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Jaisalmer Desert Camping | Camping in Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer desert camping

Deserts can be amazing things to experience and what can be better than desert camps. The magnificent desert and the sand dunes away from the city life is what you need in life right now. If you want some excitement in life and want to get away from the hustle and monotony in life then desert camping can be a good option for you. Most of the desert camps in Jaisalmer are near the Sam Sand Dune and you can get a variety of extravagant as well as budget camps that you can opt for. The beauty of desert camping in Jaisalmer is an experience of a lifetime. It can be bewildering, exciting, thrilling and adventurous at the same time. So if you are interested to know everything about Jaisalmer desert and Jaisalmer camping then keep on reading this article.

Desert Camping

Ideal time for Desert Camping

Most of the desert camps are open from September to March as that is the ideal time for desert camping. The summers are extremely hot and it is not possible to bear the heat during those months. The weather is favourable from September and that is the time when you will get the services of these desert camps. The time of Diwali and the time from 25th December to 2nd January are the peak seasons because of holidays and festivals and more tourists visit during this time. If you are planning to experience the excitement and thrill of camping in Jaisalmer it is advisable to book and reserve the camps beforehand especially if you are travelling during the peak times. Also do confirm the tariffs of the camps with the respective authorities because a lot of times they hike the price range during peak seasons.

Now let me share some of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer with you all.

Rajputana Desert Camp

Rajputana Desert Camp location: Kuldhara Road, Sam Dunes, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night: Rs.2000 to RS. 2500 per night
Rajputana Desert Camp timings: The camp remains open from 1st August to 31st March.

This is one of the best and most popular desert camps in Jaisalmer. The location is near the Jaisalmer Fort. They offer a good variety of tents, AC Cottages along with a restaurant in the camp. Each tent has its own separate washrooms and you will also get free toiletries here. For a one day desert camping this is a great option. They arrange everything from the food and stay and also arrange other activities at an affordable rate. The best part is this one is a pet friendly camp. So in case you are travelling with your pets you can opt for this camp.

Jaisalmer desert camping 2
Whats more ?

This camp is value for money for the amount you are paying. There are options of different desert safaris like the jeep safaris and camel safaris that one can enjoy. The campsite is a little away from other sites which make it even more unique and they function independently without any outside involvement. The guests here would not be disturbed by noises or music coming from other campsites nearby. They have around 40 Swiss tents and 10 AC Cottages.  


Enjoy the evenings with music and dance. They arrange entertaining folk dance programmes that are a treat to watch. You can also enjoy a bonfire there. The Rajputana Desert camp is almost at a 45km distance from the main city of Jaisalmer. You can take a cab to reach the location which they can arrange. They also offer pick up if anyone asks for it.

The Serai Camp Jaisalmer

Cost per Night: Rs. 20,000 per night
The Serai Camp location: Bherwa Village, Chandan, Jaisalmer

This is a proper luxury camp for desert camping in Jaisalmer. The area covers a huge land of 100 acres and is the other name for extravagant. The camp is always in high demand and the charges can even go up to Rs. 55,000 during peak season. The camp is located 55 km from the main city of Jaisalmer and the sand dunes are 100 km away from the campsite. The camp site provides facilities like a pool, spa, fine dining, drinks and a private pool as well. They provide a total of 21 tents and out of that 6 of these tents have their own private pool and Jacuzzi.

 The experience is luxurious and you won’t regret your time spent here. The private pool, fine dining experience along with activities like Desert Safari, cycling and cultural programme is surely going to keep you entertained. Do visit the nearby Golden Fort and Gadisar Lake if you are interested in sightseeing near the campsite. Do check out The Serai Camp if you are looking for a top notch sophisticated and luxurious Jaisalmer Camping option.

Dangri Desert Safari Camp

Dangri Desert Safari Camp location: Sam Village, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night : Rs. 3250 to Rs. 4500 per night
Dangri Desert Safari Camp timings: Open from September to March

This camp also comes in the list of best desert camps in Jaisalmer. They offer a total of 45 Swiss Tents that have beautifully decorated interiors. The interior has been done keeping in mind the traditional Rajasthani style and each tent has attached bathrooms as well. The rate varies between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4500 per night. Usually the rate is higher during the peak season. They have won the award for best desert safari camp in 2017 from Tripadvisor. Music shows are organized here daily which is a major point of attraction here. The food and the staff behavior is also top notch.

The distance of this camp is almost 40km from the main city of Jaisalmer. You can take a cab to reach there on your own or ask for a pickup which can be arranged by the camp. The sand dunes are only 500 meters away from the camp so make sure you visit that. You can also enjoy the Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, and Jeep Dune Bashing. Do not forget to visit Sam’s Sunset Point as that will be a beautiful experience. 

Country Side Resort

Country Side Resort location: Near Jaisalmer main city
Cost per Night: Rs. 4500 to Rs. 7500 per night

This is a popular option for desert camping in Jaisalmer if you are looking for an option closer to the Jaisalmer city. One of the major attractions here is the swimming pool. Also you can enjoy activities like Jeep Safari and Camel Safari here. This camp is perfect for people who are travelling quickly from one place to another. It will be a good option for a night stay at this camp, which will be convenient, exciting, thrilling and adventurous at the same time. They serve delicious Rajasthani Cuisine that you will enjoy a lot. There is a lotus lake inside the camp area as well and you can just sit back and relax watching the fishes swim in the water.

 Even though the name of this camp is Country Side Resort, this is not a resort, so don’t get confused. However they do provide resort-like facilities here. You will get everything from WIFI to TV in this camp. The location is convenient to access as the campsite is close to the city so you can reach there without any hassle. They serve an amazing dinner buffet and arrange a Rajasthani Mujra that highlights the culture of Rajasthan. It will be a nice experience for people staying here, so do check this one out while searching for the best options for Jaisalmer desert camping.

Jaisalmer desert camping 4

Wind Desert Camp

Wind Desert Camp location: Khaba Road, near Sam Dunes, Kanoi Jaisalmer
Cost per Night: Rs. 9000 to Rs. 10,000 per night

This is one of the best luxurious camps for camping in Jaisalmer. Everything about this camp is luxurious. The set up here is made by mingling the contemporary and traditional Rajasthani styles. The camp is located 4 kms away from Sam Sand Dunes. They have Air Cool Luxury Camps and AC Luxury Camps that you can opt for. This is the best option for Deluxe Camping in Jaisalmer. This camp in the desert village of Kanoi is very popular and is visited by a lot of people. There are a total of 25 luxury camps here and they offer the best facilities. The interior is done in a tasteful manner with minimalistic décor that looks soothing.

whats more ?

The cost of this camping is a bit on the higher side but still this one is value for money for the services you are getting here. They take very good care of security issues and also provide facilities like Wi-Fi. Those of you who are not interested in crowded desert camps, cramped with a lot of people, can surely opt for the Wind Desert Camp as they are relatively less crowded. The place is also a good option for families and senior citizens because of the safety and other facilities. You can enjoy a series of activities here like exclusive mobile camp, taxi services, indoor games and outdoor games.

Along with that you can take a cab from Jaisalmer to reach this camp or book a car from the rental services that they offer. You can visit the Sam Sand Dunes nearby. Other places that you can visit from the camp are Khuri Sand Dunes, Amar Sagar Jain Temple. You can enjoy Jeep Safari, Camel Safari here. Also they arrange a cultural programme in the evening which is an exciting programme to watch.

Jaisalmer desert camping 3

Limra Desert Camp

Limra Desert Camp location: Sam, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night : Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2000

This desert camp in Jaisalmer is the best option for a budget desert camp. The camp is really affordable and is best for people who are looking for adventure on a budget. The location is very close to the Sam Sand Dunes and you can visit there very easily. The price range starts from Rs. 1200 per night but gets high during peak season. The price includes the cost of staying in a tent, breakfast and dinner and also a cultural programme. So for people travelling on a budget, this camp can be a very good option, so definitely do check this out.

Jain Empire Resort

Jain Empire Resort location: Sam, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night: RS. 5000.

This is another luxury camp in Jaisalmer that is quite popular. One of the key highlights of this is that they have an all vegetarian restaurant along with the other facilities. The rate of Rs. 5000 here includes the 2 main meals of the day, snacks along with Jeep Safari, Camel Safari and a dance programme. This makes it one of the best camps on an affordable budget. You can opt for their Swiss Maharaja Tents which are Deluxe Tents and there are a total of 32 of these. You can surely get some discount here except during the peak season. The washrooms here are clean, the food is hygienic and the experience is luxurious. You can surely check out this camp for Desert Camping in Jaisalmer.

The Mama’s Resort & Camp

The Mama’s Resort & Camp location: Khuri, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night: Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9000.

This camp in the Khuri Sand Dunes is another popular option for Jaisalmer desert camping. The camp location is 50km away from the main city and is 33 km away from the Sam Sand Dunes. The Khuri Sand Dune is less populated than Sam Sand Dunes, so you can have a relaxed time there. The set up is luxurious with an entrance designed like a fort. They have Swiss Luxury Tents and Super Deluxe Cottages with AC options and attached bathrooms. They also have a multi cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, private pools and gardens inside the area.

 This camp site is perfect for people who want to move away from the crowd and want to spend some time in peace. You can enjoy a lot of activities in the camp yet have your privacy. The food served here tastes amazing and the musical programme organised by them is another highlight. Camel Safari is also a popular activity here. You can visit the Sam Sand Dunes as well from the camp site which is 40 minutes away. So surely check this camp out.

Rojani Resort

Rojani Resort location: Sam Jaisalmer
Cost per Night: Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500

This is a good option of deluxe desert camping in Jaisalmer. The camp is located near the Sam Dunes. They have been functioning for the past 10 years. The location is very convenient and easily accessible. The Deluxe Swiss Tents that they offer have different categories like Desert Comfort Cottage, Oman-e-Khas Tent, Royal Villa Signature Suite and Rojani Superior Tent. The prices would vary depending on the category you choose and the price includes all the facilities here. You can definitely think of staying here.

Le Royal Camp Jaisalmer

Le Royal Camp location: Kanoi, Jaisalmer
Cost per Night : Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8000.

This is another luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer that you can check out. The camp site is lavish in its exterior and provides high class facilities. The location is near the Kanoi Village which is about 4 km away from the Sam Sand Dunes area. The travel enthusiasts looking for a peaceful yet luxurious set up for desert camping can surely opt for this camp.

They offer different varieties of tents like AC Tents, Deluxe AC Tents and Royal Suite Rooms. The cost would vary according to the option you choose. In the evening enjoy the traditional Rajasthani dance and songs along with mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine. The cottages here are a convenient option to stay at night and you can enjoy the adventure of desert camping really well.

Wraping Up!

Adventure lovers are going to enjoy this experience of desert camping in Jaisalmer a lot. The desert view, the adventure of night stay at the camp, along with food and fun would be an interesting experience for sure. No matter if you are on a strict budget or if you want to splurge and enjoy the luxurious elements, Jaisalmer desert camping has all the options for you. This article would be helpful for people who are planning to experience the thrill of camping in Jaisalmer. So, plan according to your budget. The prices can be a little higher during the peak seasons like Diwali and end of the year. Do let me know if you have ever experienced Desert Camping or you wish to, would love to know.

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