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Best time to Visit Shillong Meghalaya Cherrapunji, How to Reach

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Best time to Visit Shillong

Shillong city in Meghalaya is like a paradise when it comes to the beauty of nature. And not just in terms of nature, this location is also rich in terms of culture and history. No wonder Shillong Meghalaya Cherrapunji are a favourite when it comes to holiday destinations. Away from the hustling city life Shillong is like a calm and serene location amidst nature. For a nature lover and travel enthusiast visiting a location like Shillong is a must. However due to the location and climate of Shillong it is extremely important to know the best time to visit Shillong. Not just Shillong before planning a visit to any location you need to know about the various seasons there and what it offers.

Shillong enjoys a beautiful climate and with the change of season you will get to experience different things here. As the region is culturally enriched with the multiple tribes living here, you can also be a part of the different festivals and celebrations here as well. For that it is important to know about the best time to visit Shillong and Cherrapunji. In this article I will explain what is the best time to visit Shillong. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this beautiful hill station Shillong.

Best time to Visit Shillong

How to reach Shillong

 By air

The nearest airport to reach Shillong is the Gopinath Bardoloi airport in Guwahati which is about 130 km away. From there you will get buses as well as cabs to reach Shillong.

By helicopter

A 20 minute helicopter ride is also popular here that is available from Guwahati to Shillong. For adults the charge is Rs. 1500 and for children it is Rs. 1000.

By train

The Guwahati railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Shillong which is 104 km away.

By road

Bus services are quite frequent in this route and that would be a convenient mode of communication. From nearby areas you will get buses of Assam State Transport Corporation and Meghalaya Transport Corporation. Or you can also opt for shared rides or hire a cab to reach here.

Shillong in Summer ( March to June)

From March to June Shillong experiences the summer season which is one of the peak times to visit here. The summers in Shillong are pleasantly cool and that makes it a favourable time for tourists to explore the area.  Temperature during the summer months ranges between 15 degrees to 25 degrees. This comfortable temperature is ideal for a visit to this location. The days are comfortable while during the night the temperature drops to 15 degrees making it cool and enjoyable. One of the best parts about visiting Shillong in summer is the days are longer. So you will get more time throughout the day to explore the various sightseeing spots here.

This weather and temperature is also favourable for various outdoor activities and adventure activities as well. You can try hiking and trekking here which are quite popular among the tourists here. Also you can enjoy a serene boat ride on Umiam Lake. There is also an option for Kayaking at the Kynshi River.

What’s more?

One of the major attractions in the summer season is also the Shad Suk Mynsiem festival. This is the very own thanksgiving ceremony of the people in Shillong. It is basically a dance festival literally translating to “the Dance of People’s Hearts”. Every year men and women in Shillong come together and dress up in their beautiful traditional outfits. Then they dance to the tunes of flutes and drums which is very enjoyable. If you are visiting around this time make sure you attend the festival. This way you will be able to understand the culture of Shillong more too.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that this is the peak season for a visit here. So make sure you are booking everything in advance from travel tickets to accommodations. As this is a crowded time for a visit here the hotel prices will also be steep. This is definitely the best time to visit Shillong when you will be able to enjoy the location to its fullest.

Monsoon in Shillong ( July to September)

Shillong receives heavy rains and sometimes the average rainfall goes up to 3300 mm. For obvious reasons the heavy monsoon in this area makes it challenging for the visitors. The temperature is very pleasant, nevertheless ranging between 12 degrees to 16 degrees. With the heavy downpours, cloudy sky it is also a bummer for sightseeing as well. Also for adventure lovers visiting Shillong during monsoon is a strict no-no. The outdoor activities and trekking can be restricted due to safety reasons.

This is not the very best time to visit Shillong but the beauty of Shillong during monsoon elevates a few notches higher. The lush greenery everywhere elevates the beauty of this location. Also the pristine waterfalls cascades in their full glory as well which is a beautiful sight. For someone who loves a cozy holiday and loves rain will enjoy the monsoon in Shillong. You can plan a trip to Shillong during this time. But you will also have to be prepared for the additional challenges and adventures too.

One of the popular festivals, the Bahdienkhlam also takes place in Shillong during this time. In the month of July this festival takes place and the Jaintias create the festival. To keep away the Cholera outbreak the celebration takes place here. So if you are visiting around this time then you can witness this festival.

Autumn in Shillong (September to October )

After the rainy season this is the time when people start visiting Shillong in huge numbers. The weather starts changing with a slight nip in the air and after the rainfall it is like a respite to enjoy the localities here fully. This is the best time to visit Shillong for people who want to explore Shillong in between the peak season and off season. There can be one or two occasional spells of rain though, but the wait for winter makes it a good time to visit here with moderate temperature.

Furthermore there is the Autumn Festival held in October every month. The rich traditional cultures of tribes like Khasis, Jaintias and Garo are reflected through this festival. So if you are planning a visit to Shillong during this time you will be able to witness this festival too.


Winter in Shillong (November to February)

Winters have a special charm in Shillong and maybe that’s why even after the chill it is one of the popular seasons. The temperature during this time ranges from 22 degrees to 2 degrees. The days are warmer and make it perfect to explore the whole region. However the nights here can be too chilly with temperature dropping to 2 degrees. So you must be prepared for that too. It can be the best time to visit Shillong as even the outdoor activities will be really enjoyable during this time. But while packing you must make sure you are packing enough warm clothing to save yourself from the chill.

Not just that, even the whole region looks beautiful during winter. With misty mornings and the sun peeking through the ambience is calm and tranquil. Winter in Shillong is also colorful because of the multiple festivals that take place during this time. And if you are visiting there around this time it would be great if you can be a part of these festivals. That way you would be able to know more about the culture of the land.

The cherry blossom festival is one of the most beautiful festivals in Shillong that takes place in the month of November. Cherry blossoms are beautiful pink flowers that you can spot here in Shillong during this time and it looks perfect. Around this time the people here arrange a lot of cherry blossom shows and other events. So you can surely check that out.

What’s more?

There is another festival the Nongkrem Dance Festival which the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya celebrates. In this dance festival, men and women both wear their traditional outfits and then perform. This is a 5 day long festival in Shillong. It takes place 15 km away from the city centre of Shillong at Smit. So if you are visiting here during this time make sure you attend this festival here. There is also the Wangala Festival which is also popular as the 100 Drums Festival. This is a celebration of good harvest that takes place in November. And as the name suggests the festival involves 100 drums to begin the festival. This is truly a lively festival in Shillong that reflects the true spirit of the land.

And how can we forget Christmas and New Year anyway. A huge chunk of residents in Shillong are Christians. And as a result of that Christmas is like a big festival. There are activities like carnivals and fairs to celebrate Christmas here. It can be one of the best times to visit Shillong.

Wrapping Up!

As a hill station Shillong offers a variety of things at different seasons. With the variety of festivals and also the change in weather and temperature, it is important to know the best time to visit Shillong. However the best time to visit Shillong Meghalaya also depends on what suits you the best. It somehow depends on your preference of weather and activities in the first place. While planning a trip to Shillong you need to first keep in mind your own choices and expectations. So if you like the chill you can visit here in winter. Or if you are interested in outdoor activities, summer can be ideal. So you need to plan this trip according to what you are more willing to explore at this location.

So when are you planning a trip to Shillong? And let me know which season do you think is ideally the best time to visit Shillong. Also don’t forget to tell me if this article on the best time to visit Shillong is helpful for you in planning a trip there. 

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