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Talsari Sea Beach Digha, Hotel, Photos

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The wanderers and globetrotters must be always in search of new places to visit. You all must have different needs and ideas when it comes to choosing a perfect holiday destination. And when it is about a beach holiday not always we prefer visiting the overpopulated ones. How many of you know about the Talsari Sea Beach? The Talsari Beach Digha is one of the less exploited beaches in Odisha.

Furthermore it is one for the perfect concoction of serenity and wilderness. With playful waves, all encompassing views, palm and coconut trees lining by, fishing activities and wonderful weather it can be an ideal offbeat destination to visit. Especially for people who love staying away from the crowd Digha Talsari can be the ideal spot to explore. In this article I will mention every information that you might need to plan a successful trip to Talsari Digha. By the end of this article you will have a fair idea about the place and how you can plan a trip there. So keep on reading.

Talsari Sea Beach

Location: Baleswar district, Odisha

Overview of Talsari Sea Beach

Talsari is a small fishing village in the Baleswar district in Odisha near the West Bengal border. The name Talsari came from Odia language. It is derived from Taal which means Palm and Sari means a row. Literally the name of the place means a Row of Palms. And that is exactly what you will observe here in Talsari. The whole area here is dotted with palm and coconut trees making it look spectacular. Furthermore this beach is one of the less explored beaches in Odisha and that makes the beauty of this beach unhindered as well. Only 8 km away from Digha, the Talsari beach is also a river bank of the Subarnarekha River.

Furthermore this secluded and serene beach offers spectacular views. It is a sublime destination that boosts a wide variety of marine wildlife. It is also one of the reasons why fishing activities are so popular in Talsari Sea Beach. This hidden hamlet so close to Digha is a sightseeing spot as well which is gaining momentum in recent times. It is one of the favourite offbeat destinations for people visiting Digha who visit this beach as one of the sightseeing points. It is also one of the safest beaches because of the smaller and calmer waves.

For a laidback holiday, spots like these are simply ideal. You can sit out in the open on the shore and enjoy the water and the waves meandering. Furthermore the sand dunes and the red crabs found here are one of the most important and interesting features of this pristine beach. These red crabs are also known as the Red Army here.

Talsari Sea Beach

What’s more?

Additionally you can also enjoy the meeting point of Subarnarekha river with the Bay of Bengal here in the estuary. Along with that the mangrove forest of Bichitrapur is another major attraction for the tourists visiting here. The clear water with non turbulent waves meeting the blue sky looks like a picture. Also the clear fresh air, unpolluted atmosphere and less human intervention makes this one of the natural escapades where escape means freedom from the crowd.

How to reach Talsari Sea Beach

While travelling from Kolkata the nearest airport is Kolkata International Airport which is 180 km away. From there you can take buses, trains or a car to reach Talsari Beach Digha. There are trains from Kolkata to Digha and from there Talsari is only 8 km away. You will easily find shared cars, or local vans or bikes to reach Talsari which is around 15 minutes away from Digha railway station. It costs around Rs. 200. From Mandarmani, Talsari Sea Beach is 35 km away.

Best time to visit Talsari Sea Beach

You can notice different sides of nature here during different times. It depends on your preference of weather. If you are visiting during monsoon you will be able to witness the fierceness of the waves when it rains. It can be a different experience when the land gets drenched in the rainwater. However the surrounding gets muddy and if there are thunderstorm activities then you won’t be able to get into the water also. So check the weather conditions before travelling there.

Furthermore, the whole scenario changes in winter. It is by far the most appropriate time to explore and enjoy the beach and the beachy waves. The clear sky would look beautiful and the waves would be poignant and calm. Also you will be able to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets here as well because of the clear sky. The temperature also will be at its best during this time which is ideal for roaming around. However avoid visiting here during the summers as the temperature soars really high here and it would be humid and hot. The scorching summer sun would be uncomfortable to bear, so try to not visit that time.

Things to do in Talsari Sea Beach

Explore the nature

One of the best activities that you can enjoy at such a location is enjoying nature to its fullest. The lines of palm trees, cool salty breeze, splashing waves will make you sway with its beauty. Furthermore the best you can do here is unwinding a little and get engrossed in nature.

Enjoy the seafood

The variety of seafood, especially fish that you can get here is just outstanding. So if you are someone who enjoys seafood you are going to really enjoy it here. Hog on to the various seafood, fried fishes, crabs and prawns here. My tip would be to grab them from local villagers or local shops. They can make them fresh on the basis of your preference. So make sure you are not missing out on this opportunity.

Exploring the surrounding

You can see an army or red crabs on the beach. As good as they look, also be careful if you wish to walk barefoot on the sand. Furthermore the “red army” as the red crabs are called by the locals, plays hide and seek on the sand which is like an interesting activity to enjoy here. Also you can enjoy dipping your feet into the sea water or splashing some over too. Furthermore the waves are on the calmer side so it is absolutely safe to get close by. Also during low tides there is a huge area that remains dry and you can actually take a walk and explore the area. But do keep in mind the times of high tide too and don’t go too far to experiment. Afterall safety comes first.


You can even venture to see the Subarnarekha River. Especially at the place where it meets the sea looks pristine. A boat ride on the calm water amidst nature would be an experience for sure.

Visiting Bichitrapur

Bichitrapur located only 10 km away from Talsari Sea Beach is a mangrove wetland. You can visit here and indulge in some boating along with exploring the area and it’s all encompassing beauty.

Sunrises and Sunsets

This doesn’t even need an introduction if you are visiting a coastal area. The sunrises and sunsets look mesmerizing in areas like this. Furthermore the rays of the sun totally change the colour of the water as well as the sand which is one of the most exciting things to notice here.

Hotels in Talsari Beach

You can get some decent options for hotels in Talsari Beach. Some of them are

Shree Inn Talsari

Address: Jaleswar-Chandaneswar Road, Bindya Padmapur, Odisha

They have facilities like free wi fi, free breakfast, free parking, rooftop pool, a restaurant and sea view AC rooms.

Super Deluxe Rooms for Rs. 2054

Classic deluxe Rooms for Rs. 2200

Panthasala Chandaneswar

Address: Talsari, Balasore, Chandaneswar, odisha

They offer beach access, free wi fi and free breakfast here. The tariff is

Non AC rooms for Rs. 1065

Deluxe rooms for Rs. 1800

Suite for Rs. 3200

Hotel Sagar Saikat

Address: Talsari Sea Beach Road, Bindya Padmapur, Odisha

Room tariff- Rs. 4800

Anjana Palace

Address: Talsari Sea Beach, near Udaipur Beach, Odisha


Email[email protected]

Contact number: 8847893245

This is a good option to stay in Talsari. They offer services like AC rooms, Balcony, TV, Free Breakfast, Free Wi Fi, Room Service, Housekeeping etc. They have

AC Deluxe Room with Balcony

Non AC Deluxe Room with Balcony

Non AC Deluxe Twin Bed room with Balcony

They also have special packages of combined stay and meals along with pick up and drop facilities from nearest bus stops or railway stations.

You can even stay in the multiple hotels available in Digha or Mandarmani and make a trip to Talsari as well if you want. You can get local transport like Toto easily as well as you can hire a car to make a visit here.

Nearby Attractions from Talsari Sea Beach

Udaipur Beach (3 km)

Suborno Island (11 km)

Chandaneswar Shiv Mandir (3.5 km)

Bagda Beach (80 km)

Wrapping Up!

Digha Talsari is one such hamlet that would take away all your stress and work as a stress buster. This beautiful village offers a lot to its visitors. If you are interested in enjoying the uninterrupted and unhindered beauty of nature it would be advisable that you stay at Talsari. However, there are not a lot of options for accommodations, it is limited. So make sure you are booking them in advance to avoid hassle. Furthermore the beauty of this location and the simplicity of the area make it one of the most enjoyable coastal destinations away from the hustling city life.

What makes it even more amazing is it is not much visited by tourists and that results in the unspoiled beauty of this spot. So next time when you are searching for a spot which is secluded and peaceful, you must consider visiting the Talsari Sea Beach. Do let me know if this particular article was helpful for you in planning a trip to Talsari Beach. Also let me know when you are planning a trip to the Talsari Beach Digha.

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