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Golden Beach Puri, Entry Fee, Timings, Hotel

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Golden Beach Puri

As much as Puri is famous for the most revered Jagannath Dev Temple, it is also famous for its beaches. One of the most popular coastal destinations for tourists in India, Puri is known for its beautiful beaches. The Golden Beach Puri is one of the most popular beaches that you can find in India as well as in Puri. Furthermore the name of the beach justifies how it looks like pure gold. The ambience, the clean atmosphere, arrangements, beauty and view all come together to make this an ideal location to spend some leisure time.

Additionally, what makes it even more attractive is the Blue Flag tag that is added as a feather on its cap. As prestigious as the tag can be, the beauty of the beach justifies the craze behind this location too. So if you are ever visiting Puri or you stay nearby then this is a must visit location for you. If you are interested in knowing everything about the Golden Beach Puri Odisha, then keep on reading. In this article I will be mentioning each and every information that you might need about the Golden Beach in Puri.

Golden Beach Puri

Overview of Golden Beach Puri

The Puri Sea beach is one of the most serene and tranquil beaches in Puri. It extends along the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side. Also known as the Puri Beach it is one of the most serene beaches and a popular tourist destination in Odisha. What makes it even more alluring is the beauty here. Also as very recently this beautiful beach has been given the prestigious tag of “Blue Flag” by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) by Denmark on 11th October 2020. Blue Flag is a certification awarded to beaches on the basis of a few criteria like environmental management, environmental education, bathing water quality, safety and security services and more. Furthermore it is also one of the safest beaches found in India. The police here patrols 24 hours and therefore make sure everyone is safe and secure.

Additionally the beach is well equipped with different facilities. You can find bathing and changing facilities here along with washrooms. Also you can find a watchtower, solar light system, drinking water, and a small children’s play zone as well where the kids can enjoy and have a good time playing.

The beautiful beach also stands true to its name as the beach sand looks golden with the sun rays hitting. Also the waves here are on the calmer side which makes this an ideal destination for tourists to enjoy. Furthermore the colour of the sand and the sea water changes with the change of time throughout the day. Sometimes it is an emerald colour, sometimes blue. While the sand looks like glistening gold under the sun rays and looks dark as the day ends. It can be an ideal retreat for the people to enjoy a beach getaway.

Golden Beach Puri Timings

The Golden Beach Puri opening time is 5 am in the morning and remains open till 8 pm in the night.

Ticket price:  Golden Beach Puri Entry Fee for visitors for 3 hours is Rs. 20 per person. If you want a day pass then the entry fee is Rs. 50 per person for local people from Puri and for tourists it is Rs. 100 per person. Up to 10 years of age entry is free. However there is an additional charge for using the shower facilities that is Rs. 50 and for sitting under an umbrella it is Rs. 50 additional. There is a monthly pass as well valid for 3 months for 3 hours per entry that is Rs. 300 per person.

Also there are additional charges for vehicles as well. For two wheelers it is Rs. 10, for three wheelers it is Rs. 40 and for four wheeler it is Rs. 60.

How to reach Golden Beach Puri

The Golden Beach Puri can be easily accessed via roadways. If you are travelling from outside then the nearest airport is Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar which is 60 km away from the sea beach.

The nearest railway station to reach the Golden Sea Beach is Puri Railway station which is only 2 km away from the beach.

Puri bus stand is the nearest bus stand if you are travelling in a bus from nearby places or cities. From the main city centre the Golden Beach Puri is only 2 km away. You can even walk to the beach if you want. By road it would take around 6 minutes to reach the beautiful location. Golden Beach Puri to Swargadwar distance is only 5 minutes, which is around 950 metres.

Best time to visit the Golden Beach Puri

If we talk about the comfortable weather then the ideal time to visit here would be from November to February. These are the relatively colder months and the temperature remains balanced throughout the day. The visitors visiting the Golden Beach during this time would be able to enjoy the beach and its surroundings in utmost comfort. Furthermore because of the low humidity during this time it would be better to explore both the sea water as well as the beach. Summers here can be a little warm and can be uncomfortable during the afternoon.

Furthermore the monsoon and the post monsoon season may not be ideal to visit here as sometimes heavy thunderstorm activities might dampen the spirit of your visit. Also it becomes a little tough to witness the sunrises and sunsets during this time too. So you can plan your visit accordingly.

Activities in Golden Beach Puri

Puri Beach Festival

If you are visiting anytime during November then you can witness the grand Puri Beach festival. This festival was started in 1993. The then late Chief Minister of Odisha Biju Patnaik and the Union Minister of Tourism Ghulam Nabi Azad had inaugurated this festival. This festival is an initiative to promote the authentic arts, craft and architecture along with culture, tourism, cuisine of the state. Furthermore the aim of this festival is to gain acknowledgement globally in one single platform. It is an enriching festival that showcases various events and activities like rock concerts, sand arts, yacht races, fashion shows and more. It would be an amazing experience to enjoy this beach during this festival.

Sunrises and Sunsets

This beach is known as the Golden beach because of the golden hue that the sand reflects during the sunrises and the sunsets. Obviously this has to be one of the most popular activities here. Furthermore the tourist specifically visits here to witness the golden glow during the sunrises and sunsets and it looks splendid. However not just sunrises and sunsets but the beach also looks really beautiful on a full moon night. With the moon glistening in the sky it takes the beauty of the beach a notch higher.

Beach Market

The markets in the Golden Beach Puri are open all day long and it would be a different kind of experience to shop here. More than a market you would get a fair-like feeling where you can check out varied stuff and also buy them to take back home. Starting from artwork to artifacts, jewelry and handwork, handicraft items you can find a lot of things here. Furthermore it would be great to carry these along and gift someone as souvenirs as well. So make sure you are checking out the markets.

Take a walk, stroll or jog

How wonderful would it be to go for a run on the beachside? Also how amazing would it feel to take a leisurely walk along the beach. If you are interested in getting soaked into the beach atmosphere you need to indulge yourself in activities like this to get the best of this beautiful beach in Puri.

Adventure activities

Activities like banana boat rides, parasailing, surfing and jet skiing are also available here. So if you are someone who enjoys such activity you will have a really good time here. Also you can enjoy a camel ride or a horse ride here.

Enjoy Seafood

The live stalls on the beach that serve piping hot food is yet another attraction for the tourists visiting here. Especially if you are a seafood lover you will feel like you need to have it all. From prawns to crabs to various kinds of fishes they will serve it just after making them in front of you. Furthermore they also take into account if you have any special demands like more spicy or less fried or whichever way you want your food to be served. Make sure you are enjoying the sea food here.

Enjoy the Sand Arts

The sand arts on the Puri beach are one of the things to take your heart away. Also you can visit the Sand Art Museum here which is only 15mintes away from the beach. You can observe some of the best sand arts and sculptures here by famous sand artist Sudarshan Pattanaik.

Tourist attraction near Golden Beach Puri

  • Jagannath Temple
  • Chandrabhaga Sea Beach
  • Konark Sun Temple
  • Baleswar Sea Beach
  • Biswanath Hill and Temple
  • Pir Jahania Sea Beach
  • Chilka Lake
  • Balichandihari Beach

Hotel near Golden Beach Puri

The Golden Beach Puri is located at an accessible location and you will find many hotels and resorts here. Some of the Golden Beach Puri Hotel that you can check out are Hotel TBS Sea View Puri, Hotel Rivera Palace Seaview, Hotel Ambika Palace, Hotel Rohan Rohani, Hotel Kuber Palace, Capital O Hotel Ashraya, Hotel President and more.

Wrapping up!

For a perfect getaway to the beach location Puri in Odisha is unbeatable. Surely one of the crowded tourist destinations, but Puri also retains its own charm. And whenever you are in Puri if there is one beach that you need to visit it is the Golden Beach Puri. The Golden Beach Puri Odisha can be one of the most delightful experiences. Furthermore if you happen to visit here during the beach festival then nothing can be better. Even otherwise the beach is one of the liveliest beaches ever and is always bustling with activities.

However even then this is one of the most well maintained beaches in Puri and the proof is the prestigious Blue Flag tag given to the beach. Therefore you simply cannot miss visiting this beautiful location whenever you are in Odisha. Do let me know when you are planning to visit here. Also don’t forget to let me know if this particular article was helpful for you in knowing everything that you need to know about the Blue Flag Beach Golden Beach Puri. 

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