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Abheda Biological Park Kota Rajasthan, Ticket Price, Timing and all

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Biological Park Kota

Rajasthan is known for its beautiful palaces and forts and ancient structures that visitors love a lot. But do you know that Rajasthan is also a rich biological hot spot as well. The Biological Park Kota is the newest biological park here. The creation of this park is very recent and this is already becoming a popular location for the visitors. The Biological Park Kota is a perfect place for people who enjoy spending time amidst nature. Also popular as the Abheda Biological Park Kota this biological park is the ideal location for animal lovers and nature lovers both. Furthermore the Biological Park Kota Rajasthan is a major attraction in Kota in recent times and it is attracting a huge number of visitors as well.

So if you are ever visiting Rajasthan then you must include this location in your itinerary. This is one of the popular places in Kota recently so you surely cannot miss out on visiting this park. In this article I will mention everything that you probably need to know about the Biological Park Kota. I will mention the Abheda Biological Park Kota timing, how to reach there, and what all you can expect at the location. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to the biological park. So keep on reading this article and plan a trip to this park as soon as you can.

Biological Park Kota

Location: Near Abheda Mahal, Nanta Road, Kota, Rajasthan

contact number: 1800 11 1363

Timing:  The Biological Park Kota opening time is 8:30 am in the morning and the park remains open till 5:30 pm in the evening on all days from Wednesday to Monday. On Tuesdays for maintenance work as well as a weekly holiday the park is closed.

Entry fee: The entry fee for Indians is Rs. 52 and for foreigners it is Rs. 302. For Indian students the entry fee to the park is Rs. 22. However to avail the student ticket you need to carry your student ID. For children below 5 years of age the entry in this biological park is free.

There is an additional fee for carrying a camera inside the park. For Indians the charge for a still camera is Rs. 200 and for a video camera the charge is Rs. 500. However for foreigners the charge of a still camera is Rs. 400 and for a video camera it is Rs. 1000.

How to reach the Biological Park Kota

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest International Airport is the Jaipur International airport. From there the Abheda Biological Park is 237 km away. It will take around 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach the biological park from the airport. You can take a car or hire a cab to reach the park. Or else you can also take the buses plying on this route to reach the park from the airport.

By train

If you wish to travel by train then the nearest railway station is the Kota Railway Station which is only 13 km away from the park. The Biological Park Kota distance is about 30 minutes from the railway station. You can take a cab or a car from the railway station to reach the park. Or you can also take local transport like auto rickshaws to reach the biological park from there.

By road

You will find buses regularly plying on this route. So if you are travelling from nearby cities or towns you can easily opt for traveling by bus. The Kota Bus Stand is the nearest bus stand to reach the Abheda Biological Park. The bus stop is only 6.7 km away from the park and would take around 15 minutes to reach there. You can take local transports to travel conveniently from the bus stop to reach the park.

However you can drive your own vehicle or take a car or hire a cab to reach the park from major cities nearby. From Jaipur the distance of the park is 246 km and you can reach there in about 4 hours and 10 minutes. Moreover from Udaipur the park is 273 km away and from Ajmer it is 196 km. It would take 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach the park from Udaipur and from Ajmer it takes around 4 hours to reach there.

Best time to visit Biological Park Kota

The ideal time to visit here would be early in the morning just when the park opens at 8:30 am. This is the time when the animals are most active here. So if you visit during that time you will be able to look at the animals and their activities. Also during the day time the animals are most active and get on to their shell as the day approaches. So to enjoy the best try to visit here a little early.

And in terms of the months, the colder months will be the perfect time to visit here. That is the time when the weather remains favourable. The weather will help you in exploring the whole area well. Also the animals will also be active in comfortable weather. Try to avoid visiting here during the summer months. This region gets too hot and humid during the summers. Also the animals might be hiding away to protect them from the heat. And it would be uncomfortable for you as well to explore the place in scorching heat. So plan your visit accordingly and enjoy your visit at this park.

Overview of Abheda Biological Park Kota

The Abheda Biological Park is one of the newest Zoological and Biological Park in Kota, Rajasthan. Located very close to the Abheda Mahal within a 100 meters distance the Biological Park Kota occupies a sizable area. In 2021, December 21st the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot and Shri Shanti Dhariwal inaugurated this biological park. Moreover this biological park is the fourth biological park in the state of Rajasthan. The construction of this biological park had started back in 2016 and it was finally completed in 2018. As the park is located close to the Abheda Mahal, it is popular as the Abheda Biological Park.

The shape of this national park is like the letter “O” in the English alphabet. The major attractions of this park are the various animal statues, animal monuments and selfie spots here. Also there is a 1.5 km central track and around it you will find different cages for the animals here. It would be better if you have at least 3-4 hours time in hand to explore the whole park well. The area of the park is huge, spreading across 126 hectares with a total of 44 enclosures to house a variety of birds and animals.

Along with that, for the smooth functioning of the visitors here you will find a 6 meter wide and 2 km long footpath here where the tourists can take a walk and stroll. The park is also rich in its floral quotient that spreads across 400 meter wide and 1.2 km long green belt. There are almost 15, 000 saplings of plants and trees here. And for security reasons there is a thick 6500 meter wall as well. The construction cost of this biological park is close to 40 crores.

Major attractions in Abheda Biological Park Kota

At present this biological park is one of the best zoos in Rajasthan with a decent variety of animals. You will find a good collection of animals here that includes panthers, hyenas, jackals, leopards, wolves, sambars etc. Moreover after getting the approval of the Central Zoo Authority of India in Delhi this park now also houses animals like tigers, lions and bears.

Also there is a selfie point that you can find in the park which is one of the major attractions here. The view from this point is beautiful with a statue of a family of tigers. Other than that you will find many animal monuments and statues of many other animals inside the park which are major attractions in the park. Furthermore you will also find cages of different animals here that you can visit. And the best part is in front of all the cages you will find information about the animals. It would be really easy for the visitors here to gather this information as in front of each of the cages there is one board in English and another board in Hindi.

The park also offers facilities like clean drinking water and washrooms that you can avail here. There are some chairs and spots for the visitors to sit. You can easily sit there and relax or rest for some time as well. And the park also has its own parking zone. So even if you are travelling in your own vehicle parking here would not be an issue at all.

Things to remember before visiting the Biological Park Kota

  • Do not throw garbage anywhere. Always look for a dustbin and then only dump the garbage. It is your responsibility to keep the area inside this biological park clean and tidy.
  • You should not throw anything towards the cages of the animals.
  • Do not do any such activity that might disturb the animals. Also do not shout or distract them unnecessarily.
  • You must keep some distance from the cages of the animals. Do not go too close.
  • The beauty of nature is something that you should enjoy here. So soak on to as much natural beauty as you can.  

Nearby places to visit from the Abheda Biological Park Kota

1.       Abheda Mahal
2.       Chambal Garden
3.       City Palace
4.       Chambal River Front
5.       Kota Barrage
6.       Hanging Bridge

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have a clear idea about the Biological Park in Kota you must plan a visit to this location. You will surely enjoy visiting here and especially with kids. If you are looking for a perfect spot to visit with your friends and family then you can consider visiting this biological park. Let me know when you are planning a visit to this location in Kota, Rajasthan. Also do let me know if this article on Biological Park Kota Rajasthan is helpful for you in planning a trip there. 

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