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Best Offbeat Tourist Places near Kolkata

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Best Offbeat Tourist Places near Kolkata

Every other traveler has their own preferences when it comes to choosing the travel destination. If you fall under the category of people who like exploring unique destinations which are not extremely crowded but are worth visiting then this list is for you. If you are here in search of best offbeat tourist places near Kolkata your search ends here. Let’s check out the best offbeat places for weekend getaways.

Best Offbeat Tourist Places near Kolkata


In the plain lands of west Bengal a different landscape is difficult to find. If you are in search of a unique travel destination then Gongoni can be an amazing weekend getaway from Kolkata.

Where is Gongoni?

Gongoni is a natural canyon in West Bengal situated in the Garbeta town of Paschim Medinipur district.

A brief idea about Gongoni

It is almost hard to believe that Gongoni is actually in the lowlands of West Bengal and not near a desert or high hilly area. There are multiple cone shaped structures with small caves at the bottom. You will be surprised to know that these structures are natural rock formations that took place over the years. This was formed because of many years of soil erosion caused by water and wind on the banks of the Shilabati river. This canyon can be easily compared with the Grand Canyon of Arizona when you take a quick glance.

This is also called Gongoni Danga which means ‘ Red Hot Land’. Gongoni is called the Grand Canyon of Bengal. It is a red rock land that drops to the valley below. Gongoni is one of the popular unexplored offbeat places that will surely leave you awestruck.

How to reach Gongoni?

The most convenient option is to take the Santragachi Purulia Express from Santragachi station at 6:25am that reaches Garbeta around 9:20am.

You can also take the Aranyak Express from Shalimar Station at 8:45am. It reaches Garbeta at around 10:50am. You can also take a car and drive 133km from Kolkata via Santragachi, Arambagh, Goghat and Kamarpur to reach garbeta.

You can take the Mumbai Road (NH 6) as well till Kharagpur and then drive through NH60 via Midnapore, Salboni, Chandrakona to reach Garbeta. The distance is approximately 160km.

If you want to travel by bus, take a bus to Chandrakona Road. From there you can get rented vehicles to Gongoni.

Where to stay in Gongoni?

This place being a comparatively new spot for tourists is still in its developing phase. There is no place to stay in Gongoni. You can get decent guest houses at Garbeta which is 4km away from the Canyon. You can also stay at Bishnupur, Medinipur or Kharagpur and make a trip to Gongoni.  You will get many more options for staying in these places.

Best time to visit Gongoni

It is advisable to visit Gongoni during the months of November to March as the weather is favorable at that time. There can be a little haze at times but that is manageable. You can also visit after the monsoon season as the area would look lively around that time. Avoid visiting during peak summers in the months of April to June as the heat would be too much to take.

If you want to enjoy the full beauty of this place try visiting during the early hours of the day. It would be a beautiful sight to see the sun glistening through the red rocks giving an illusion of golden glow. The Shilabati River and the greenery around will also be more enjoyable to look at during that time.

Bardi Pahar :

Bardi Pahar as a travel destination is perfect for people who want to stay amidst nature. If you want to get lost in the beauty of nature and what it has to offer, then Bardi Pahar as an offbeat destination from Kolkata should be in your bucket list.

Where is Bardi Pahar?

Bardi Pahar is in the district of Bankura on the bank of Kangsabati River near the Mukutmanipur Dam.

A brief idea about Bardi Pahar

Bardi Pahar is a hillock in the Sarenga Block of Bankura district. The Kangsabati River flows from its side and forms a small gorge near the cliff. You can enjoy walking inside the Shal forest. There is a temple towards the hilltop as well. This place is perfect to explore on your feet. You can take long walks inside the jungle listening to the birds chirping along with the sounds of wind. You can also go towards the river gorge and take a bath or just immerse your feet into the cool water.

How to reach Bardi Pahar?

The distance between Bardi Pahar and Kolkata is 210kms. Bardi Pahar is 58kms from Bankura. You can drive a car from Kolkata via Arambagh, Bishnupur, Simlapal and Pirargadi More. Another route is via Kharta.

If you want to travel via train you can take a train to Bankura from Howrah and then take a bus to Pirargadi More or Simlapal.

Where to stay in Bardi pahar?

You can stay at the Bardi Pahar Eco Resort which is run by the Tourism Department. Standard and Deluxe double as well as four bed rooms are available. The price range is Rs1800 to Rs.3500 per day. You will get all the necessary facilities along with good quality food there.

Best time to visit Bardi Pahar

You can visit here during any time of the year. But the summers would bring in a little discomfort. You can visit during the winter months because the weather would be more comfortable. If you visit during monsoon you can enjoy the lush greenery. During spring the place transforms to a beautiful red canvas with the Palash trees blooming all around.

Look for relaxing mornings and calmer nights here that will free your mind of the entire burden. The greenery around will make your mind fresh and positive. So try to visit this place once you are surely not going to regret it.


Taki River Bay | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Taki is another beautiful offbeat destination and picnic spot near Kolkata.

Where is Taki?

 It is a small town in North 24 Parganas under the Hasnabad police station of Basirhat subdivision. It is 75 kms away from Kolkata.

A brief idea about Taki

Taki is a popular picnic spot near Kolkata on the banks of Ichamati river. The India-Bangladesh Border runs through the middle of Ichamati river. You can see a cultural amalgamation there when you take a boat ride in the river. You can spot Indian boats with Indian flags hoisted and on the other side of the river you will get to see Bangladeshi Flags on Bangladeshi boats. Everyone must carry a valid photo ID proof along with them as the BSF can ask for it.

How to reach Taki?

The best way to reach Taki is by train. You can board the Hasnabad local from Sealdah Station and reach Taki Road railway station. You will get Toto from there.

There are options of buses as well if you prefer traveling by road. You can board any bus going towards Hasnabad from Esplanade Kolkata. It takes around 2-3 hours by bus.

If you are willing to drive or take a car then it would take you around 3-4 hours to reach Taki via Malancha Road from Science city through the Malancha Basirhat Highway. You can also go via Barasat Chapadali Road and take a turn towards Taki Road from Barasat and reach Taki crossing Berachampa and Basirhat.

Where to stay in Taki?

You will get many hotels and guesthouses to stay in Taki. You can stay in the Taki Municipal Guesthouse,  Nripendra Atithisala. Other options are Taki Sunrise Guest House, Hotel Sonar Bangla Taki, Taki River View Guest House, Taki Maldives Resort.

Best time to visit Taki

You can visit Taki at any time of the year. But if you visit during Durga Puja you can get a magnificent view of the idol immersion of 2 countries, India and Bangladesh on the respective sides of Ichamati River on the last day of the Puja. Winter is also a great time to visit Taki as you can savor the taste of fresh Patali Gur (jaggery) . There are some places to explore when you are in Taki like Ichamati River,Golpata Forest, Roy Chowdhury Zamindar Bari, Joramandir, Kuleshwari Kali bari.

Taki is one of the nearest offbeat spots from Kolkata. If you have some time in hand and you want to visit somewhere do keep this place in mind.

Bhatinda and Usri Falls

Usri Falls | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Bhatinda fall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls that is lined by huge rocky boulders. It is eye-catching and gives a sense of unimaginable tranquility.

Usri falls is another beautiful waterfall that stands for its beauty.

Where are Bhatinda and Usri Falls?

Bhatinda Fall is just 14km and Usri is 55km away from Dhanbad Railway Station in Jharkhand. You will need approximately an hour to reach Bhatinda falls and approximately half an hour to reach Usri Falls.

A brief idea about Bhatinda and Usri falls

Bhatinda Fall is a perfect picnic spot for many visitors. There is a confluence of Katari River and Damodar River near Bhatinda falls. There are many gigantic rock formations surrounding the waterfall.

The Usri falls in three separate streams. The Usri river is a tributary of Barakar river that falls into a steep gorge as the Usri falls. This is another prominent tourist spot in Dhanbad.

How to reach Bhatinda and Usri Falls?

Tourists travelling there can reach Dhanbad Railway station by boarding any train like Howrah ranchi Shatabdi Express and then they can take an auto to reach their hotel.

Where to stay in Bhatinda and Usri Falls?

There are minimal options for accommodation near the falls. You can get decent options for hotels and resorts in Dhanbad like Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel,  Hotel Manorama palace, Vivana, Sonotel Hotels and Resorts PVT. LTD and travel from there.

Best time to visit Bhatinda and Usri falls

Best time to visit Bhatinda and Usri Falls is winter. Just after the monsoon the fall has abundant water and the beauty of the place enhances.

This is another offbeat place you must visit if you are in search of scenic beauty. You can visit both the falls and experience the gushing water and lush greenery . Their beauty will surely touch your heart and soul.


Jhilimili is an offbeat destination that you can visit in just 1-2 days. The beautiful forest along with the Kangsabati river flowing makes it a beautiful place to spend some quality time away from monotony.

Where is Jhilimili?

Jhilimili is located at the border of Purulia, Bankura and Medinipur. It is a tourist spot in Ranibandh CD Block in the Katra subdivision of Bankura district. It is 70kms away from the main town of bankura and 95kms from Bishnupur.

A brief idea about Jhilimili

The place is also known as the Darjeeling of South Bengal. Jhilimili in Bengali means Sparkle and the place got its name from the sparkle of its soil. Jhilimili is famous for its dense forest and is a perfect picnic spot. The Kangsabati River flowing there adds more charm to the beauty of this place. The peaceful environment makes it a perfect visit for people who want a break from their hectic schedule.

How to reach Jhilimili?

Trains are available from Howrah and Santragachi to Jhargram. From Jhargram the distance is 65kms. Or you can take a train to Bankura and then take a bus or car from there.

If you are more comfortable to travel by road then you can take a car and drive from Kolkata.

Where to stay in Jhilimili?

Rimil Eco Tourism Centre is an ideal place to stay in Jhilimili. This is a well maintained government guest house . Other popular hotels and lodges in Jhilimili are Hotel Amrapali, Charulata Resort, Peerless Resort, Hotel Aparajita, Charulata Panchapally Tourist Complex.

Best time to visit Jhilimili

The best time to visit Jhilimili is from August to May. Summers are unpleasant here but during monsoon the greenery flourishes and makes a beautiful sight. However it would be great if you can go there in Mid January because of the Tusu Festival that is held annually and is one of the best attractions in Jhilimili. You can also visit Talberia Dam, Sutan Forest, Kankrajhor, Belpahari from here.

This offbeat weekend getaway can revive you from the monotonous life. So consider visiting this place for a peaceful staycation over the weekends.


Junput | Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Junput is a fairly new beach that is becoming a popular offbeat travel destination from Kolkata. This beach is ideal for the ones who want to get away from the crowd yet enjoy the beauty of the coastal region.

Where is Junput?

Junput is located in Deshapran CD Block in Contai Subdivision in the district of Purba Medinipur .

A brief idea about Junput

Junput is an offbeat destination when it comes to travelling. Not a lot of people have an idea of this beautiful place in Purba Medinipur yet. People who are looking for solitude away from the crowd, this is going to be a safe haven for them. There is not much of an activity to indulge in but just simply sitting on the beach and experiencing nature will give you the much needed refreshment. However you can go swimming in case you are interested in that. Try to visit the Marine Biology Museum if you are a marine enthusiast. Kapal Kundala Mandir is another spot to visit. The Dariapur Lighthouse is another beautiful spot.

How to reach Junput?

You can reach Junput village without any hassle. The place is only 40kms from Digha and the town of Contai is only 9km. You can take buses or trains to Digha and then get a car, rickshaws or auto rickshaws to reach there.  You can also drive your own vehicle and reach there. The distance from Kolkata is 160km and it takes around 4-5 hours to reach there.

Where to stay in Junput?

Junput Resort is the only option to stay in Junput that is 1km from the Junput Bazar. You will have to book the resort beforehand as there is no spot booking facility. Room prices start from Rs.350 to Rs.450.

Best time to visit Junput :

You can visit Junput any time of the year but October to March will be the best time to visit because of the comforting weather.

Sometimes all we need in life is peace and if that comes along with the beauty of nature and  the serenity of the environment then nothing can be better. Junput can surely be that escape from your busy life. Do check this place out if travelling means relaxation to you.

Offbeat travel destinations are a great way to keep your travelling spree high, ignoring the crowd. Also offbeat places are more fun to explore. If you have not visited these best offbeat destinations near Kolkata then you are missing a major chunk in your life. Consider visiting the places to feed your soul with beautiful sights close to nature.

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