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Best Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata near me

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Kolkata is known for its food and food loving people. The Bengalis in Kolkata relish their cuisine. That is the reason why you will find Kolkata restaurants serving authentic Bengali food with a lot of love. Even a few years back the culture of getting staple Bengali food outside the Bengali household was not as popular. But with the ever increasing demand of Bengali food in restaurants and Bengali cuisine in general the concept of Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata is flourishing. If you want a very affordable option or a sophisticated 5 star food experience, you can find every sort of Bengali restaurant in Kolkata.  Are you in search of some of the Best restaurants in Kolkata serving Bengali food? Do you want to explore the Best Bengali restaurants in Kolkata? Then you are at the right place already. Check out the list below.

Best Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata

1. 6 Ballygunge Place

Location: 6, Dr Amiya Sarani Road, near Patha Bhavan School,Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge
Timings: Opens at 12 noon
Pocket pinch: Rs.700 for two people (approx)

The menu in 6 Ballygunge Place serves a mix of delicious veg as well as non veg options. The menu includes a few of the famous Bengali dishes from the Tagore family as well. This is a Bungalow themed restaurant that looks beautiful.  The Seating capacity is also huge.

What to eat at 6 Ballygunge Place?

You can relish some veg delicacies like Begun Basanti, Bhaja Masala Aloo Dum along with Luchi. An ardent non veg lover must try their Bhetki Roll, Doi murgi, Lal Murgi. Dab Chingri is another popular prawn dish here along with authentic Kosha Mangsho. One of the most popular desserts is the Nolengurer ice cream which everyone must try once.

2. Aaheli The Peerless Inn

Location: 12 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Dharmatala
Timings: Opens at 12:30pm
Pocket pinch: Rs.5000 for two people (approx)

Aaheli was the first dedicated restaurant serving Bengali food in Kolkata and they still retain that charm. The food is a reflection of the zamindari cuisine. One of the special features here is the waiters in ethnic attire which adds to the royalty of the ambience. There is an arrangement for live music as well.

What to eat at Aaheli The Peerless Inn?

Authentic traditional recipes are followed here and importance is given to age old recipes. You will get an aristocratic feel and touch in the dishes here, also try the slow cooked Mutton Kasha and the Daab Chingri which is prawns cooked in coconut gravy. You can opt for a thali as well if you are looking for an elaborate meal with multiple courses.

3. Taj Bengal Sonargaon

Location: Taj Bengal, 34B Belvedere Road, Alipore
Timings: opens at 12:30pm
Pocket pinch: Rs. 4500 for two people (approx)

Traditional Zamindari food culture of royal houses of Murshidabad, Bardhaman and Coochbehar can be reflected in the menu and preparation. The interior is village themed. This one is a sophisticated fine dine option where you can relish the food along with some alcohol. The staff behavior is courteous and the service is noteworthy.

What to eat at Taj Bengal Sonargaon?

Try the combination of Luchi and Mutton Kasha. The range of the menu is vast. Try a variety of fishes in mustard gravy as well. For desserts don’t miss out on the Bhapa Doi which is a steamed form of curd that tastes delicious.

4. Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor

Location: 1F Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Road, Santi Pally, Jadavpur and another location is Ground Floor, SDF Building, EP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar.
Timings: Opens at 12 noon
Pocket pinch: Rs.500 for two people (approx)

The restaurant is themed around the famous character of Bhooter Raja from the Gupi Bagha series conceptualized by the iconic filmmaker Satyajit Ray. The restaurant is decorated keeping in mind the visuals from the film and the dishes are also named like that. Food is served in kashar thala (bronze plates) that is one of the healthiest metals to eat on. The ambience, affordability along with the quality of the food makes it one of the most visited Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata.

What to eat at Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor?

Thali is surely the highlight of this restaurant. You get a huge variety in both shareable and non-shareable thali options. Some of the popular ones are Sundi Rajar thali which is shareable and priced at Rs.599, Hirak Rajar thali, shareable and priced at Rs.1399, Gupir thali shareable and priced at Rs. 649. Another popular option is the Bhooter Mahabhoj Thali which is an unlimited and non shareable thali priced at Rs.1099 available only from Monday to Friday. Cheaper alternatives are also available like Hortukir thali priced at Rs.190 and Amlokir thali priced at Rs.230.

5. The Bengali Ghorana

Location: 1/3A Rammoy Road, Paddapukur, near Health Point Nursing Home, Bhowanipore
Timings: Opens at 1pm
Pocket pinch: Rs.2500 for two people (approx)

The Bengali Ghorana is another fine dine option if you are looking for authentic Bengali food in Kolkata. But they only allow pre-booking. So make sure to reserve your table beforehand.

What to eat at The Bengali Ghorana?

Other than the vast menu, one thing that is popular here is Thalis. You can try the Non Veg Thali for Rs.1000 and Veg Thali for Rs.500.

6. Oh! Calcutta

Location: Forum Mall, 10/3 Elgin Road
Timings: Opens at 12 noon
Pocket pinch: Rs.2500 for two people (approx)

A combination of class, sophistication and the charm of Old Calcutta is represented by this restaurant. This is one of the famous Bengali restaurants in Kolkata that attracts a range of upscale and affluent customers. Their idea is to carry forward the 300 years old recipes of our grandmothers and great grandmothers and present them in a way that attracts the modern day clients.

What to eat at Oh! Calcutta?

Their specialties include Bhetki Gondhoraj, Railway Mutton Curry, Kacha Lonka Murgi amongst other dishes. They also serve Thalis that costs 1295 for non veg and Rs.995 for veg.  They serve alcohol as well. Buffet is priced at Rs 1095 excluding taxes with around 26 dishes.

7. Bhojohori Manna

Location: Multiple outlets across Kolkata like Hindustan Road, Esplanade, Ekdalia Road, Salt Lake, New Town, Diamond Plaza and many more.
Timings: Opens at 1pm
Pocket pinch:  Rs.850 for two people (approx)

Bhojohori manna was started by a group of 5 friends who wanted to try their hands on serving Bengali home style food. The initial idea they had was to represent the idea of pice hotels in a more presentable way in the form of a restaurant. The food they serve gives a homely vibe and it is also affordable. This is one of the most famous Bengali restaurants in Kolkata. They also have their branches in Siliguri ,Puri as well as in Bengaluru.

What to eat at Bhojohori Manna?

The most tried and recommended dishes from their kitchen are Chicken Dak Bungalow and Mutton Dak Bunglow which are chicken and mutton preparations that include a potato and egg in their gravy. Among the desserts you can surely try Aam Doi which is mango flavored sweet curd.

8. Saptapadi

Location: Multiple outlets across Kolkata like Golpark, Baghajatin, Salt Lake, Behala and Jadavpur.
Timings: Opens at 11.30am
Pocket pinch: Rs.1000 for two people (approx)

The restaurant is named after the iconic Bengali film Saptapadi starring the legendary actors Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. The whole interior is well decorated with stills from the movie, the actors and other old movie posters and portraits. The inside gives an old traditional charm and the food quality takes the standard a notch higher. This is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Kolkata serving authentic Bengali dishes.

What to eat at Saptapadi?

Special dishes include Avinovo Mangsho which is a special mutton gravy prepared with tempered black pepper, Achari Gandharaj Murgi that is Chicken flavoured with Kaffir Lime. They also serve unique combinations of Litchi and green chillies in their popular drink lichu lanka sarbat and lichu lankar payesh in the dessert category. Their Thali starts from Rs.399 and the most expensive one is the celebration thali that is priced at Rs1199.

9. Kasturi

Location: Multiple outlets in Ballygunge, New Market, Gariahat, Nagerbazar, Behala, Garia, New Town, Sodepur, Jadavpur.
Timings: Opens at 11am
Pocket pinch: Rs.950 for two people (approx)

Kasturi aims at serving lip smacking Dhakai Bangladeshi cuisine. The restaurant gained their popularity with signature dishes that everyone relishes. The food is inexpensive yet tasty.

What to eat at Kasturi?

Try the most popular Kochu pata Chingri Bhapa which is prawn steamed in taro leaves coated in a spicy mustard marination, Chingri Bata that is mashed prawns, Chicken Dhakai  Bhuna and Prawn Malai Curry.Thalis are also available at nominal prices like Katla Kalia Maharaja Thali, Bangalir Fish Fry Maharaja Thali, Jumbo Chingri Malaicurry Thali and many more to choose from.

10. Kolkata Rajbari

Location: 56, Jatindas Road, Lake Terrace, Kalighat
Timings: Opens at 12noon
Pocket pinch: Rs.1200 for two people (approx)

Kolkata Rajbari is a fairly new Bengali food restaurant that is at present immensely popular. The interior is impressive and gives an old zamindari vibe. The food is served in clay plates and bowls that add to the vibe of the interior.

What to eat at Kolkata Rajbari?

The best option is to try their thalis like the Pulao Thali, Maharaja Thali, Mahabhoj Thali, special Aiburobhat Thali, Bhoj Thali. They serve the Rajokio thali which is unlimited and is priced at Rs. 1149. You can also choose items from their ala carte section of the menu.

Bengali cuisine is very vast and elaborate and it takes a lot of time and effort in preparing the dishes. People who are looking for an easy way out can definitely go to any of these Bengali restaurants in Kolkata. No matter what your budget is, or no matter what your preferences are like whether you prefer a 5 star experience or a themed restaurant, Kolkata has it all. Choose from this list of famous Bengali restaurants in Kolkata and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

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