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Vessel NYC | The Vessel New York Tickets, Address, Architect

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Vessel NYC

New York City is one of the most happening locations that you can visit in the United States of America. The most populous city, this is one such location that offers a lot to its visitors. If you are a tourist or even a local then you will find some really amazing locations to explore. One of the most attractive things to explore in the city is however the biggest and unique structures here are as well. It would not be wrong to say that New York City is also one of the beautiful cities in terms of appearance. Moreover what contributes to the beauty of this location is also the beautiful structures and the formations here. One such unique and an architectural marvel is the Vessel NYC. The Vessel New York is basically a spiral staircase that is one of the unique constructions here.

Vessel NYC

The Vessel New York is one of the unconventional architectural marvels and just observing it can be extremely interesting. The main idea of constructing this beautiful structure was to make it an important landmark in New York. However, a few unfortunate incidents soon take place here. And because of that the authorities of Vessel NYC temporarily closed it for an indefinite period of time. Currently this one is again all set to open for the visitors. Moreover the structure can ideally be a visual treat for the tourists as well. So keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about Vessel NYC. It will be a helpful article for you if you are planning to visit this location in New York any time soon.

Vessel New York address: 20 Hudson Yards, New York City


The timings of Vessel NYC is from 10 am to 8 pm on all days from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the timing is from 10 am to 9 pm.

Vessel New York tickets: The ticket price to Vessel is $10 per person. However for children below the age of 5 years the entry to the Vessel is free.

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You can get tickets to enter online as well. You can get a maximum of 14 tickets at a time. However if you wish to buy tickets for a group of more than 15 people then you can email at [email protected]

If you are reserving your visit in advance then you can choose a date and your preferred time to visit. You will receive a ticket that will have this information printed. Furthermore you will get an hour to explore the area according to your time slot.

They give away free tickets here as well but that is in a small quantity. For each day they do provide a limited number of tickets per day for groups as well as for solo visitors. And after all the free tickets are sold out on a particular day then there will be no more free tickets available for that date. So to get the free tickets you will have to reserve your tickets for a visit here in advance.

However there is another way to enter here for free and that is through a Pass. If you have any of the New York Sightseeing Pass, New York Pass or the Go City Explorer Pass then you can enter and explore Vessel NYC for free. You will only have to produce your pass at the entrance and from there you will receive a free ticket for the next available slot.

About Vessel NYC

The Vessel in New York is a marvelous construction that is one of the interesting locations to visit here. Located at the Hudson Yards at the High Line Park this is basically a spiral staircase. The Vessel NYC architect wanted this formation to be as popular as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The structure is made up of several staircases in such a way that it gives the structure an oval form. These staircases are connected by platforms and it is not possible to describe what this structure is all about. It can be a work of art or a building or even a monument. It is a brainchild of famous designer Thomas Heatherwick and is undoubtedly an attention grabbing construction.

There are 154 interconnecting stairs here that equals about 2500 steps to reach the top. The structure is about 150 foot tall which is about 47 meters and is almost the height of a 15 storey building. The unusual shape of the construction is definitely one of the major attractions of this construction. It looks like a bee hive, a honeycomb or even a basket. You will have to visit there on your own to know about this beautiful structure.

vessel new york

Location of Vessel

Vessel is located in the new neighborhood of Hudson Yards. Amidst the beautiful community park full of plants and trees you will have to take a walk to reach there. From the 34th Street Hudson Yards it would take about 3 minute to walk up to the Vessel. And if you are walking from the Penn Station in 34th Street then it would take you about 10 minutes to reach there. However, currently the structure is closed for the public for an indefinite time. But you can visit the neighborhood of Hudson Yards to see the structure.

History of Vessel NYC

The concept of creating a structure like the NYC Vessel was first unveiled in 2016. And the next year in 2017 the construction began in April. The pieces that they have used in the construction were manufactured in Italy. Finally in March 2019 Vessel was opened for the public. However, just after its opening the construction received mixed reviews. While some praised it as an attention grabbing construction others felt it was too extravagant. During the time of its opening there were also some issues like copyright policy regarding photography and also inaccessibility for disabled visitors. But later they have addressed both the issues though.

In January 2021 the construction was closed for public for an indefinite period of time following 3 suicides.  But later again in May 2021 the structure reopened. However there were 2 suicides again in the following months and then the authorities closed it again for indefinite period. Till date the construction is not yet open to the public. However we can expect that the structure might open up again in 2024.

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Architecture of Vessel NYC

The Vessel is also popular as the Hudson Yard’s Staircase and it is a 150 foot tall structure. The construction is one of the major buildings in Hudson Square and has a total of 154 interconnecting stairs. With a total of 2500 steps there are 80 landings here. Moreover the total length of these stairs is somewhere near about a mile that is 1.6 km. The structure is actually modeled like the Indian stepwells and it can accommodate about 1000 people at the same time. There are ramps as well as elevators to accommodate the disabled visitors.

At the base the structure is 50 feet wide and expands up to 150 feet at the top. The main idea behind the unique design was to make it look like an all year round Christmas Tree. Once the structure reopens the visitors can go up to the top of the structure and explore it. The structure further offers a gorgeous view of the Hudson River and its surroundings. The authorities have closed the upper floors after the many suicides. And the visitors can only get access to the ground floor of the structure.  

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Wrapping Up!

The Vessel NYC is one of the unique structures in New York that definitely deserves a special mention. If you are ever visiting New York or this particular area then do not miss out on a visit to the Vessel. This is a promising project that cost more than $200 million. And the eye-catching exterior undoubtedly makes it a major landmark in the city as well. So currently all you have to do is wait till the structure reopens for the public again. And once the structure opens then you need to go and visit Vessel for sure. Let me know if this article on Vessel New York is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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