you can explore here. From restaurants, to the dreamy alleys to the weather and festivals and occasions, this location is brimming with so much happening around. However, for people travelling here for the first time or for people who need a proper research before visiting Montreal, they need this article for sure. The second largest city of Canada comes up with different things and all of that happens with the change of seasons too. Can you imagine how beautiful or exciting or enticing the different seasons will look here? Are you looking for the best time to visit Montreal. If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Montreal just keep on reading this article.

Moreover through this article I will take you through the seasons Montreal enjoys and when you can ideally visit there. Obviously there is a best time to visit Montreal Canada and I will explain that to all of you. So, keep on reading this article as this one will come handy for you if you are all set to explore Montreal. From the best months to the best season to what all happens when you will find all the information here.

Best Time to Visit Montreal

Early Summer and Early Fall in Montreal

The months of June and July are the best time to visit Montreal as the weather is most pleasant during this time. After that from August again the season starts getting hotter and the chances to rain also somehow increase. In both the scenarios it might dampen your spirit of visiting the location. These are the early summer months that are ideal for a visit here. Another beautiful time to visit this location is the early fall season of September and early October.

Again these are times when the weather is very pleasant here for exploring the area well. Also fall season makes the whole surrounding look stunning with its thick foliage. By the early November usually all that is gone and it also gets quite cold at that time. So if you are visiting there this can be one of the best times to visit Montreal Canada. You can definitely plan your visit around this time.

Summer Season in Montreal

The summers in Montreal are lively and bright. Ideally it is the best time to visit Montreal, especially suitable for sightseeing. Even though at times the weather does get a little too warm, in most cases it is good and enjoyable. And for people who stay at locations where the weather is mostly on the warmer side they will find it enjoyable to explore the location by foot or a bike.

What makes this time a best time to visit Montreal is also the fact that a lot of festivals also take place during this time of the year. With a lot of lively events Montreal gets dressed in a full party atmosphere. The largest Jazz Show, the Jazz Fest takes place during this time. Also there is the most entertaining acrobatics fest the Montreal CIRQUE Festival that happens around this time. Another famous crowd puller is the Just for Laughs Festival that a chunk of people attend every year. Also there is the L’International des Feux Loto Quebec festival that displays some splendid fireworks enough to keep you mesmerized.

Montreal in summer is lively and an active season with so much to explore. Especially if you are a fun loving person you must attend these festivals to enjoy the vibe of the location fully. The temperature usually ranges between 70s on the higher side and 50s on the lower. But also make sure you always have an umbrella as the weather can get a little unpredictable at times with sudden rains making an unannounced entry.

What’s more?

There is one more thing that makes summer in Montreal enjoyable. That is visiting the cafes and restaurants. More often these restaurants utilize sidewalk seating during summer with temporary arrangements which is one of the things that you can enjoy here. However keep in mind that this is one of the peak seasons for tourists to visit here so the hotel prices are usually higher during this time. You can surely plan your trip around the summer season to enjoy the best here.

Fall Season in Montreal

The months from September to November is the fall season in Montreal and the weather as well as the low prices of hotels makes it a best time to visit Montreal. During the autumn season there is a sudden drop in the prices of the hotels in Montreal and the chilly weather has a hand in it. But you can visit here during the months of September and October as the temperature ranges between 20s to mid 30s. Ideally this is not the time for sightseeing though because of the chill. The afternoon during this period is comfiest and coziest and you can still explore the city by foot. Or you can visit a café to grab a hot cuppa or a bowl of comfort soup.

This is also the best time to visit Montreal Botanical Garden which is considered one of the best. You can see full bloom during this time here. For cyclists this time can be ideal as the cyclists enthusiast from all over visit here during this time. There is the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal and it is a popular festival here. Even though the city during this time is a lot calmer than other times, the only good thing you will get is the lower rates of accommodation. So if that is something you are looking for you can surely plan your trip around this time of the year.

Winter Season in Montreal

For the people who want to enjoy the snow and the chill, the best time to visit Montreal is the winter season. Obviously the chill is bitter and too hard to take but for the brave hearts ready to take the chill can get ready for a fun time in winter. A lot of activities do happen during this time of the year which you can enjoy here. From winter sports like ice skating to dog sledding a lot is there to enjoy. There is Igloofest, which is a high spirit outdoor music festival as well. For some family activities there is Fete des Neiges de Montreal that offers varied activities. These are ice sculpting, dog sledding and frosty shows.

Montreal Canada in winter

December is the time for Christmas so a lot of Christmas related activities also take place around this time. The whole city gets dressed in festivities and decorations. And if it permits your schedule you can also stay back till the New Year Celebrations in Canada as it is one of the biggest in the world.

Spring Season in Montreal

The spring season is not the best time to visit Montreal. And the reason behind is the weather is too unpredictable in spring. The months of March to May are the spring season in Montreal. Visiting Montreal in spring is like a hit or miss. It might be enjoyable or it might not be enjoyable for you. It can be good or it can be bad. But if you are ready for that gamble in life then you can definitely visit here. For a fun spring time vacation you can plan a visit here of course after keeping in mind the uncertainty. The weather during this time partially would depend on your luck if you believe in it. Moreover it is too unpredictable as the city just recovers from the harshest winter season. There will be occasional chills but everyone also starts enjoying outdoor activities again.

Montreal Canada in spring

This season also witnesses a lower price in hotels and accommodations for obvious reasons. The temperature ranges between 20s and 40s on the lower side. And it is 30s to 60s on the higher side of it. What would be most problematic is packing as the weather can make you stroll around in either a T shirt or in a snow boot. So make sure you pack both. But if you get lucky enough you can enjoy one of the prettiest things ever, which is the cherry blossom here. So you will have to give in to the gamble to actually visit Montreal in spring.

When is the best time to visit Montreal?

So coming to the question again, which time is the ideal time to visit Montreal? Now it somehow depends on personal preference. I have more or less mentioned the speciality as well as the pros and cons that you will face during each of the seasons in Montreal. And on the basis of that you will have to decide what you are willing to enjoy in Montreal. So, on the basis of your preference you can plan an ideal holiday here.

If you are asking me then the best time for sightseeing as well as indulging in outdoor activities would be the summer season. The city is lively and you will find ample opportunities to enjoy during this time of the year. And the next best season to visit here would be the fall season. The fall or autumn gets the city covered in beautiful warm shades. It would be too exciting to explore the fall season here as well, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Next of course the winter season comes next in line. But winter comes with a lot of bravery to beat the chill too. So if you are prepared you can opt to enjoy your Christmas and New Year here. And last is the spring season. I would suggest if it is absolutely not necessary then you can avoid visiting here during spring time. So now I rest my case, and the decision is yours to make.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the seasons and how the atmosphere changed with it in Montreal. I think this article will surely help you in zeroing down to that time when you are planning a visit to the city. Now I guess you have a fair idea about the best time to visit Montreal Canada. And on the basis of the best time to visit Montreal, now plan a trip there as soon as you can. Let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in knowing about the weather and the ambiance of Montreal. And don’t forget to tell me when you are planning a trip to this location. You also need to share with me if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to Montreal Canada. 

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