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Jungle Safari Kolkata Restaurant

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Jungle Safari Kolkata

Variety is the spice of life. And to spice up things in your life you need varied experiences. Each of these two are interrelated. Are you bored of the same ambience that you see in every other restaurant? Do you want a different kind of dine experience? If you are a person who prefers themed restaurants over regular restaurants then you need to visit this place for sure.

In the heart of Kolkata now we have a jungle safari themed restaurant. This unique restaurant is from the same chain of “Specialty Restaurants” that promises a special experience with all your visits.

Jungle Safari Restaurant Location

164/1 Mani Square Mall, 4th Floor, Maniktala Main Road, Kakurgachi,Kolkata

Types of cuisines: North Indian, Continental, Sea Food, Bengali

Jungle Safari Restaurant Timings: 12:30 pm to 11pm

Cost for two: Rs 2000/- approx

Jungle Safari | Image Source : Zomato

The ambience of this restaurant is soul stirring. You would feel like you are sitting in the middle of a jungle with trees and animals all around you. The theme here is extremely well incorporated and executed that almost looks very close to a real forest. The theme here would be a great break from your usual restaurant visits. In the middle of the week if you are just tired with your work and you want a small break then you can definitely visit this place for the much needed refreshment. Also adventure lovers and travelers can enjoy a slice of jungle and forest here. It would be a different experience to enjoy your food with the feel of sitting in a jungle.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you will see flickering of the lights. The tagline of this restaurant is “Wild Dining” and you will just feel the wild vibe as soon as you step in. There are animals guarding the door as if welcoming you into their kingdom.

Jungle Safari | Image Source : Zomato

The walls and the ceilings are covered in greenery and there is a grass carpet to give you an even better feel. Not only is the look of the restaurant but the vibe is further established with audio as well. You can listen to birds chirping, leaves rustling and water gurgling. There are also occasional roaring sounds of thunder that just sets the mood and a constant sound track that has been specially made as a part of the theme that keeps on playing throughout. There are tree trunks that look too real and you will be transported to a full fledged jungle vibe.  To enhance the beauty of this place there is an artificial live waterfall as well that looks spectacular with its changing lights.

The lights in the restaurant are darker than usual to match the vibe of the jungle and also the temperature is kept a little low, at 4 degrees below the usual temperature in regular restaurants. The owners here have made a lot of efforts in conceptualizing and executing the idea of a jungle themed restaurant to its full capacity and perfection.

This place can be ideal for kids as well as they will be mesmerized looking everywhere. The walls are decorated with creepers and some characters like Mowgli from the Jungle Book that look fascinating. It will be an audio visual experience for them along with the gastronomical experience obviously.

Facilities & Features in Jungle Safari Restaurant

The food here is obviously another thing to look forward to. The tasty food can be the highlight of this restaurant and for obvious reasons that’s why people visit restaurants anyway. By the time you are done with witnessing the jungle theme with your eyes, your attention will be on the menu here. They serve delicious North Indian food along with Pizzas and Desserts as well. The menu has been set in a way that targets all age groups.

The restaurant serves alcohol as well. There is a separate bar area that is a little away from the main dining space so if you are not comfortable with the bar setup in a restaurant, it won’t be a problem for you or your kids.

The seating set up is nice and huge and can accommodate a lot of people at the same time. The wooden chairs and tables add to the charm of the décor of the whole place.

You can also order their food online from different food apps if the major concern for you is food. Online booking of Jungle Safari restaurant is also available.

Popular dishes to try in Jungle Safari restaurant

They serve an extended menu with both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian options to choose from. Some of the popular dishes that you can try include Bhoot Jolokia Chicken Tangdi, Tunday Da Kebab, Dilliwale Chole, Paneer Tikka Lababdar, Hing Wale Aloo, Dhania Murgh, Pind Da Chana, Murgh Tikka Lababdar, Raan E Safari, Yellow Dal Tadka, Multani Paratha, Butter Naan, Kulfi and more.

To experience jungle safari in Kolkata without the actual hard work of going straight to a jungle, you need to visit this place at least once. This will be a different kind of experience to enjoy your time with your friends and family under a roofed set up that will give you a jungle vibe along with delicious food. So when are you planning your visit to this unique themed restaurant? Do not forget to let me know.

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