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Joypur Forest Bankura

An escape from the busy life is something all of us are wishing for. We are all looking for that one moment to feel refreshed and energized, and what can be better than a weekend trip. This time a place that you need to explore is Joypur Forest in Bankura , West Bengal. Away from the city life this place promises a serene ambience amidst forest. If you are someone who loves nature and if you are interested in exploring the wildlife close to home, then this place will be perfect for a weekend getaway. Joypur Forest Bankura can provide you the much needed break from the monotony. Read this article to know everything about this offbeat weekend destination in West Bengal.

How to reach Joypur Forest from Kolkata:

How to reach Joypur Forest by road:

Joypur forest distance from Kolkata is 124km. If you want you can take buses from Esplanade. There are SBSTC and other private buses from Kolkata to Bishnupur. From there you can take a cab to Joypur forest.

You can also travel by your own personal car. It would take around 3-4 hours to reach Joypur forest. You can drive via NH 19 till Arambagh. After crossing Dwarakeswar River Bridge, you will have to take SH 2 to reach Bishnupur. Joypur Forest will come just after crossing Kotulpur.

How to reach Joypur Forest by train:

Train journey is also very easily accessible. You will get Rupashi Bangla Express from Satragachi and the Aranyak Express from Shalimar. You can also take the Howrah Ranchi Intercity Express and Howrah Purulia Super fast Express from Howrah to reach Bishnupur. From Bishnupur Railway Station you will get cabs to reach Joypur Forest. Bishnupur to Joypur forest distance is 12km.

Best time to visit Joypur Forest:

Joypur Forest is accessible all year long but you will get the best of the forest during winter and spring. At that time the location looks beautiful and you can explore more because the weather will be pleasant. Also you will be able to witness a lot of exotic birds around this time. The summers here are too humid. So avoid visiting at that time. The monsoon season is pretty with the greenery rising up to its natural best but the rains can somehow dampen the travel plans, so think before visiting during monsoon.

Places to visit in Joypur Forest:

Joypur forest is in itself a praiseworthy natural spot that looks picturesque or what we call Instagrammable these days. Every location, every corner sets up a perfect backdrop for beautiful pictures. The forest is a trail of trees including Shal, Shegun, Neem and Mahua. The red pathway stretching into the forest looks heavenly. There is a feeling of serenity and tranquility amidst nature and nature lovers will enjoy the sound of nature. The dense forest along with occasional swiping of leaves making a rustling sound and the birds chirping creates an unmatchable experience that only people who are witnessing it will understand.

Forests are an enchanting beauty to witness. With lush greenery and the sunlight playing hide and seek with it, gives a sense of thrill and accentuates the beauty of this place even more. If you are lucky enough you can spot Elephants and Chital Deer here. The forest is also home to jackals and wild foxes though they are mostly out of sight.

Try to explore the forest during the daytime. If you are staying in a rest house or a resort in Joypur Forest then you can explore the forest more, otherwise few places need prior permission from the Forest Department before visiting. It is not advisable to enter the forest after 4pm though as there are wild animals and it is not safe to enter the forest after that time.

Where to stay in Joypur Forest:

Banalata Resort | Image Source : Banalata Hotel

Banalata Hotel and Resort in Joypur Forest is by far the best option to stay. It is also the most popular resort in Joypur Forest. You will get all the necessary amenities here and the experience will be comforting. The resort offers cottages for a comfortable stay and is located amidst greenery that is very soothing and refreshing. Standard double bed and single bed rooms are also available here. You can indulge in some activities like fishing and jungle safari here.

Another popular resort is the Joypur Forest Resort. This resort will provide you the rustic charm with AC and Non AC Bamboo Cottages for a comfortable stay. They offer home styled cooked food and the staff service is praise worthy. There is a handicraft boutique inside the premises as well that sells beautiful fabrics and saris. You will also find a lot of terracotta items here.

Another option is to stay in Bishnupur town and you can make a trip to Joypur Forest. Bishnupur has some good hotels and resorts which are affordable so you can book one according to your preferred budget.

Nearby places to visit from Joypur Forest:

Joypur Village is a beautiful village that will give you an old world charm and rustic feel. The place is famous for the Navaratna Styled temples at Dutta Para and De Para. The temples have the famous triple entrances that make it unique in its own way. The walls are made of terracotta and the art is praiseworthy. The walls also have carvings of important events from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and Mangal Kavyas which is a treat to the eyes. The intricately carved walls and Bishnupur style of terracotta work is famous worldwide.

Jorbangla Temple is a Hindu temple made in classical terracotta style of architecture. The structure was designed and made with red laterite rocks during the 17th century. It is about half an hour away from Joypur Forest, approximately the distance is 14km.

Gokulchand Temple was constructed in the 17th century by Malla King Raghunath. The temple almost looks like a fort with its elevated walls. The center of the temple is octagon in shape and the height is almost 64 feet. It has arched gateways on its sides and stands on a platform like any other temple of Bishnupur. The distance is around 14kms via SH 2.

Dalmadal Kaman or Cannon is surely a must visit place. Dalmadal literally means the “Destruction of Enemies”. This is a big Cannon made of iron and is one of the popular places to visit in Bishnupur. It is believed that God Madan Mohan himself fired this cannon when Bishnupur was attacked by the Marathas in the 17th century. This site is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India.

Joypur Suradhani Park is another location you can visit from Joypur forest. The distance is approximately 5 kms. Chenchuriya Eco Park is 40kms from Joypur Forest. You can also visit the Grand Canyon of Bengal that is Gangani from Joypur Forest. The distance is around 30kms. Nearby best places to visit from Joypur Forest also include Jayrambati, Kamarpukur and Mukutmanipur.

Travel enthusiasts must not miss this gem of a location. You would not be able to believe that a serene place like this even exists so close to you. So next time you feel like you need a break from the constant hustling, take a 2 day break and visit Joypur Forest Bankura. The trail of trees will be eye soothing along with the mystery and thrill of exploring the wildlife. The stretched line of trees, the dense forest, captivating lush greenery, and the rustic elements will wash away all the stress of life. After all we all need vacation and break in our lives but if the shortage of time is an issue, then a nearby tourist place like Joypur Forest Bankura is always the savior. So plan your next trip this upcoming weekend and get soaked in the perfect dose of nature and its beauty.

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