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Konark Beach Orissa, Festival, Distance, Hotels

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Konark Beach Orissa

Orissa is known for its beautiful pristine beaches. But a lot of times they are too crowded for our likings. If you are someone who enjoys the tranquility and serenity of a beach location then I have a really good option for you. The Konark Beach in Orissa is one such beach that you can visit. It is known for its clean surroundings, majestic views, pure water and spectacular landscape. Furthermore truly a natural beauty, the Konark Beach Orissa is a perfect getaway for beach lovers and water babies. If you are one of them then you certainly cannot miss out on visiting this gorgeous beach in Orissa.

Keep on reading this article as I will be mentioning each and every information that you need to know about Konark Beach. By the end of reading this article you will be completely enriched with all the necessary points that you need to know before planning a trip to this location.

Konark Beach

Location of Konark Sea Beach: Konark Sea Beach, Puri, Odisha

Overview of Konark Sea Beach

Also known as the Chandrabhaga Beach, the Konark beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Odisha. Only 3 km away from the Konark Sun Temple it is one of the major sites of tourist attraction in Odisha. What makes this beach even more popular is how clean and pure the water of this beach is. Furthermore the Konark Sea Beach is also the first beach to receive the Blue Flag Tag in India. This tag is only given to environmentally clean beaches on the basis of some parameters like international standard facilities and amenities, cleanliness etc.

Furthermore one of the finest beaches in Odisha as well as in India, the Konark Beach is also a home to various aquatic animals. From fishes to crabs you can see a lot of water species here. The beach is also known for its fishing activities as well. It can be one of the ideal places for sunbathing or walking along the coast or watching the beautiful sunrise or sunsets.

How to reach Konark Sea Beach

By air

The Bhubaneswar Airport is the nearest airport which is around 81 km away and would take approximately 2 hours to reach here.

By train

The Puri Railway Station is the nearest railway station only 29 km away and it would take around 45 minutes to reach there. Also the Bhubaneswar Railway Station is 81 km away and would take around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach here. The Cuttack Railway Station is another railway station which is 104 km away and you can reach the Konark Sea Beach in about 2 hours. You will get local transport outside all the stations to reach your hotels. Furthermore you can also hire a car to reach there or talk to your hotels whether they have a pick up facility.

By road

You can also travel to Konark by road and it is well connected through roadways. Konark Beach distance from Kolkata is 529 km and it would take 11 hours to reach here by road via Balasore and Bhadrak. Furthermore you can slo drive from Jamshedpur via Balasore and it would take around 9 and a half hours to reach there. From Visakhapatnam, Konark is 473 km and you can drive for 9 hours and 30 minutes to reach here.

Best time to visit Konark Beach

Beach locations can be ideal destinations to visit all year round. The weather is mostly pleasant here except for peak summer months when the sun is too intimidating. Furthermore, the evenings in summer are not that daunting. However the cooler months from October to March are technically the ideal months to visit here. The weather is at its best which is perfect to explore the whole area. Also if you want you can attend the beach festival that happens here during this time period. So you can plan your visit accordingly. Try to avoid the peak monsoon as the thunderstorm activities and incessant rainfall can dampen your holiday spirit.

Temperature of Konark Beach

The summer temperature ranges from 24 degrees to 36 degrees and during monsoon the temperature ranges from 25 degrees to 32 degrees. Furthermore the winter remains pleasant here with temperature ranging between 18 degrees to 12 degrees.

Activities in Konark Beach

Water activities

You can enjoy a range of water activities here. One of the most interesting activities here is fishing. Either you can enjoy watching the fishermen in action or you can even indulge in it. Furthermore for water sports enthusiasts there are some activities like snorkeling, boating, sailing, Jet Ski rides and paragliding. If you are interested in any such activities then you will have a really good time at Konark Beach.

Sunrise and sunsets

The Konark Beach is the first spot in the whole of Odisha to receive the first ray of sunlight in the morning. It is one of the major tourist attractions here and a lot of tourists actually gather here to witness the beautiful sunrise. Furthermore the surrounding also looks majestic with the sun rising up above. Same goes with the sunset as well which the tourists love witnessing here. If you are ever visiting Konark Beach make sure you are not missing out on the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Konark Beach Festival

The beach festival in Konark is yet another exciting part of visiting this beach. There is an International Sand Art Festival held here annually between December to January for five days. Artists from all over the world come and participate in this festival. And not just that there are many other activities like water sports, cultural programmers as well. It is one of the things that you will enjoy a lot in Konark Beach. Furthermore there is another beach festival in Konark that is the annual dance festival which is held around December. Classical Indian dance forms like Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Chau, Manipuri and Kuchipudi are exhibited here during the festival with much enthusiasm and excitement.

Along with these there is a Craft Mela held here as well. This crafts mela is like a platform for the local craftsmen and artists who showcase their skills and also promotes indigenous art and craft. You can buy some pottery goods, artwork, handicraft items, jewellery and many other things from here as souvenirs to take back along with you.

Konark Beach Hotels

You can find some good options for staying near the Konark Sea Beach. On the Marine Drive Road you will find some options of Konark Beach Hotels. Some of the options that you can check out are

Lotus Eco Resort Konark

Address: Konark Puri Marine Drive Road, near Ramachandi Temple, Konark, Odisha

This is one of the Hotels that you can check nearby and it is only 2km away from the Ramchandi Beach. Also the Konark Sun temple is just 8 km away from this resort. It is a luxury beach resort that offers Forest Eco Cottages, Premium Forest Villas, Sea Breeze Cottages, Forest Deluxe Cottages, and Sea View Villa. Also they have a Spa, Restaurant, Conference Hall, and Waterfront Grill Café here. The tariff of

Forest Eco Cottage is Rs. 6249
Forest Deluxe Cottage is Rs. 6749
Sea Breeze Cottage is Rs. 6749
Sea Breeze Deluxe Cottage is Rs. 7499
Premium Forest Villa is Rs. 8499

Eco Retreat Konark

Address: Konark, Sahukhanata, Odisha

It is another good option to stay near the Konark Sea Beach. They have premium cottages here along with facilities like AC, Room Heater, Restaurant, Kid’s Area, Conference Facilities, Waterside Spa, Beach Bar, Evening entertainment, Water Sports. The tariff is

Deluxe Swiss Cottage Rs. 7700
Premium Swiss Cottage Rs.9350
Royal Luxury Swiss Cottage Rs. 13,750
Presidential Suite Rs. 29,700

OTDC Yatrinivas Konark

Address: Junei, Konark, Odisha
Email[email protected]

This is another great option to stay in Konark on a decent budget. It is only 11 minute away from the Sun Temple in Konark. They have

Suites for Rs. 4000
AC rooms for Rs. 1400 and Rs. 2100
AC Deluxe Rooms for Rs.2300

For AC rooms Bed Tea and Breakfast are complimentary. And for an extra bed the charge is Rs. 450 extra. Furthermore with that they also have a Convention Hall and an AC Conference Room as well.

Nearby places to visit from the Konark Beach

Konark Sun Temple

The Konark Sun Temple is one of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is one of the major tourist spots near the Konark Sea Beach. It is one of the existing structures belonging to the 15th century. Furthermore the temple is dedicated to the Sun God and it reflects the architecture brilliance and finest mastery or craft.

Archeological Survey of Indian Museum

Just outside the Konark Sun Temple you can find the ASI museum. The museum houses more than 250 artifacts recovered from the Sun Temple which will be interesting to look at.

Ramachandi Beach

This beach is located 10 km away from Konark at the point of meeting of the Kushabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal. The beach is named after the Goddess Ramachandi and is one of the most important religious sites for the people in Odisha because of the presence of the Ramachandi Temple.

Ramachandi Temple

The Ramachandi Temple in the Ramachandi Beach is one of the most important shrines in Odisha. It is believed that this temple is even older than the Sun Temple of Konark and the presiding deity is Goddess Ramachandi.

Maa Mangala Temple

This is another important temple located 21 km away from Konark in Kakatpur, Puri. Furthermore it is one of the renowned Shakti Peethas found in Odisha also known as the Sarba Mangala Mandir. You can surely visit here from the Konark Sea Beach.

Wrapping up!

For a peaceful and blissful yet thrilling and fun getaway the Konark Beach can be a perfect option. For the nature lovers and beach enthusiasts a pristine beach like the Konark Beach would be the ideal form of relaxation. From getting engrossed into the serene nature, or exploring the nearby sightseeing points, or just walking along the beach, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a trip to this location. Furthermore it is one of the cleanest and safest beach locations to visit where you will be able to enjoy the calmness around nature to its fullest.

So next time when you are searching for an alluring and fascinating beach location you must consider visiting here. Do let me know when you are planning a trip to Konark Beach. Also don’t forget to tell me if this particular article was helpful for you in planning a trip to this gorgeous beach location. 

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