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Nandi Hills Paragliding, Paragliding at Nandi Hills, Cost, Booking

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Nandi Hills Paragliding

We all must have sometime or the other thought about flying in the sky. By looking at the birds flying so effortlessly we all must have felt how amazing it would have been if we could do that too. And now you can actually do it if you try Paragliding. Yes, by trying out this adventure activity you can actually enjoy flying in the sky almost like a bird. With the development of technology and science now there are very few things that humans can’t do. And if there is something we can’t do, we find some other solution to work it out. Paragliding can be called one such activity. But not everywhere you can get to enjoy Paragliding. However if you are in Bangalore or anywhere near, then Nandi Hills Paragliding is something that you can opt for.

Furthermore as a tourist destination Nandi Hills is one of the most popular spots in Bangalore. So if you are visiting Bangalore or you already stay there you cannot miss out on visiting this beautiful location. In this article I will share with you all the details like Nandi Hills Paragliding costhow to book Paragliding in Nandi Hills and what things you need to keep in mind while trying out this adventure activity. So keep on reading to get all the information about Paragliding at Nandi Hills.

Nandi Hills Paragliding

What is Paragliding?

A paragliding activity is basically an aerial activity where a person will be able to enjoy free flying. Here a person is taken to a higher elevation location and then he is attached to a special type of parachute or a glider. And then the person jumps off from that height that leads to him flying in the air almost with a feeling like floating in the air. It usually happens under proper training and guidance and a lot of safety measures are also taken. So it is advisable to always check with guides before going forward with any such activity.

Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills in Bangalore is located at an elevation of 1478 km above sea level that makes it an ideal spot for paragliding. Furthermore a popular tourist spot in Bangalore, this site is known for its safe and unique paragliding experiences. A huge number of tourists especially visit the Nandi Hills to fulfill their wish of flying like a bird. Located only 65 km away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills can be easily accessible by road from Bangalore. During weekdays and peak holiday season Nandi Hills is mostly crowded. Also the location of Nandi Hills, with rivers like Arkavati, Pennar and Palar originating from here makes it an even more attractive spot.

Furthermore this is conducted by Karnataka State Tourism Department Corporation (KSTDC). In between this extreme adventure activity was stopped by the Horticulture Department citing reasons of this being dangerous. However this was again re launched later and eventually started attracting more and more visitors. All kinds of safety measures are being taken and it is absolutely safe to indulge in Nandi Hills Paragliding.

What makes the Nandi Hills Paragliding even more attractive is the height of Nandi Hills of course. And flying above 4581 feet above sea level obviously is one of the most thrilling activities ever. Many trainers and professional paragliding pilots are available for Nandi Hills Paragliding.

Nandi Hills Paragliding Timings: The timings for Nandi Hills Paragliding is from 8 am to 1 pm

Duration of Nandi Hills Paragliding: The Duration of Nandi Hills Paragliding can vary from 10 minutes to up to 40 minutes. It generally depends on what a person is opting for. Also there are group sessions for Nandi Hills Paragliding. These are announced sessions of group activity that involve professionals as well as students.

How to reach Nandi Hills

Bangalore Airport is only 65 km from the Nandi Hills. From there you can get cabs or you can hire a car to reach here. Chikkaballapur is the nearest railway station to reach the Nandi Hills. Also Nandi Hills is well connected via roadways. You can drive through anywhere from Bangalore or any nearby location as well. Nandi Hills is located on the Bangalore Hyderabad highway and the road conditions are decent.

Nandi Hills Paragliding price

The price of Paragliding in Nandi Hills starts from Rs. 1500. However it depends on the kind of paragliding you are choosing and also the time period. For Tandem Paragliding in Nandi Hills the cost starts from Rs. 3000. A tandem paragliding is a kind of paragliding where the rider can enjoy as a passenger along with one experienced paragliding instructor or pilot. In that scenario no prior knowledge or course or even training is required for the passenger. It is one of the most popular ways of Paragliding.

Furthermore for a solo Paragliding trip the cost would start from around Rs. 7,000 and can go up to Rs. 15, 000 or more. In this scenario you will have to complete some courses and proper training on Paragliding.

Nandi Hills Paragliding booking

There are many professional websites and even tour guides offering tour packages where you can book your Paragliding. For Nandi Hills Paragliding contact number you can check their official website.

Important things to keep in mind before opting for Paragliding at Nandi Hills

  • In general anyone above 12 years of age and with a weight above 30 kg can try paragliding. However a person more than 85 kg is not allowed for paragliding.
  • It would be advisable that people with heart diseases or breathing issues along with weak joints should not try paragliding, furthermore people with low fitness and physical illness also should avoid paragliding.
  • However it is not required for a person to be extremely fit and active to be a part of paragliding. It is one such activity which people with average fitness can also try.
  • For Nandi Hill Paragliding if you wish to take your own video then there will be additional charges of Rs. 500. However if you own your own Gopro or any kind of action camera then you can shoot with that. But you need to think whether that will be safe enough to carry so high up above.
  • You must wear comfortable clothes. Furthermore avoid anything that has drapes in it like Dupatta or Skirts as that would be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Also wear shoes with good grips.
  • If you are willing to fly as a passenger then no prior training or preparation is required. Other than the adrenaline rush, Paragliding is absolutely safe and secure.
  • There will be a 10 minute briefing session before the paragliding starts that explains about the whole activity in detail.
  • Definitely do check with the weather as monsoons are not suitable for paragliding. For extreme bad weather conditions the activity can even get cancelled.

More about Nandi Hills Paragliding

A lot of courses on Paragliding are also available that can even turn you into a professional paraglide pilot. Or if you are interested in learning how to fly solo then you can opt for that as well. Furthermore these courses range from 2-3 days and can even extend to weeks. During the period of the course you will be taught about air speed, launching techniques, low level flights etc. There are a handful of organizations that offer these courses which you can check out.

Best Time for Nandi Hills Paragliding

If you are specifically interested in Nandi Hills Paragliding then the winter months are the ideal months to visit Nandi Hills. During that time the sky remains clear and therefore is perfect for paragliding. Also this is one of the most scenic paragliding activities as the high elevation and the view that it offers is breathtaking. Furthermore it would be an amazing experience for a person to watch everything from a bird’s eye perspective.

However, even the summer months can be good for a ride. But you might be affected by the scorching sun a little. In that scenario you must try to reach the location early in the morning. That will be a savior from the burning sun. Monsoon season however is not at all advisable for Nandi Hills Paragliding. Bangalore gets incessant rains during monsoon and many a time because of extreme weather conditions activities like paragliding gets cancelled. So plan your visit accordingly.

Tourist Attractions in Nandi Hills

  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Residence
  • Tipu’s Drop
  • Amrita Sarovar
  • Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple
  • Nehru House
  • Gandhi Nilaya
  • Muddenahalli

Wrapping Up!

If you are determined to finally fly like a bird, paragliding is your thing. And if you are in Bangalore then what can be better than Nandi Hills Paragliding. This is one of the most popular paragliding locations. Furthermore the place being at a higher elevation makes it even more attractive for paragliding. If you had been thinking of trying this adventure activity just know that it is believed that this activity is safer than driving. Yes! That is what is said about Paragliding.

Obviously it is thrilling, exciting as well as adventurous. Just take that leap of faith and try this Paragliding. I can already tell that this would be your one of a kind of an experience. Furthermore this experience will be one such experience in your life that you would like to cherish forever. So tell me if you are intrigued to try paragliding after reading this article. Also let me know if this article on Nandi Hills Paragliding is helpful for you.

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