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Purulia Tourist Spot | Best Tourist Spot list

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Purulia Tourist Spot

A tourist spot doesn’t always need an ocean or massive mountains to attract visitors. At times what makes a spot attractive is how beautiful the nature looks at that location. One such location in West Bengal is Purulia. Maybe you won’t find spectacular mountains or oceans here but still this is one of the most visited tourist destinations in West Bengal. Furthermore most of the people do not even know how rich the culture of the land is in Purulia and you can only understand this if you visit the Purulia tourist spot.

Furthermore if you are someone who would love to explore a place that holds on to its cultural roots, heritage and art then Purulia can be that ideal destination for you. If you are searching for a perfect destination for holiday in West Bengal Purulia can be a very good option. In this article I will mention some of the best Purulia Tourist Spot that you need to visit whenever you are in Purulia. Furthermore while travelling to Purulia you can have this Purulia tourist spot list handy for your convenience. So keep on reading about some of the best places to visit in Purulia.

Purulia Tourist Spot


This Purulia tourist spot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Purulia. It is a reservoir that is surrounded by green hills and is one of the most serene locations in Purulia. It is also one of the popular weekend getaways near Kolkata. This small tribal village is a picturesque location that offers a promising view of the landscape. Perfect for a lazy holiday you can just be lazy and do nothing here other than simply enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Furthermore during different seasons you can enjoy different views of the location. During the rainy season the greenery looks the best and you can see the hills covered in lush greenery. Autumn comes with its share of clear blue sky with the fully bloomed Palash tree that looks splendid. Also this place will make you realize how easy and simple the lifestyle here is. It would let you go slowly, enjoying nature to its fullest. On the foothills of the location there is the Muradi Lake that is an artificial lake created for irrigation purposes in the area. It is a great source of recreation here as well as for the tourists who can enjoy boating on the lake.

Ajodhya Hill

One of the most popular Purulia tourist spot, the Ajodhya Hills is a part of the Dalma mountain range. It is an extension of the Eastern Ghats and is one of the most picturesque locations in Purulia too. Other than that what makes this a popular Purulia tourist spot is also the religious and mythological significance attached with the hill. According to mythological beliefs it is said that when Lord Rama was on his exile he stayed here for some time with Devi Sita.

Furthermore the highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Gorgaburu which is at a height of 2220 feet above sea level. This majestic location is surrounded with lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, full flowing streams and rocky cliffs and peaks. It is also one of the ideal destinations for trekkers who trek to reach the top of the hills. Other than trekking it is a favourite spot for the rock climbers as well. Many adventure sports lovers specifically visit here to practice trekking and rock climbing in this location. Furthermore the terrain is challenging and hence it is even more adventurous for the adventure lovers.

Other than that the place offers majestic views and the breathtaking beauty of the place attracts all sorts of attention for the visitors. You can also visit some nearby locations from here like the Tunga Dam and Marble Lake. If you visit this spot once you would be able to understand why this is one of the most popular Purulia Tourist spot that people prefer visiting.

Murguma Dam

Constructed over the Saharajhore River the Murguma Dam is constructed in the foothills of the Ajodhya Hills near the Murguma Village. The location is mostly inhabited by the Santhal population and is mostly an agricultural area where people depend on agriculture as their chief livelihood. However with the development of tourism in the area the condition of this location has improved and even the government is taking measures to promote this location as a tourist spot.

Furthermore in recent years the location has gained popularity as a tourist spot and the dam is a part of that too. But the place is not easily accessible and that makes it even more attractive for the visitors. The unhindered beauty that this location offers is one of the chief attractions for tourists here. Along with that this rural area being far away from urban disturbances is a perfect spot for various researches on aquatic flora and fauna that is carried on here.

Only 50 km away from Purulia and 340 km away from Kolkata this is one of the popular Purulia tourist spot. Other than the dam there are other streams that flow here directly from the Ajodhya Hills. Situated on the north west of the Ajodhya Hills this location is also considered as an extension of Chota Nagpur Plateau. With hills surrounding the dam, forest and a few small islands makes it one of the offbeat Purulia tourist spot that you need to visit.

Murguma Dam


Not just for the natural beauty but Purulia is also known for the history and historical places here. An example of that is the Garpanchkot. The Garpanchkot Fort is a fort that lies in the foothills of the Panchet Hills. At one point of time this fort was under the rule of the Singh Deo dynasty and that reign continued for over 1500 years. But later this fort was attacked and looted by the Marathas during 18th century. After that incident nothing much was left for the fort except the ruins of the glorious days back in the past.

However that did not lessen the effect and elegance of this location. Even after being a ruined fort it is still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Purulia that a lot of tourists visit. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this location is also the breathtaking views that it offers. Furthermore, even the architecture and structure of this fort is one of the major attractions for tourists in Purulia. With ancient temples, kingdom, palaces this fort still offers an insight about its rich historical past.

Furthermore there are other spots for sightseeing on the foothills of the Panchet Hill. You can find a small temple here which is one of the popular sightseeing spots. It can be an ideal spot for photographers and photography lovers as well. For nature lovers this can be an ideal getaway away from the bustling city life. Whenever you are in Purulia you cannot miss out on visiting this particular Purulia tourist spot.


Khairabera Dam

An extension of the Chota Nagpur plateau the Khairabera Dam is located at the Bagmundi Hills. This location is only at a 67 km distance from Purulia and is one of the most popular Purulia tourist spots. Furthermore the beauty of this location lies in its beauty and serenity, cascading streams, uneven terrain, thick lush vegetation. Also the Khairabera Dam is huge with a length of 372 metres and a height of about 21 metres. Built across the Subarnarekha basin this dam was completed in the year 1989.

In recent years this place has been developed as a popular tourist spot. This water body has crystal clear water which is majorly used by the villagers. It would be an ideal activity to enjoy some serene time on the bank of this water body. You would almost feel as if this location is a gift of nature and in no way can you miss out on this majestic location. So make sure whenever you are in Purulia you must visit any of these Purulia Tourist spots or all of them. Missing out on them would be like missing out on a huge chunk of natural beauty.

Other than the spots mentioned above you will find many other promising sightseeing spots in Purulia that you can visit like

  • Panchet Dam
  • Panchet Hill
  • Joychandi Pahar
  • Biharinath Hill
  • Pakhi Pahar
  • Bamni Falls
  • Saheb Bandh
  • District Science Centre
  • Gorgaburu Hill
  • Kashipur Rajbari
  • Cheliama

Wrapping Up!

While you are planning to visit Purulia these are some of the popular Purulia Tourist spots that you cannot miss out on visiting. The nature of Purulia and the beauty that it offers is unhindered and untouched to a lot of extent. Furthermore that is the reason behind the serenity and tranquility of the land.

Also in your trip to Purulia you must not miss out on interacting with the tribal people and watching the tribal dances like Chau which is one of the main attractions of visiting there. I am sure you will feel like you are transported to a different world altogether if you experience this on your own. So when are you planning a visit to Purulia? Also let me know if this article on Purulia tourist spot is helpful for you in planning a successful trip to this beautiful location. 

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