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108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan

The 108 Shiv Mandir in Burdwan is also known as the Ambika-Kalna Shiv Mandir or the Nava Kailash Temple. The temple is known as Ambika Kalna based on Goddess Ambika, another form of Maa Kali. It is one of the most popular and holy places of worship in the district of Purba Bardhaman in West Bengal. The entire premises have 108 Shiva temples in a circular form that looks splendid. If you want to visit this temple then this article will be helpful for you. In this article I will mention all the necessary information that you need to know before you visit the 108 Shiva Temple in Burdwan.

108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan location: Thakur Para, Kalna, West Bengal

108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan timings: The timings of Ambika Kalna Shiv Mandir in Kalna are 6 am to 12 pm in the morning and 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

About 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan:

The 108 Shiv Mandir is located near the Kalna Rajbari Ground. The 108 temples in Ambika Kalna are conjoined temples with a dome like structure. They are built of Atchala bricks. The 108 temples are built in a very unique combination numerically which is heavily interesting to witness. There are two concentric circles that are centered by a wall. The outer circle has a total of 74 temples and the inner centre has 34 temples in total. The temple is also known as Navaratna. The walls of these temples have Mahabharata and Ramayana inscribed in them.

There is also a reason behind the number 108. In Hindu Mythology 108 is considered to be a holy number, therefore 108 temples are built. The 74 Shiva temples in the outer circle have black and white Shiva lingas alternatively.  The inner circle of 34 temples has all white Shiva lingas.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons 

It is believed that the Black Shiva lingas represent the Rudra Murti of Lord Shiva or the angry side of Lord Shiva and the white lingas represent the calmer side of the God. It is also believed that the black and white Shiva lingas represent the presence of both the worlds we live in. The black ones represent the outer world that is full of guilt, sins and sacrifices and the white ones represent the purity and calmness of our inner heart. The black and white Shiva lingas balance out the symmetry of this world and its turmoil. It is believed that if we can surrender ourselves to the god then we can get rid of the pain and wrongdoings in our lives.

The temples were previously looked after by 12 priests. They used to do all the rituals and worship the Shiva lingas every day. At present the temple is maintained very well by the temple authorities. The unique architecture of the temple along with lush greenery around makes a beautiful colourful frame. The lawns are green and sprawling and there are many vibrant flowers in the garden as well. Overall the series of temples looks beautiful almost like a picture.

How to reach 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan:

Bardhaman is very well connected by railways and roadways, so the location can be very easily accessible.

How to reach 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan by road:

If you wish to travel by car or bike then the best route will be through Mogra Flyover. You can also take the route to Kalna via Saptagram and Tribeni. There are many buses as well that will take you to Bardhaman.

How to reach 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan by train:

108 Mahadev Mandir Burdwan distance is almost 80 km from Kolkata. There is Howrah-Katwa local train and the nearest railway station is Ambika-Kalna. From there you will get Toto to reach the temple.

Best time to visit 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan:

You can visit the temple any time all year long. If you are interested in visiting it during Shivratri, you can go there. Special arrangements are made during the Shivaratri celebration and a lot of devotees visit the temple around this time of the year to offer their prayer to Lord Shiva as the protector of the Universe.

108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan history:

It is said the Rani Bishnukumari Devi who was the widow of Raja Tilakchand once had a dream of building the Shiva temple in this particular area. Later to celebrate the victory of power transfer of Bishnupur the temple was built in 1809 AD by Maharaja Tej Chandra Bahadur. 

Nearby places to visit from 108 Shiv Mandir Burdwan:

Kalna is famous for its terracotta style temples built by the Maharajas of the older Bardhamana. Kalna is also known as the Temple City because of the presence of many temples. The Siddheswari Temple is another popular temple dedicated to Maa Ambika and it is the Jor Bangla style of temple.

Another temple is Debi Bhabani Temple which was established by Bhabendramohan Choudhury. He was popularly known as Bhaba Pagla. You can see beautiful needlework done by Bhaba Pagla himself. Sri Gauranga Temple is another important temple.

 Pratapeshwar Temple is also a popular temple for devotees. The temple is a beautiful example of terracotta work. The walls of the temples have beautiful carvings depicting the lives and daily chores of women and some popular stories from the Puranas. Other temples are Shyamsundar Mandir, Mahaprabhu Barui and Ananta Vasudeva Temple.

Another famous spot to visit is the Kalna Rajbari. It is a complex with many spots to visit inside the premises. The Rajbari complex is just opposite the 108 Shiv Mandir. The complex includes Pratapeshwar Temple, Ras Mancha, Krishna Chandraji Temple, Lalji Temple, Pancharatna Temple. It is an amazing spot to know about the rich glorious past and the culture of the place. If you are a history buff then you should not miss out on these places nearby.

The 108 Shiv Mandir of Burdwan holds a special place in history. The architecture, the grandeur of 108 temples together and the theme of this temple makes it a popular place of worship among the devotees. This is one of the most visited temples in West Bengal as well as in Burdwan. So next time you visit there, you must not miss out on this beautiful temple. I am sure the view and the ambience will give you the much needed sense of peace. 

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