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Orchha Madhya Pradesh, Shri Ram Raja Mandir, Resorts, Distance

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Orchha Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful state with a number of places to visit here. Among them the town of Orchha is very significant as a historical destination. Both history and some legends are associated with Orchha Madhya Pradesh and therefore makes it a popular destination to explore for visitors. Orchha Madhya Pradesh tourism is famous at the moment for the experiences you can enjoy there. It is also one of the famous religious locations as well for the presence of the Ram Raja Mandir. So if you are visiting Orchha this will be a helpful read for you. In this article I will mention Orchha places to visit that you cannot miss out on. So keep on reading and plan a trip to Orchha Madhya Pradesh as soon as you can.

Orchha Madhya Pradesh

Overview of Orchha Madhya Pradesh

Orchaa is a beautiful historical town in Madhya Pradesh which is located on the banks of the Betwa River. Moreover this town is mostly famous for the palaces, forts and temples that you will find here. Also this location is really popular for the mural painting, classical frescos and cenotaphs and chattris. People from all over the world visit here to witness all the beautiful work. Literally Orchha means a Hidden Place. At one point of time this was one of the most popular locations as well as a powerful location too. With the presence of temples like the Laxmi Narayan Temple and the famous Ram Raja Temple it is also a popular religious location as well.

How to reach

By air

The nearest airport to reach Orchha is the Gwalior Airport which is the nearest major airport. Gwalior to Orchha distance is 143 km away from the airport. You can take a taxi or hire a car from Gwalior to reach Orchha or you can also take buses to reach there as well. There are regular buses from Gwalior so that would not be a hassle to reach there. The nearest major international airport is the Delhi International Airport located at a distance of 440 km.

By train

The nearest railway station to reach Orchha is Jhansi. Jhansi to Orchha distance is 17 km and you will get different modes of transport to reach there. You can either take a car or a taxi to reach Jhansi from Orchha. If you want you can also opt for travelling in local transport like Tuk Tuk which is horse driven carts. Tuk Tuk is also one of the most economical options to reach here. You will get trains from major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore etc.

By road

The Jhansi bus stand is the nearest bus stop to reach Orchha Madhya Pradesh. You can find buses available from major cities, so you can opt for that. Orchha is located in between Khajuraho and Jhansi. You can travel via National and State Highways to reach there. From Jhansi however you will have to take other modes of transport to reach Orchha. Also you can take a cab or hire a car to reach Orchha as well. If you are travelling within the city from nearby locations then you can also opt for the tuk tuks or cycles and auto rickshaws as well.

Orchha city

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit here would be from October to February. These are the colder months in Orchha and also it would be comfortable for a visit here. So in case you are planning a trip to Orchha, plan a visit here during these months. The monsoon months are also nice in terms of weather. But the rainfall is unpredictable here and it might dampen your travel spirits to a lot of extent. However, avoid visiting here during the summer as the temperature goes up to 47 degrees at times. It would be too uncomfortable to visit here in the scorching summer season. Especially avoid the months of May and June as the days are too hot and humid to take. So plan your visit accordingly to enjoy the best of this beautiful location.

Places to visit

If you are visiting Orchha then you will find multiple places to visit in Orchha that you cannot miss out on. Some of the popular Orchha tourist places are mentioned below so make sure you are surely visiting them once you visit there.

Orchha Fort Complex

There are multiple structures of palaces and temples inside the Orchha Fort Complex. Most of these structures reflect a rich Mughal inspired Rajput architecture. If you are visiting Orchha Madhya Pradesh make sure you are visiting this location.

Raja Mahal

The first important structure is the Raja Mahal or the King’s Palace. Construction of the Raja Mahal goes back to 16th century when the king of Orchha, Rudra Pratap Singh started the construction. After Rudra Pratap Singh his successor Madhukar Shah took over the Mahal and also completed the construction. This is a square shaped structure with two wings and five floors on one side of it and four floors on the other side. On the right of the Private Audience Hall there are 4 bedrooms of the 4 queens. In the front you will find the Cabin of the Emperor. On the same level you will also find the Chaturbhuj Mandir as well. The royal chamber looks elegant with its vibrant colours and delicate architecture.

Furthermore there are many other paintings that adorn the walls of the Palace as well. Some paintings reflect the glory of the Bundela Court and some depict scenes from Ramayana. Other than that you will also find stone carved grills here that further give a royal look to this palace.

Jahangir Mahal

 Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo built this palace during the 17th century to commemorate the visit of Mughal emperor Jahangir in Orchha. There are 4 levels of this palace and the construction reflects the grandness of Muslim and Rajput architecture. The layout of the structure is a symmetrical square inside the inner courtyard of the Orchha Fort. This structure has a total of 8 domes also. Moreover there are multiple rooms inside this palace that have huge windows with lattice work, arcade openings and beautiful platforms. One of the most noticeable features of this palace is the entrance of this palace. The entrance is especially elegant with an artistic gateway. Also the front section of the palace has walls with turquoise tiles. This palace also houses an archeological museum as well.

Rai Parveen Mahal

This is yet another popular structure in Orchha Fort. Indrajeet Singh constructed this Mahal in 1618. Moreover this palace was built in admiration of Rai Parveen who was known for her beauty and her passion for art, music and poetry. Also she was popular as the Nightingale of Orchha. Located just outside the Jahangir Mahal, this is a simple structure. A lot of portraits of Rai Parveen dancing are present here along with a portrait of Indrajeet Singh on a horseback.

Sheesh Mahal

This is a palace located in between the Raja Mahal and the Jahangir Mahal. It was a royal accommodation of King Udait Singh. At present the palace is a beautiful heritage hotel. In front of the mahal there is an elaborate garden called Phool Bagh. It has a line of water fountains also that elevates the beauty of this location. Furthermore there is an underground structure below this garden as well. This underground structure was the cool summer retreat for the royals at one point of time.

Orchha temple

Shri Ram Raja Mandir

This is one of the most important temples in Orchha Madhya Pradesh and is also the only temple in the country where Lord Rama is worshipped as a king and not as a God. There is however a history and legend attached to this temple that makes it even more interesting. Madhukat Shah Ju Dev who was the ruler of Orchha was a devotee of Lord Krishna. However his wife Queen Ganesh Kunwari was a devotee of Lord Rama. Once the king wanted to go to Mathura but the Queen wanted to visit Ayodhya. The king was annoyed as he requested the queen to accompany him but she denied. The king then instructed the queen to only return if she would bring Lord Rama along with her.

However when the queen visited Ayodhya she prayed to Lord Rama but he did not show up for her. Out of desperation the queen then jumped into the River Sarayu at midnight. It was then that Lord Rama appeared and manifested himself as a child. He also gave three conditions before her if she wanted to take him back to Orchha. First he said he would only travel in Pushya Nakshatra. Second, after he reaches Orchha he will become the king of Orchha. And third, the first place the queen will sit with him would be his final place.

When the queen reached Orchha she first visited her own palace and sat with Lord Rama for the night to rest. But according to the conditions Lord Rama assumed this position as his final place. So instead of the Chaturbhuja Temple the Raja Rama Temple was constructed in that very location. The queen’s palace therefore became the Ram Raja Mandir in Orchha Madhya Pradesh.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

The history of this temple goes back to 1622 when Veer Singh Deo built this square structure. This is a beautiful temple with beautiful architectural features. There are murals that cover the galleries. Moreover the hall is located in front of the octagonal sanctum. On the upper part of the temple there are some beautiful paintings. These paintings depict scenes from Ramayana and also other mythological characters and stories.


The Chhatris or the cenotaphs are one of the important features of this location. In total there are 15 cenotaphs that honour the Bundela Kings and their family members. There is a platform on which chhatris are raised. These are located on the right bank of the River Betwa.

Resorts in Orchha Madhya Pradesh

  • Orchha Palace and Convention Centre
  • Hotel Taj Mahal Palace Orchha
  • Orchha Resort
  • Sheesh Mahal Orchha
  • Orchha Club & Resort
  • Bundelkhand Riverside
  • Amar Mahal
  • Bundeli Farm Resort

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about Orchha Madhya Pradesh and now you need to plan a visit to this location. This is a beautiful historical town and you will find a lot to explore here. So let me know when you are planning a trip to Orchha Madhya Pradesh. Also do let me know if this article of Orchha Madhya Pradesh is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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